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Dear Government, Health Insurance Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry,

As a doctor with a PASSION for health, wellness and quality living, I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for creating an untenable situation that will encourage more and more people to follow A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE to restore and maintain good health.

I appreciate that you (our government) have permitted a legalized form of monopoly (known as “intellectual property rights”) by granting the pharmaceutical industry the right to use patents that allow these companies to claim a monopoly over their “recipes” for various medications. I realize the pharmaceutical industry is NOT the only industry that has filed patents to safeguard their research and development, however, the pharmaceutical industry has used these safeguards to GOUGE CONSUMERS who rely on these drugs for daily living. In case you haven’t had time to review the numbers, the following chart reveals a sampling of the MONTHLY COSTS for various drugs throughout various nations:


The price in the U.S. column reflects an average U.S. Price. I thought you might like to see the ranges in price for each of these drugs (depending on an individual’s insurance coverage.):





Enbrel (Autoimmune)



Celebrex (Pain and Anti-inflammatory)



Copaxone (Multiple Sclerosis)



Cymbalta (Depression)



Gleevek (Leukemia)



Humira (Arthritis)



Nexium (Acid Reflux)



All of your policies are forcing the consumer to reduce their medications or do without them altogether. Many are forced to choose between EATING and MEDICATING. Although I am saddened so many will suffer serious health complications as a result of these policies and practices, it reinforces a shifting paradigm that consumers must take back control of their lives by modifying their current lifestyles. Medication is being priced beyond the financial limits of the average individual. INTENTIONAL? The consumer will be forced to abandon this cost prohibitive plan in favor of alternative cost effective approaches that prevent the onset of diseases and health problems as well as TREAT current health conditions. You devils! I’ll bet you’re conspiring to help the consumer see they need to begin standing on their own TWO FEET and stop relying on your industries. Well played!

I would like to help all your agencies (Government, Health Insurance Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry) achieve this altruistic goal by offering a sampling of my recommended solutions.

1. FOOD:

I will suggest that people begin sharing food ideas the same way food recipes are shared today to address various health problems. People will learn the MEDICINAL properties in foods, spices and herbs by using this method. In addition, people will be able to use food to help strengthen the body to PREVENT disease and other health problems from developing in the first place.


I will also recommend that people begin forming EXERCISE SOCIAL CLUBS to improve social interactions while engaging in productive physical activity necessary for healthy living. People will be attracted to this idea and feel a greater commitment and willingness to participate (because of the SOCIAL component.) As this idea spreads and becomes more popular, it will become easier to incorporate into daily living.


Healthier people will shift their focus (and concerns) from medications to personal interest groups (meet up groups) where people congregate and share ideas and experiences on various subjects of interest. How fun does that sound? Don’t worry, I made certain you doctors benefited from my recommendations as well. Since there will be SIGNIFICANTLY less time needed for your traditional services, there will be plenty of additional time to play an extra round of golf or take the boat out for a quick spin on the lake/ocean.


I thought that encouraging quality family time with children (or simply between couples) might help FIX a large emotional ROOT PROBLEM we see today without the need for ongoing pharmaceutical intervention that frequently (and unfortunately) NEVER addresses the ROOT PROBLEM. What are your thoughts on this? Do you really believe these children and parents are suffering from a pharmaceutical deficiency? Is it possible the prescription solution actually addresses the “monetary compensation deficiency” YOU and many stock holders FEAR?

I would welcome your participation to add to this short, yet creative (HEALTHY) solution list. You may have noticed how I used each traditional component (ex. Food, Exercise, etc…) in a non traditional manner (ex. social interactions) to help create POSITIVE EXPERIENCES that encourage healthy living. This will help convince the consumer to look at healthy lifestyles from a POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE rather than a CHORE requiring every ounce of energy to complete. I believe with all your resources, we could work HARD TOGETHER to teach the public how to MINIMIZE the need for your services and products. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Now, regarding those policy deductibles of $1000.00 to $10,000.00 dollars (out of pocket expenses before insurance coverage BEGINS!) and MONTHLY premiums for health insurance ranging from $190.00 -$900.00. I wasn’t certain if you were aware that the average household income was NOT COMPARABLE to the income of your CEO’sThe current deductibles and monthly premiums make it nearly impossible for the average American to afford coverage. If we add the monthly costs of medication on top of this, the average family (without support from the employer’s company) would be unable to afford healthcare. It seems underhanded, but I like the way you think. I’m guessing your motive for initiating these policies is to help the consumer (once again) clearly see the solution rests with THEM! SMART!

In conclusion, I would like to thank all of you for creating and/or participating in the GREED and HARMFUL POLICIES that are causing destruction to the quality of human life. As a result, you will no doubt help the “little man” (like myself) teach people to see a better approach to RESTORING and MAINTAINING THEIR HEALTH through the various natural HEALTHY options AVAILABLE and AFFORDABLE. Please, keep up the good work!


Dr. Jonathan N. Colter



  1. I absolutely loved this! Not only because I do love a good satire, but I couldn’t agree more. Although I am Canadian and our healthcare is generally covered, there are other issues that arise such as wait time for services. I know several people who have opted to go to the US for medical procedures and in such have decreased their wait time by months, or even a year. They’ve chosen to pay out of pocket just so that they could actually have a chance at surviving. However, only a fortunate few even have that chance as the costs are astronomical!! I currently have a friend that desperately needs treatment for his Leukemia and his best option is to go to the US for it but he needs to pay a deposit of $1 MILLION!!! What AVERAGE American has that kind of money available?

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    1. It seems technology has been unable to produce a healthcare system capable of satisfying the consumer’s needs. It either costs too much, or produces a wait time longer than the anticipated Resurrection before an appointment becomes available.

      Part of the problem resides with us. We complain, but follow (and accept) the protocols that promulgate the problems we experience. If change is going to occur, we need to participate in changing the system by making our concerns heard AND ACTED UPON. The system will STRONGLY resist change. If it truly matters to us, we must be prepared for a polite and respectful BATTLE! Without the consumer willing to stand behind their words of dissatisfaction with bonafide ACTION, they merely remain words resulting in “MORE OF THE SAME.”

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  2. Frank Fusco · · Reply

    Health care cost have become so out of control thanks to Obamacare and greed in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry, that there could actually be a postive reaction to this. People could start looking to natural remedies and a more healthy lifestyle to cure illness.

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    1. Although my letter was satirical, the meaning and intent WASN’T! I do believe the current path will eventually lead to enough “PAIN” (both physical and financial) that the system will incorporate changes. The important thing to remember is the CONSUMER needs to be an integral component in this process of change. If the INDUSTRIES are left in charge without any independent form of checks and balances, the consumer’s quality of healthcare will continue to remain compromised and its efficiency sub-standard.


  3. Paid up front for what my insurance didn’t cover on the surgeon. Biopsy couldnt be done because of location. Paid up front for new and more expensive surgical biopsy, nothing from biopsy #1 was applied to cost of biopst #2. Waiting on 2 sets of hospital bills, lab and x rays and anesthesia bills.

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    1. How ridiculous and embarrassing as a country should we feel accepting the current policy permitting compromises in health to result in bankruptcies and other emotional and financial devastation. We complain and then proceed with following the parameters our healthcare system establishes. If the purpose of complaining is to air our frustration, mission accomplished. If the purpose of complaining is to create an awareness and need for positive change (defined as a healthier nation; not merely more people covered by insurance,) our mission continues to FAIL.

      We can’t rely on our INDUSTRIES alone to FIX the problems. We need Consumerism, Independent Organizations (without advocacy standings) and INDUSTRY to cooperatively hash out approaches that reach compromises that ALL parties benefit from. Without REAL ACTIVE consumer support, the airing of frustration and dissatisfaction will remain the only (basic) accomplishment.

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  5. Love this!

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    1. Thank you Tessa.

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  6. Reblogged this on Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses and commented:
    This is great. Give it a read.

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  7. Fabulous!!! Rebloggging on the Black wall Blog as a must read!!!

    Kind Regards and applause – K

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    1. Thank you again for your kind words and support.

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  8. Reblogged this on theblackwallblog and commented:
    A must read!! From ALL ABOUT HEALTHY CHOICES! Awesomely satirical!!!

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    1. Thank you for sharing this post with your readers. It may be “tongue in cheek,” but there is much truth in the content written. Hope I was able to create a smile as you read it! 🙂

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  9. Well Done! Being a Canadian I can only relate to the US healthcare problems through what I hear from people I know and the media. But good satire works in any country!

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    1. Thank you Lydia. Every nation faces their own problems when it comes to healthcare. Creating awareness that leads to ACTION STEPS resulting in improvements in efficiency and quality will only occur if general dissatisfaction is turned into Quality Dialogue between consumers, government and the medical healthcare/pharmaceutical industries. I’m hoping my satirical letter creates better awareness and pushes us closer to beginning this communication process.

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      1. I just spent 8 hours in the ER only to be treated like a drug addict. You might find this an interesting read https://beinglydia.com/2016/08/27/im-mad-as-hell/

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  10. Major grins were happening as I read it!! 😁😁😁

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    1. EXCELLENT! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing this message with your readers.


  12. Love your post….I can’t believe the absurdity of the pharmaceutical companies in America….embarrassing!!!!

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    1. Creating a little humorous levity (with serious undertones) is needed every now and then to put a smile on people’s faces!


      1. YEs it is….makes the reality way more easy to see……happy Sunday….kat

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        1. Prepare for another week of opportunities!


          1. whooo hooooooo!!!

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  13. Excellent and creative approach to the topic, Jonathan! So much needs fixing…

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    1. You might be surprised to find out a large segment of the population is unaware that anything is even “broken!” Awareness is an important early step in the process necessary for change to occur.

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  14. What a post. Loved this. I think it will be necessary for people to share healthier eating options and support one another in ways to exercise and lead healthier lives.

    We have to depend on government less and less.

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    1. A little creative thinking can go a long way to improving the direction and path in many people’s lives.


  15. Excellent. I will be forming all those groups ASAP. There we can discuss how the government priced us out of the market and what we cannot do about it. Should be fun too. And we will probably discuss how the government is the cause or symptom of most of our problems. We used to be a patient people…..

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    1. Sounds interesting. I’ll bet that discussion will have some VOLUME associated with the various topics!


  16. I never new you were a Creative Writer

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    1. A little tongue in cheek humor can go a long way sometimes. I hope you enjoyed this piece.


  17. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

    Jonathan, this was brilliant!

    So it’s safe to say you’re both a doctor AND a witty writer. 🙂

    I really resonate with your tone here. And I especially resonate with your mission too! Bob and I created Health Mastery Movement to show people that pills aren’t the only way to get better. While parts of western medicine are absolutely needed, looking to nature for health makes a lot more sense. Whether you’re healthy or sick, eating whole foods daily and making it a point to actually move around will prove beneficial.

    However, I can’t ignore how upset it makes me that the system is so flawed and full of greed. It just seems to be completely void of humanity and compassion. But then there are people who advocate a different way. They actually care and want to spread valuable knowledge like wildfire. It’s not all bad.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed my attempt at humor! Many a true word is said in jest. The health care system is BROKEN. All players (doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies) contribute their share of blame by pointing fingers at each other. As consumers become willing to accept greater responsibility to coordinate professionals and decide the care they feel best applies to their philosophy, the results (overall) will likely improve. Recognizing that we, the consumers, are the employers may help doctors appreciate their role and their responsibilities in a better light.

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  18. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

    Speaking of groups… Have you ever heard of http://www.meetup.com? There are SO many meet ups about healthy living!

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    1. Sorry, your comment went into my spam folder. I have heard of meetup. I participate in a monthly dog walk throughout all the parks in my county. I will research the site to see if a group might be a good fit with my health objectives. Thanks for the suggestion.

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  19. jodipriceblog · · Reply

    Great points here written in a wonderful to read way! Totally agree that getting together with other people of similar mindsets about health and exercise is the way to go.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it. It is always nice meeting new people with similar mindsets. You have much to offer this world through your writings. Keep up the great work.

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      1. jodipriceblog · · Reply

        Thanks! Where in NC are you located btw?

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  20. Near Charlotte.



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