Let’s face it, it’s not everyone’s goal to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. On the other hand, people do not want to develop and succumb to the diseases we face in life today. One of the problems I’ve witnessed with winning people over to following healthier lifestyles comes from a misunderstanding that life’s pleasures will need to be SACRIFICED to obtain a better quality of health. They believe the transition from current living to healthy living requires too much change and is therefore, unattainable. What does it take to modify a current unhealthy lifestyle without causing significant deprivation and a preconceived notion of likely failure?




1. For long term results to occur, an individual must create a MINDSET focused on unwavering conviction. This new focus makes the individual realize that modifying a lifestyle will create opportunities previously unavailable that add real qualitative relevance to life. If a person does not truly believe this concept, a long term approach is not possible.


2. For long term results to occur, an individual must VALUE their life and believe their is purpose in living. Without this sense of self value, our function (vs. purpose) becomes limited to satisfying the needs of others at our own expense. We wind up working to build other people’s businesses; we fulfill the function of spouse and/or parent to satisfy the responsibilities associated with these titles, we take the remaining time to complete “to-do” lists before the weekend is over and the repetition of another week begins. Our personal INDIVIDUAL LIVES slowly lose meaning as we “EXIST” to fulfill the needs of others.

1465234453874 smaller3. For long term results to occur, an individual must PRIORITIZE the 24 hour day. Happiness and fulfillment is more easily achieved when the “teeter totter” is somewhat in the middle. This requires taking CONTROL of a 24 hour day and CREATING TIME to spend counterbalancing the stresses each day brings. This time, however, should NOT be focused on “feel good” activities or events detrimental to the individual’s overall well being. It should be used to provide the body the physical, mental and emotional needs in ways that increase awareness, energy and strength needed to live the quality of life a person chooses. This means our solutions to our own individual needs must be based on events and activities that lead to LONG TERM GROWTH and HAPPINESS rather than SHORT TERM TEMPORARY “feel good” “RELIEF.”

purposeful-life4. For long term results to occur, an individual must DEFINE THEIR PURPOSE(S) in life. This is a crucial component most people never think about. To prove my point, “what is/are your purpose(s) in life?” If the answer came rolling off your tongue, you know your purpose(s). If you had to think about an answer, it means you are NOT spending each and every day aiming to fulfill it. This is important because purpose helps improve clarity of thought and actions determining whether we have derailed from a CHOSEN PATH we wish to follow.

Can-You-Promise-to-Commit-to-You-Instagram smaller

5. Finally, for long term results to occur, an individual must COMMIT themselves to pursuing their purpose(s) in life. Purpose is NOT just ONE tangible goal. Purpose is conceptual and applies to a broad spectrum of categories.

In two sentence, I will now provide an example that ties all five of these steps together to help you understand a PROCESS that can transform your life in a better direction starting today. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, or prove my suggestions wrong, (which anyone is capable of doing) I suggest applying this approach to your life (with a positive attitude) and awareness that bumps (failures) will be experienced along the way. Solving bumps (failures) is part of the process that helps us grow and FEEL BETTER about ourselves. This MINDSET will develop greater strength reinforcing this POSITIVE message when the individual is able to focus on feelings of success overcoming the bumps (failures) rather than the bumps (failures) themselves.


and now, the two sentence


(FIRST SENTENCE: ) If a person wants to lose weight, A MINDSET must be created to fulfill a truthful COMMITMENT to following a healthier lifestyle. (SECOND SENTENCE: ) You will notice, this creates a LONG TERM MISSION (versus a short term mission reaching a desired number on a scale) defining a PURPOSE and improving self VALUE by PRIORITIZING TIME allotted to achieving this outcome.

If you read these two sentences a few times, you will begin to understand the pattern and process behind its methodology. I believe most people would choose a life abundant in joy and happiness over misery and isolation. This approach reinforces a positive concept and uses a REALISTIC PROCESS to achieve this outcome. Feeling good about ourselves, our lives and the purposes we live for provides the fuel needed to SUCCESSFULLY sustain this joyful PURPOSEFUL living. By turning these words and concepts


you too can experience these benefits.



  1. #3 is where I struggle the most. Going to print this out and incorporate it into my daily planning routine so I’m reading it, AND doing it every day.

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    1. Implementing “ME” time on a daily basis is important to an individual’s overall well being. We are “projects in development” that require attention, praise and ongoing effort to remain vital and excited about life and all its opportunities. I like your idea about printing this concept into a daily planner to help reinforce the concept of personal time and self value. I wish you all the success possible on your journey.

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  2. One of the problems I’ve witnessed with winning people over to following healthier lifestyles comes from a misunderstanding that life’s pleasures will need to be SACRIFICED to obtain a better quality of health.

    Excellent article, and I loved the quote above. Years ago I cut refined sugar out of my diet. For the first six months or so I really craved it and thought I was sacrificing a lot in not eating all the sugary foods I loved. It was a battle to leave it all alone, but that sacrifice was temporary. Today, if I taste something sugary, it doesn’t even taste good to me. I can eat fresh fruit all day. I love naturally sweet foods; but the sugary sweets – especially cookies and cakes – gross me out completely. I wonder if your taste buds change as you continue to eat healthy? (just thinking out loud here)

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    1. Taste buds do become less sensitive over time. Cravings for unhealthy processed foods (including sugary ones) also change. One of the biggest factors influencing our brain’s “pleasure centers”comes from repetitive stimulation. Remove the stimulus OR substitute a healthier alternative that SATISFIES the pleasure center and a solution to unhealthy eating becomes possible. It sounds like you have done just that.

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  3. Your two sentences truly sum it all up for me. If I can get past that first hurdle, the MINDSET issue – the rest seems to be easier. Something else that has helped me is discovering there are a lot of healthy foods I can eat that satisfy the “sweet tooth” or whatever I’m craving at the moment. I just need to find them. Oddly enough – – some of them even taste BETTER than what I used to eat … and don’t kill my digestive system in the process.

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    1. The secret to overing processed sugary substances is finding healthy alternatives that satisfy the “pleasure centers” in the brain. As we turn to these alternatives, our hormonal cravings for damaging “food like substances” dissipates.

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  4. Reblogged this on survivor road and commented:
    If I say “good food for thought” … will you promise not to shoot me for living in punville?? At any rate – read this. GOOD stuff here!

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    1. Thank you Marcus for passing the message along to those who follow you. I know you have been through quite a challenge and continue to battle issues, yet you always show a side of yourself willing to assume responsibility for improving your own story. Truly inspirational!

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  5. As you stated, our reactions to bumps is so important. Too often we use these bumps as excuses for a drink, a fight with our loved ones, or a gallon of ice cream.

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    1. If a person is looking for excuses to cause self harm, their MINDSET isn’t ready to pursue a path to better health.

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  6. Your post always get to me! They always have the best comments too! it has been months now since ive stopped my soda and candy addiction. im sure the chemicals as well as the sugar were making my fibro flares worse. i say addiction becuz i had really convinced myself I had to eat all of the sugary awful treats in sight becuz I just couldnt help myself. As if my body and mind depended on it. The truth of it is i am thee only one who could help me. I have family that take a bit of a tone with me at birthdays and cookouts now cuz im not at the dessert table with them all. Or i pass on a piece of birthday cake. hearing reactions like ‘oh come on Reen its only one piece of cake’ when really its just not appealing to me at all anymore. In the past i would have caved and taken the cake just to be polite but these days my health and taking good care of myself wins everytime! truly they dont understand what a long hard road its been. They are still in the headspace that if you are not overweight than you must be healthy. i know better. 🙂

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    1. Your thinking is way ahead of your family’s understanding about food addiction and living a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes other people are uncomfortable with decisions they make regarding their own food choices. Sabotaging another’s efforts helps (unfortunately and temporarily) soothe their pain. You have chosen a path that will likely provide you better options and outcomes. I truly wish you well on the journey.

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      1. you have the most excellent way of summing things up! And its never my brothers that are trying to get me to eat the junkie foods its their wives! hahaa just saying i think you are right on the money with the fact they are most definitely unhappy with their choices and their weight becuz of it and i always thought it was an attempt to sabotage but could never myself figure out why? Like im so nice to them… how you just explained it so simply now i clearly understand it. Its nothing against me its more about them! is it kind of the misery loves company thing? thank you so much for the well wishes ive lost another 4 pounds as of last week so that makes almost 20 pounds just by changing my bad eating habits and im not done yet! 🙂

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        1. You’re on a roll; keep up the healthy lifestyle and the weight will achieve a balance where it provides maximum benefit to your body.

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          1. thanks will do! 🙂

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  7. Excellent piece! Reading No. 1, I’m thinking about all the less-than-productive things I’ve totally committed myself to over the years. So easy, while committing to the good stuff seemed so hard-still does some days. Thankfully, it’s getting easier as time passes and I continue to chase the dream.

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    1. Sometimes “catching” the dream requires an approach with LESS options. Too much choice can cause us to lose direction and stray onto paths with dead ends. Creating the MINDSET with a definitive plan can sometimes make the journey easier to follow and accomplish.

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  8. Great quotes and motivational questions Jonathan. It’s true, when we understand our core beliefs and thoughts about our body and why we avoid discipline to achieve good health, we can learn to let these go and create space to live fully each day.

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    1. Well said. Thank you for adding your thoughts. They help to increase awareness and offer a gentle understanding to the topics discussed.

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    1. Thank you for sharing my message.


  10. Be clear about your purpose and the rest will follow!

    Well said, have reblogged it, thanks.

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    1. I appreciate your willingness to share a message that may offer hope to those seeking a better direction.

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  11. This is naturally true and feels alright.

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    1. I’m glad you believe this approach can help people find better health. I know it has worked for myself as well as my patients.

      Thank you for adding your feelings on the subject.

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      1. I have been working with such mindset on my blog You can as well check it out.

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        1. Keep up the good work


  12. A sound methodology that you are illustrating, rather than a quick fix. Like:-)

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    1. After reading some of your articles, I see we share a similar philosophy and approach to health and life. I like the way you deliver your messages. I look forward to reading future articles.
      Thank you for adding your comment. I believe in ROOT CAUSE solutions to achieving LONG TERM FIXES. This approach encompasses the WHOLE person and seems to offer a healthier approach to quality living.

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  13. Love the 2 sentences….one day at a time for me….

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  14. Good stuff 🙂

    Check out my blog and follow if you like it 🙂


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