How Do You Define “FREEDOM” In Living Life?

Publication1CROPPED300Instinctively, many of us believe FREEDOM is synonymous with one’s ability to participate in boundless (over indulging) pleasures available in life. Although we’re capable of intellectualizing the consequences of this type of “freedom,” hormonally, we’re frequently driven to override our intellect to satisfy our emotional desires.


One successful method is redefining “FREEDOM” in a way that satisfies our rational and emotional needs and wants. This requires refocusing our attention on the BIGGER PICTURE and recognizing the freedom this bigger picture offers.



If you currently perceive FREEDOM as:

  • the ability to walk into a fast food restaurant regularly for a quick meal

  • or having a hot fudge sundae, piece of cake or candy bar any time of day or night

  • or choosing to drink energy drinks loaded with sugar and caffeine in place of water

  • or choosing to avoid exercise altogether because you’d rather do nothing at all

  • or living in anger, resentment and hostility because the world has “done you wrong”

you might want to reconsider whether these FREEDOMS enhance or impede your LONG TERM ability to enjoy life.

You see, healthy dietary habits along with other life enhancing patterns of behavior offer FREEDOMS unavailable to those choosing to perceive these enhancing lifestyle behaviors as “restrictive” and “unwanted.”



In many cases the FREEDOMS sacrificed often include some combination of the following:

  • Emotional stability

  • Quality energy

  • Ability to achieve quality sleep

  • Quality brain function (clarity)

  • Hormonal stability regulating healthy desirable outcomes

  • A healthy body and mind (free of chronic inflammation) preventing a multitude of diseases including gastrointestinal disease, type 2 diabetes, auto immune diseases, heart disease, stroke and cancer

  • The ability to discover MEANING, PURPOSE, PASSION and LOVE in life.

Do you think it might be time to re-evaluate your perception of FREEDOM?

Why not choose a definition and LIFESTYLE that continuously enhances one’s QUALITY OF LIFE over time? Choosing the type of “FREEDOM” that satisfies immediate gratification and over indulging only causes LONG TERM pain and disability. It does so by imprisoning oneself within a degenerating body and mind that gradually reduces (BOTH) function and choices in life. Unfortunately, for most of us, “FREEDOM” from this kind of imprisonment only occurs upon the arrival of DEATH!





  1. Pertinent and too the point as always Dr J…I know which I choose and truly I enjoy my food and my life…I don’t know what is good about being a couch potato???

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    1. This is because you don’t view your balanced approach to eating and living in negative terms. It is a reasonable compromise because of all the benefits you experience. So many can’t let go of harmful living habits because they don’t have enough QUALITY in life to substitute for these habits that frequently offer temporary satisfaction.

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      1. That is so sad but I believe that all this celebrity culture doesn’t help at all…It has gone way too far like an unstoppable juggernaut …

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  2. With you, of course, Doc, although I worry when you have to shout at me (BOLD TYPE)!! Fortunately, we have to freedom to eat healthily, to exercise to our capacity and to try to look after our fellow globe dwellers. Sadly, not everyone has this freedom of choice.

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    1. Some of my audience is hard of hearing so I sometimes utilize BOLD TYPE. 😀

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  3. Am Freedom and define myself as a tale of talents, a person of passions… if I can’t live these states to my fulfillment then am no longer free and got some real soul work to do… hardly anything can lure me to give my own self up… thanks for this post as usual doc

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    1. You have the type of rebel soul desperately needed by society. It searches for the best outcomes and maintains an energy level required to get the job done. A rare type of person in today’s world.

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      1. In yester years or maybe even now in some places, I could be drugged and labelled sadly. My eyes have seen stuffs yikes, but I refuse to not be free lol

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        1. It takes a strong personality and will to overcome the many obstacles in life most of us face. You have certainly had some challenges and overcome obstacles many people in life would have chosen to avoid. It is clear you have the wisdom to recognize avoidance NEVER removes the obstacles we face.


          1. Deal and heal I tell my clients. You choose when and if or how you want to do that. Thanks for the compliment doc. I have sure validated some real life school courses lol

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  4. This post touches on some pertinent issues our society is struggling with. As we we become wealthier and technological miracles abound, the array of lifestyle choices seems endless. Like you said, many have the notion that freedom means doing whatever you want. Without discipline and self imposed boundaries it evolves in to slavery.

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    1. Very well said. People have a difficult time believing unlimited freedom can lead to self imprisonment (or slavery as you express it.)

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  5. great post…I am so selfish with myself…I need to learn to be more free with me!!

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    1. Sounds good to me!! 🙂

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  6. Sana538 · · Reply

    What do I not love about this blog so beautifully said well done doc thanks for the info so true🙌🏼 do check out my new blog post hope you like it do let me know what you think would love that😊

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    1. Always appreciate your kind words. Will stop by your blog as soon as possible.

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  7. I started a book on willpower yesterday – I’m several chapters in, and so much of what they discuss is closely related to what you say here. Thanks to you, I feel like it’s a lot of remedial work for me (though really, having it reinforced more is never a bad thing – the more strategies you have to deal with the temptations and “freedoms” above, the easier it is to recognize where true freedom lies and which choices are the ones that will allow you to live your best life.

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    1. So well said. Glad to have provided some additional insight to make the undertaking more recognizable and achievable!

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  8. A freedom in living life could be an unrealistic way in expressing life in general.  Life from the beginning till the end has a way to throw hurdles,  unexpected situations and the like.  Some things are beyond our control no matter how hard we try.  Diseases are not  always brought up by a couch potato lifestyle,  and one has to remember it can happen to each and everyone of us,  whether it is cancer,  go ahead explain how a newborn already can be born with a brain tumor. I feel offended at times when judgmental people think people bring certain diseases onto themselves. I wish everyone refrain from same song and dance and somehow try to understand anyone can be  in that position.  Life is fragile. Lend a helping hand if you can with a silent voice.

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    1. An interesting perspective.

      I tend to believe “hurdles” are (both) created by humans AND mishaps independent of human behavior. In general, however, I refer to known behaviors that people CHOOSE to participate in that increase the likelihood of “hurdles” that impede quality living. This FREEDOM of choice is the freedom I question whether people truly understand.

      There is no blanket answer to explain the tragedies in life we see. There are circumstances (as you detail) that leave us (doctors) shrugging our shoulders when asked “why?” This, however, does not justify living lifestyles that substantially increase the chances for disease and dysfunction (IF one is going to complain about this “unfair” outcome.)

      I can say, with confidence, if consumers accepted greater personal responsibility for the quality of their own lives, a much larger percentage would enjoy a healthier physical and mental outcome. It always amazes me that people (in general) choose to ignore this reality.


  9. Great Article Doctor Jonathan – wise words for us all to heed!


  10. here is a post I thought you might enjoy, make sure you scroll down to the hash tags used … totally agrees with your perspective and arguments, so it is catching on!


  11. I hope your absence on here means your off with your sweetheart having fun…………xxkat

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    1. AZ is calling my name. Been working hard on making it happen. It has monopolized my time.

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      1. Nothing wrong with that…its calling my name to, I am sitting in an empty house in Calif waiting for the right buyer to say I want it…LOL

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        1. I dropped by to see if there was an update – happy to see all is well!


          1. doing okay, trying to sell the house in California. So was busy getting it ready for the market, and its been on the market for a couple days now. Fingers crossed that she sells quickly… are you doing…

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            1. Good luck! Selling a house is definitely not an un-stressful thing. All is well here (we’re trying to stay cool in some abnormally hot weather).

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      2. I popped over to check in on you too. You moving to AZ?

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        1. I replied to your question by going to your blog site and clicking the contact button.

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          1. Just saw it and responded.


  12. Great article! I hope that these words will change the life of at least one couch potato 🙂


  13. Sandra Brezinski · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Sandy’s blog.


  14. I love your perspective, great post!


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