WANT TO EXPERIENCE BETTER HEALTH: Stop worrying how others judge you and START relying on how you judge YOURSELF! - As a physician, I never owned the multi-million dollar clinic. I ran a LOWER volume practice. I rented a 1200sq/ft facility in a strip center. I had two treatment rooms. I practiced under these conditions for over 20 years. Doesn’t sound very glamorous does it? The title physician or doctor typically generates a more glamorous […]
WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO CHOOSE? - When is the right time to choose between: a typical nutritional lifestyle including pizza, pasta, fast food or ice cream and TYPE 2 DIABETES? When is the right time to choose between: a typical sedentary lifestyle and HEART DISEASE? When is the right time to choose between: a typical “spiraling out of control” lifestyle and DEPRESSION? […]
THANK YOU MY AMAZING FRIENDS! - As many of you know, I have spent the last two months raising money for a charity that provides critically ill children and their families a week long vacation away from disease, doctors and the stress associated with both. The organization is called, “Give Kids The World” and is located near Orlando, Florida. They have […]
ARE WE CHOOSING SUICIDE - Suicide is defined as: “the act or instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally”. . When we choose to avoid essential lifestyle needs: regular quality nutrition adequately portioned regular exercise daily adequate quantities of water intake regular channeling of stress in a positive manner regular adequate sleep regular quality social interaction with family […]
“RIGHT” OR “WRONG” - When we search for answers, we commonly use methods that distinguish “right” from “wrong.” This helps qualify the pathways we follow and adds confidence to our decision making. What many of us don’t realize is that it also blinds us from seeing additional alternative pathways that may better suit our needs to achieving successful outcomes. […]
YOUR PERCEPTION vs. YOUR REALITY - When you take a look at the following pictures, does your mind associate these pictures with certain assumptions? Do you associate the pictures on the left with: success financial wealth happiness “living the dream” What adjectives would you use to describe the pictures on the right? ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ . Now, let’s assume these […]
WHAT MANY SEE… WHAT I SEE - What Many See: fat ugly lazy What I See: unhappiness insecurity eventual unnecessary loss of quality and function in life systemic inflammation with resulting chronic diseases . What Many See: a musical icon enormous wealth an eccentric lifestyle What I  See: unhappiness insecurity eventual unnecessary loss of quality and function in life systemic inflammation with […]
17 OUT OF OVER 5000 PEOPLE - Please take a moment to consider my request. I STILL NEED YOUR HELP! I have received countless “likes” on wordpress, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. I have received “sad face” emoticons, “heart” emoticons, and “prayer” emoticons I have received “thanks” and other well wishes for volunteering to help children suffering from life threatening diseases. Yet, only […]
…JUST WAIT… - I know I should eat better and exercise …just wait… I know I should drink more water …just wait… I know cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes is on the rise …just wait… To be honest, I feel fine and enjoy living the lifestyle I’m living …just wait… I can live with taking medications if […]
IN SEARCH OF KIND CARING PEOPLE - This child may have lost his battle with cancer without fulfilling his dreams, but the next child’s story can have a happier ending. Please click on the following link and share your heart by donating so the next critically ill child knows his or her life still matters. GIVE KIDS THE WORLD Every contribution is […]
Where Do You Look To Find Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment? - Please take 3:43 seconds of your life and listen to my personal message intended to benefit YOU! If the message resonates, I encourage you to share this video so others can learn how to experience the same kind of joy, happiness and fulfillment in their lives. After watching this video, please don’t forget to read […]
I WANT YOUR MONEY! - Now there’s a bold title based on the fact that I typically offer my information and help without asking for any financial compensation! Is this a change of heart? NO! The money I seek is for a charity that offers children with critical diseases an opportunity to experience (along with their families) a “dream vacation […]
FEAR OF SUCCESS - There are many reasons not to pursue various goals in life, but the one that seems to gain the most attention is FEAR OF FAILURE. We tend to think that cumulative failed attempts creates “headwinds” preventing future pursuits. To a large extent this thinking is accurate. Even more frightening and difficult, however, is the FEAR […]
WHY SOME SUCCEED - Simply put, all it takes is understanding the difference between: THINKING ABOUT THE ACTION vs. THINKING ONE STEP BEYOND THE ACTION! . THINKING ABOUT THE ACTION: Tastes so good Takes the mind off stress Satisfies the “want” THINKING ONE STEP BEYOND THE ACTION: Is a major cause of disease (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer) Causes […]
A Weapon More Destructive Than A Nuclear Bomb: It Has Already Been Deployed - We live in times (once again) where stability is threatened by forces around the world. Everyone threatens each other with atomic talk. Random bombings, terrorism and shootings becoming part of the regularly reported news. Centrifuges, uranium enrichment, ballistic missiles, nuclear warheads…what catastrophic events do we face next? These events are nothing more than distractions, however. […]
Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER? - Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER to FINANCIAL SECURITY? Then answer the following question: Which of the following choices helps a person achieve financial security? (a) Saving money (b) Paying credit cards off in full each month (c)Buying an education that helps you qualify for a profession and/or career that produces financial independence (d) […]
What We See Through A Window Affects The Quality Of Our Lives - I was listening to a story told by Dr. Patrick Quillin yesterday and felt compelled to pass it forward. It’s a story about a 94 year old woman that was asked her secret in maintaining quality mental and physical health. The following expresses the sentiments of her story: When I was 5 years old my […]
SYNERGISM: The Path To Good Health Or Disease - Most of us view the concept of Good Health and Disease in simple terms. Good Health is viewed as a state of existence without symptoms or where symptoms exist without interfering with quality of life or function. Disease or “ill health” is viewed as a situation where symptoms directly interfere with quality of life and/or […]
FOOD SAFETY, NUTRITION AND HEALTH: DO YOU CARE WHO MAKES DECISIONS IN GOVERNMENT? - Leaving political parties and biases aside, let the following example be a common sense explanation for challenging the “thinking” of those placed in positions affecting our food sources. The picture above is Sam Clovis. He is a radio talk show host that studied political science and business administration in college. He is being considered for […]
THOSE WHO “CAN’T”……. STILL SUCCEED - . “I just CAN’T find time to exercise.” “I just CAN’T eat all those vegetables the doctors say I should.” “I just CAN’T get away from work.” “I just CAN’T drink all that water I’m supposed to.” “I just CAN’T give up smoking.” “I just CAN’T give up my daily wine/beer.” “I just CAN’T sleep […]
A Few Pictures Explaining Why IN PERSON Doctor Office Visits Are Necessary - These pictures shows an IMPORTANT missing component from a PROPER and COMPLETE DIAGNOSIS when a doctor relies on a computer, lab testing and a telephone instead of an IN OFFICE visit. It is known as the HUMAN BEHAVIOR FACTOR!   The next time YOU want a proper diagnosis, take the time to stand in front […]
TWO PATHS IN LIFE - Each new day provides an option to experience life from one of two perspectives” What obstacles WILL I FACE and what will it take to “SURVIVE?“ What opportunities WILL I CREATE to further advance down the path I CHOOSE TO LIVE? The personal decision to approach life from either of these perspectives comes down to […]
LIFESTYLE: IT’S NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL PACKAGE -   Providing guidance to help people achieve a better quality of life is a noble goal. One of the biggest problems, however, is not knowing what the recipient’s goals and desires are. It is easy to tell people to: eat better exercise more reduce stress but without clearly understanding an individual’s needs, these recommendations may […]
THE “SMILE” FACTOR - Is it possible to fool the BRAIN’S perception of LIFE using the MOUTH? What do I mean? Well, let’s look at the following example: Both families seem to be enjoying themselves. One group is PASSIVELY playing video games while the second group is ACTIVELY exercising. Both sets of families are likely benefiting from these activities. […]
CHOOSING BETWEEN DIFFICULT CHOICES - Life has many challenges; some of which we can’t control. Then there’s the choices we make among the options that are available to us. At face value, some of these options may look DIFFICULT. They may involve “things” we DON’T WANT TO DO or even ENJOY, but are necessary to develop and maintain the mental […]
BECOMING A HERO ON MEMORIAL DAY - Although we traditionally honor the brave men and women that have fought to protect our rights for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I have begun wondering if these heroes wouldn’t want (and even expect) us to strive to become heroes in our own right? What better way to honor their sacrifices than to […]
LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS - . I’m sorry, I don’t believe I heard you correctly. . WHY CAN’T YOU: lose weight? get off lifestyle induced medications? be happy? pursue a job or career out of CHOICE? show your spouse and/or children you love them? REVERSE THE DESTRUCTIVE PATH YOU BLINDLESSLY FOLLOW? . DOES IT REALLY TAKE A PHYSICAL HANDICAP TO […]
SOMETIMES LAUGHING HELPS WITH WEIGHT LOSS - . Two exceptionally nice people asked me to participate on their Blog/You Tube/Podcast sites. Calm Kate allowed me to introduce myself to her readers by interviewing me on my journey through 57+ years of life resulting in my desire to help people achieve HEALTHIER LIVES. (Don’t worry, it’s the abridged version! 😀 ) Bill Gasiamis […]
THE INVOLUNTARY SACRIFICE OF OUR HEALTH LIBERTIES - The United States Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and The Bill Of Rights in combination provide its citizens protection of their civil LIBERTIES. This term is defined as: “the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.” These liberties change when the […]
BETTER HEALTH REQUIRES AN EMOTIONAL ADJUSTMENT - As many of you know, I share health information that frequently goes under the radar. This information can dramatically impact decisions you make regarding your health. It is backed with credible references to add validity to its content. Frequently, I see comments to my posts that read: “something to really think about.” . I truly […]
THE MOST POWERFUL CONTRIBUTOR TO THE DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN HEALTH - If I asked, “what is the most powerful contributor to the destruction of human health”, I’m sure various responses would include: diseases (cancer, heart disease, etc…) pollution drug abuse murder big business poverty and so on… All of these factors certainly play a role in destroying human health, but none of them produce as dramatic […]
SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS - As I was looking out my bedroom window witnessing another beautiful start to a beautiful day, I began to think about the different things I WANTED TO DO TODAY! As I heard my little beagle (Tucker) snoring away, I thought about taking him for a walk on a trail in the local park. Although I […]
“LIVING THE EASY LIFE” - So many people are waiting for that magic day when responsibilities and stress associated with daily living end and are replaced with freedoms of choice and time to live a CHOSEN LIFESTYLE. Some call this RETIREMENT. Some call this BOREDOM! RETIREMENT sounds a whole lot better than BOREDOM, but approximately 55% of those who retire […]
GUEST POST: Before we blame our children’s choices, did our ACTIONS or INACTIONS influence them? - I have been given the honor to host a guest post from one of my recent followers and fellow bloggers, Marie Abanga. I appreciate Marie’s candor and the comments she leaves on my posts accompanied by some very personal examples, provoking positive reflections and reactions. Join me in welcoming Marie on my blog as she […]
DO YOU LIKE YOURSELF?… - The answer may seem obvious, UNTIL you create the two column list; one side PROVING you like yourself, the other side PROVING OTHERWISE. Each of us uses different parameters when determining whether we like or love ourselves. I’m going to provide some questions you can add to your own list to help you determine TRUTHFULLY […]
SEEING LIFE vs. SEEING LIFE - What contributes to one person’s view of life as dark, lonely or isolated and another person’s view of life as bright, boundless and full of undiscovered opportunities? PERCEPTION What draws the MIND in one direction or the other? Is it more natural to view life as existence with a simple goal of self preservation or […]
“I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME” - Harry Chapin wrote a song called, “Cats In The Cradle” in 1974. It described a father and son’s relationship  from birth to old age. The song revealed a precious void in their loving relationship called TIME. The one recurring theme across all socioeconomic groups, genders, races, and religions is the lack of time. This excuse […]
DO DOCTORS HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR? - With so much pain, anger, fear and adversarial controversy reported on a daily basis, I thought an attempt at humor might lighten up the hearts and minds of people (for at least the duration of time required to peek at this post.) Please keep in mind, I was a practicing physician educated by a system […]
BECOMING PART OF THE SOLUTION - I am so blessed. I have had a 57 year life span (so far) to: know what it feels like to be loved by TWO parents know what if feels like to be loved by TWO sisters know what it feels like to experience an outstanding education know what it feels like to have have […]
BALANCING LIFE - It doesn’t matter what your goals in life may be; the path toward HEALTHY achievement ALWAYS requires: BALANCE! We try to isolate our problem area(s) to focus and fix these individual concerns. They may TEMPORARILY show some improvement, but LIFE often gets “in the way” and the problems resurface once again. We find ourselves constantly […]
USING HOSTILITY POSITIVELY AND PRO-ACTIVELY - We can all agree releasing negative emotions in a positive manner is likely to create a better outcome then burying these emotions deep within ourselves. First, however, we must identify these negative emotions. I would like to create ONE for you whether or not you feel you have enough of your own. I’ll call it: […]
WHAT MAKES YOU MATTER? - I was taught the importance of an education as a young child. This education became more concentrated as I grew up and attended college. As a result, I developed a PASSION for HEALTH which became my primary focus in education. This culminated in a career as a physician. This title, “PHYSICIAN” created a cloak of […]
IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH (AND LIFE) BY HOLDING YOUR NOSE - What does holding your nose have to do with improving the health and quality of your life? It will simply hide  the “emotional distasteful SMELL” that prevents people from following new paths that provide desired outcomes. More and more people are walking in circles that limit the boundaries of their vision to see new effective […]
ARE YOU BORED WITH LIFE? - BEFORE PICTURE . The “CURE” to boredom isn’t LOOKING FOR YOU! YOU have to determine the path you’re following isn’t going to magically alter on its own. We all feel sorry for ourselves at some point in time. Self lamenting is part of human behavior and necessary TO A POINT. Once that point is exceeded, […]
“ACHIEVING JUST ENOUGH” - Based on the pace most of our lives seem to follow, I thought I’d share the concept, “ACHIEVING JUST ENOUGH” and its relationship to BALANCE, HAPPINESS and a LIFE WORTH LIVING. If one of our GOALS in life is to live a meaningful existence filled with purpose and driven by passion, what does it really […]
S.A.D. IS REALLY SAD - Many of us have seen the acronym S.A.D. As you’re reading this you probably have already thought about a phrase of words this acronym represents. What I’ll bet you didn’t realize is there are HUNDREDS of different phrases in health and other fields associated with S.A.D. Does you BRAIN take you down the path of […]
AN AFTERTHOUGHT - If just for a moment I asked you to be honest with YOURSELF, how would you respond (emotionally and rationally) to the following questions? How often do I think about my NEEDS vs. how often do I think about my WANTS? How often do I think about whether I LIKE or DISLIKE the person I’ve […]
CAN A DRILLING RIG AND HUMAN LIFE HAVE THAT MUCH IN COMMON? - I just saw the movie, “Deep Water Horizon.” It told a story about time restraints and short cuts corporate executives were willing to take to achieve a (financially) beneficial outcome. Without giving the movie away: A SAFETY PROTOCOL was established to prevent damage to the drilling rig. SHORT CUTS were taken to reduce costs and […]
HUMANS AREN’T THE ONLY ONES THAT DRAG ON GYM DAYS! - This is my beagle, TUCKER. He is my walking exercise partner 7 days/week. As you can tell by the picture, humans are not the only species that display evidence of lethargy when the “GYM” WORD is mentioned!
CHOOSING TO “LIVE LIFE” OR “EXIST IN LIFE” - If we didn’t already have enough decisions to make in life, here’s one more! Are the differences between these two lifestyles simply semantics or are they so different they are incongruous with each other? WHAT IS LIVING? Living involves willful choosing. It requires an individual to prioritize life and pursue that which he or she […]
THE EXPENDABLE CONSUMER - I frequently write about the importance of SELF VALUE. Some of us believe this concept is a “given.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, I’ll attempt to prove it! Parameters need to be established to define SELF VALUE. I will use the following: Involvement Challenge vs Acceptance Actions INVOLVEMENT: A person […]
FAILING YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS! - For so many of us, LIFE has taught us that FAILURE must be avoided AT ALL COST. Failure at work leads to demotions and firings;” failure in school leads to limited choices of colleges and careers, failure in relationships lead to “break ups,” separations and divorces. It appears that heart ache is the end result […]
LIFE AND DEATH - We all know the clinical meaning of death: “the permanent ending of vital processes in a cell or tissue.” What many of us don’t realize is that DEATH can also define a manner of LIVING. How many of us wake in the morning after a full night of sleep wishing we could remain within the […]
A LESSON LEARNED - As a physician, it had always been my job to TEACH and EDUCATE my patients about their health and the various requirements needed to restore and maintain it. I loved my job and took the responsibility associated with it very seriously. When I wasn’t with patients, I was commonly found researching various health topics. I […]
MY MENTOR: JACK LaLANNE - As I’ve written in the past, motivation comes from within, but inspiration can be found almost anywhere. Finding a mentor can help inspire a chosen lifestyle to navigate one’s path without having to “re-invent the wheel” at every turn. For me, that mentor was Jack LaLanne. As a little boy I would sit mesmerized to […]
A SATIRICAL EMAIL TO THE GOVERNMENT, HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY AND HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY - TO: THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CC: THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY, THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY . Dear Government, Health Insurance Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry, As a doctor with a PASSION for health, wellness and quality living, I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for creating an untenable situation that will encourage more and more people to […]
STRIVING FOR CHANGE (BUT ONLY UNDER TERMS) - At some point in most of our lives we find ourselves in situations that require modification if our lives are going to improve. This may pertain to our jobs, our financial needs and yes, even our health. We understand the trajectory we’re following is not achieving the goals we desire. When enough NEGATIVE sentiment builds […]
DISCOVERING A PATH TOWARD BETTER HEALTH - Let’s face it, it’s not everyone’s goal to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. On the other hand, people do not want to develop and succumb to the diseases we face in life today. One of the problems I’ve witnessed with winning people over to following healthier lifestyles comes from a misunderstanding that life’s pleasures will […]
CHOOSING TO EVOLVE vs GETTING OLD - Every single one of us (if we are fortunate to be blessed with longevity) has the CHOICE to determine how our lives will evolve from our working years to our retirement years. Health certainly plays a major factor which contributes to our physical and mental capabilities and sometimes imposes unfortunate compromises on these choices. To […]
IT STARTS WITH SELF PRIDE - It starts the same way for all of us. We are born as infants fully reliant on our parents or caregivers to supply our every need. We slowly begin to develop both physically and mentally and begin to integrate our existence with the lives of others. We develop these skills as a result of nurturing […]
IT DOESN’T MATTER - I can teach a person the benefits of healthy eating. It doesn’t matter. I can teach a person the benefits of exercise. It doesn’t matter. I can teach a person the benefits of developing self esteem. It doesn’t matter. I can teach a person the benefits of purposeful living. It doesn’t matter. I can teach […]
Who Should We Blame? - Men and Women have a tendency to reflexively and defensively “point fingers” at infinite sources to find blame for life’s difficulties. Often, we spend more time devoted to searching for these sources than we do resolving the problems. What are the driving forces that deflect our focus from problem solving to “name blaming?” What personal […]
A LIFESTYLE OXYMORON - One of the most “beautiful” things about living this oxymoron lifestyle is that it doesn’t discriminate. It welcomes all genders, all races, all religions and all ethnicities. It creates purpose, focus and unyielding commitment by the individual. It leads to the development of community support which adds security to the individual’s life knowing an answer […]
LET’S BE HONEST! - My years of education and successful completion of all academic requirements granted me the privilege to place the letters “DR.” before my name. There are many people with far more education and credentialing who have published articles and books elevating their status to the tops in our profession. Although I applaud their achievements, it appears […]
A “Comment” From a Fellow Blogger Proving Change Is Possible - I’m certain is can be difficult to understand the passion I possess for HEALTH and the meaning it brings to my life when other people are willing to trust my words and follow a new path in life creating physical, mental and emotional BALANCE (also known as GOOD HEALTH.) Scarlet Pen is a fellow writer. […]
Prescription Medication: Weapons of Mass Deception - What if…. I told you the most prestigious medical peer review journals in the world are known to use GHOST WRITERS (well educated and skilled writers paid to write “research” studies with preconceived and possibly fabricated conclusions) to write medical studies proving the safety and efficacy of drugs? I told you the drug manufacturers solicit […]
A Flowchart For Success And Failure - Defining Success and Failure is a challenge in and of itself. It is subjective and arguable. In the following flowchart, I outline some basic key factors that commonly lead to the conclusion stated at the bottom of the flowchart. It is not easy to reveal a plan of action on 1 piece of paper that […]
THE GOLDEN YEARS - What are the golden years? These years have little meaning for most of us until we reach approximately 50 years of age. At this point (if not sooner) we begin to experience various changes in our physiology that begins to interfere with our ability to perform activities of daily living. These changes might include: a […]
“FEEDING” Your Needs - It’s not always about food although many turn to it when they don’t know where else to turn. The quickest way to better weight management and better health is discovering our individual “deficiencies.” How is your relationship? How is your family relationship? How is your job? How is your social life? How is your spiritual […]
After Writing 194 Articles Our Health Problems Only Continue To Worsen - I just realized that I’ve published 194 articles on various health care topics over the last year. I have spent many hours critically evaluating the content and the delivery of each and every message. The information is crucial for so many people living lifestyles that deprive themselves good health and the chance to experience real […]
WHAT CHANGES WORDS INTO ACTIONS? - As I was listening to a Q&A session during a health conference, I heard a Will Rogers quote that struck a chord. He stated: “a man’s mind is changed by experience, not by argument.” I thought to myself this means, “without experience mankind is willing to resist greater abundance and greater opportunities?” Where is the […]
LIVING THE DREAM IS MORE THAN A SERIES OF EVENTS; IT REQUIRES LEARNING A “PROCESS” - Life would be so much easier IF we grew up as children understanding the concept: “PROCESS” Instead, we have a tendency growing up as “extensions” of previous generations following their patterns of behavior. This, inevitably, leads to developmental challenges we face as we age. Whether these problems manifest themselves in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or […]
SHOULD WE CONTINUE TO FOLLOW THE HERD? - CLAIM #1: VACCINES ARE SAFE SOURCE: Health Resources and Services Administration The U.S. government has paid out $3 billion to vaccine-injured families. In all, according to official federal government figures, taxpayers are on the hook for more than $3.3 billion in compensation costs, as noted by the Health Resources and Services Administration, which tracks payouts […]
THE “STUPID” GENE - Anyone who knows me, understands how committed I am to helping people improve the quality of their lives IF they want my help. I love life and enjoy the quality I am fortunate enough to be blessed with. When I recently discussed this topic with my father, he emphasized the word, LUCK (as being one […]
GROWING WEALTH BY GAINING HEALTH - Nearly every month I receive a mailer offering a lovely choice of dinner entree, salad and dessert (complimentary) if I am willing to listen to a speaker tell me the secrets to accumulating wealth. On a few occasions the sub-topics sounded interesting enough to take advantage of the opportunity to have someone else prepare baked […]
Quality Health: Beyond Diet and Exercise - I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of reading about diet and exercise and their impact on quality health (and I write about it!) I’m convinced that unless you live in the Krubera Cave in the western Caucasus Mountains of Abkhazia (site of the deepest cave in the world) you already know that […]
Is Society Following A Suicidal Path? - Suicide is defined as, “the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind.” When we hear this term, we associate it with a person that believes all options have been exhausted leaving only one remaining path left to follow. […]
Changing A False HEALTH Reality - Whether it’s naivety, trust in authority or lack of concern we have blindly followed our government and our health care institutional policies. We read and listen to these policies without ever really processing the content. If it doesn’t “appear” to affect our lifestyle, we nod our heads in acceptance without clearly comprehending what we’re nodding […]
Can Disease Prevention Be This Simple? - These three pictures represent three different cultures that all possess one thing in common. GOOD HEALTH The Tanzania’s Hadza, the Arctic Inuit and the Amish do not suffer from high rates of: heart disease diabetes atherosclerosis high blood pressure cancer obesity autism These cultures have little to no exposure to modern technology and do not […]
HEALTHY MISTAKES - Fear, failure, and loser are just a few words associated with making mistakes. Certainly, the associative properties of these words don’t elevate self esteem, but our own misperceptions often lead to the damaging emotions that result from making mistakes. There is a big difference between trying something new and intentionally doing something wrong. Mistakes may […]
Dr. Colter’s Secret PATENTED TOOLS For Guaranteed Weight Loss And Weight Maintenance - Many people have worked hard throughout the year to lose weight. With the holidays upon us I felt compelled to help insure these losses are not impacted by the holiday season. I am frequently asked for quick methods to achieving weight loss and weight maintenance. Therefore, I have created my newly PATENTED picture program to […]
Achieving A New Life Through Integration - So you woke up, went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and decided you didn’t like what was looking back at you. You turned your face toward the sink and began thinking about events in the past that brought joy and happiness to your life which immediately put a smile on your face. You […]
A DARK ROOM - Just imagine you had to live for 24 hours in A DARK ROOM whose dimensions were 8’X10″,  lit by a 5 watt bulb without any furniture other than a sleeping cot. The closest town to this oversized “box” was 50 miles away. Close your eyes and envision the life you would live for the next […]
SEEKING BALANCE TO ACHIEVING GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS - Who are the happiest, healthiest people you know? Is it the people with the great wealth? Is it the people in the best physical shape? Is it the smartest people? Is it those with the greatest amounts of power? If you closed your eyes and tried to envision the happiest and healthiest person you’ve known […]
LIVING INTENTIONALLY - After discussing the dangers of Diabetes in my last post and graphically emphasizing the point, I decided it was time to call everyone out from under the table (a place I would hide when I got scared) and help people find a method to achieve a better life. Since each of us are unique and […]
LEADING BY EXAMPLE - In a world filled with violence, hatred, and other actions leading to social unrest it becomes more and more difficult to find role models to redirect our mindset, intentions and goals in life. Our brains receive so many conflicting words, ideas and pictures it is no wonder we find ourselves in the middle of turmoil. […]
A HEALTH SPAN THAT EQUALS A LIFESPAN - When you think about goals in life what are the most common goals you think about? Are they about family, jobs, careers or money? How do you approach these goals? Is there a game plan with incremental reviews to make certain you are on target to achieving your goals? Are they really goals or more […]
ACHIEVING A HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PURPOSEFUL LIFE BY ADDING TO THE ARSENAL - YES, It is possible to be Happy, Healthy and Purposeful. Now that I have your attention, I would like to help you understand what it takes. Many look to specifics including: material possessions friends family power wealth Although everything mentioned on this short list may create an emotional response, they are unlikely to achieve the […]
HOLIDAYS: A CAUSE OF CELEBRATION OR DEPRESSION? - Holidays are an inevitable part of all our lives. How we approach them determines whether they bring joy or sadness or both. Following the same path from year to year is likely to create the same outcome from an emotional perspective, so I thought I would provide some suggestions to “shake things up” to offer […]
LEARNING TO BE THE BOSS - When I was growing up, the term “Boss” referred to the “person in charge.” This person had the “power” to tell people what they had to do. Just as we strive to be adults when we’re children, we typically strive to achieve positions of authority in order to  fulfill our need to become some type […]
LEAD BY EXAMPLE - The world today is inundated with problems. The media covers them on a daily basis. As much as these issues frustrate us, we contribute to their ongoing agenda. We have a tendency to point fingers at others and identify “them” to blame for these dilemmas. Without realizing it, this blame game weakens our individual spirits […]
Want To Get Healthy, Follow Your Dog’s Advice - It was about 8am and time to start my day. I got out of bed slowly to prepare my body for the trek to the bathroom. My dog (Tucker, the beagle) looked up at me and decided his day should start as well. As I began to walk, I could feel mild stiffness in the […]
THE “PAINFUL” TRUTH - Three quarters of the year has gone by and our original “resolutions” for the year have likely gone unresolved. Why do we continue to make promises to ourselves year after year that fall far short of the mark? Simple. They lack accountability? What do we lose; what do we sacrifice by not achieving our goals? […]
PERCEPTION - Is the problem eyesight or is the problem vision? Can our realities only extend as far as the eye can see or can our truths extend beyond this point to where our brain can “see?” We are a society that to a large extent places boundaries around tangible pursuits. In part, this structure helps organize behavior […]
Doctors Can’t Spell, But They Know How To Confuse Us With Big Words - Have you ever noticed how important it is for doctors to use big words when discussing health issues. Medical terminology is taught in school, but doctors seem to forget that the average patient hasn’t taken these courses. Early in my practice I remember taking almost 45 minutes to explain in detail a patient’s health problems. I […]
Pursuing A Natural Course For Better Health - As I was reading some medical literature today I came across this article. This was dated from 2010 and discussed the 395 medicines that were in the research stages for development and eventual use. How many billions of dollars go into researching drugs and what are their goals? The average person would assume their intentions […]
FREEDOM FROM FOOD - If the ONLY thing I took away from you was processed foods, fast foods, poor quality restaurant foods, and any other food void of real nutritional value, how happy and fulfilling would your life be? I pose this question, because I believe people place more value and importance on unhealthy eating than they do on […]
Breaking Free From Our Self Imposed Prison - We awaken, we stretch, we check the alarm clock, we get up, we start the day. We don’t think about this process. It’s just something we take for granted over our lifetime. Our imperatives change as we age. Children worry about school. adolescents worry about friends and popularity, young adults worry about career choices, adults […]
Helping SOCIETY Achieve Good Health - What buttons need to be pushed in order for you to turn your current lifestyle into a healthy vibrant lifestyle? For most people, life is lived from day to day. The concept of “planning” is rarely entertained. In most cases each day looks similar to the previous one. The most popular event that people are […]

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