Publication1cropped300As many of you know, I share health information that frequently goes under the radar. This information can dramatically impact decisions you make regarding your health. It is backed with credible references to add validity to its content. Frequently, I see comments to my posts that read:

something to really think about.”


I truly believe many of you find the information interesting. That certainly is a good starting point. I also appreciate everyone taking the time to offer feedback, however, comments like, “something to really think about,” does not typically create a strong enough (personal) emotional response to follow through with a serious CALL TO ACTION. Now I know everyone is not interested in following the recommendations, but many seeking assistance make these same comments.



It is my opinion that science, research and even personal health conditions do not (usually) cause enough EMOTIONAL trauma to change our current well established patterns in life. So let’s see if we can approach this article’s title from a perspective that triggers an emotional response powerful enough to incentivize REAL POSITIVE CHANGE starting TODAY!




What creates VALUE in your life? Is it your spouse, your children, your extended family, your friends…? What do you look forward to on a DAILY basis? Is it the morning cup of coffee and the newspaper? Is it the morning ritual of gently touching your spouse in bed and kissing her or him? Is it the morning walk with the family pet?




Do you want to go back to college to pursue a new direction in life? Do you want to create more personal time to spend with your family? Do you want to start a new business? Do you want to become involved with organizations that reach out to those in need?




Is it a weekend fishing trip? Is it hiking or camping with the family? Is it the relaxation experienced on a beach with the hot sun beaming down? Is it the pleasure from watching a sunrise or sunset?



It is my experience most people do not consider the importance of LIFE.

Life simply “is.”


We awaken, we follow some daily ritual, we go to bed at night. There is no DAILY activity or event that makes our heart race with excitement.

The word “ASPIRATION” is a word left out of most people’s vocabulary. In general, it doesn’t fit within their lifestyle. People have enormous responsibilities that consume so much of their energy, they commonly feel more like overwhelmed “slaves” than “masters” in control of their destiny.

“Joy” unfortunately, is more commonly used to identify the name of a person than a feeling of emotional exuberance. Out of a 365 day year, how often do we wish people “joy” or experience it ourselves? Would you agree, a birthday, Christmas, and maybe a few other days? Most people live most of the year without any real JOY in their lives.

If LIFE is not recognized as one of the greatest GIFTS we’ve been blessed with, how are we to find VALUE in existence? What will motivate us to conceive new ideas, pursue new opportunities, and aspire to seek new ASPIRATIONS in life? Without creating a reserve of POSITIVE energy, where is the incentive to find and experience JOY?


The “weight” of the previous paragraph is the ROOT CAUSE of INACTION. Our brains are smart enough to know what we “should do” but we choose instead to disregard the real VALUE and MAGNITUDE of LIFE in favor of living an uninspired EXISTENCE. We defensively impair our EMOTIONAL awareness to minimize the PAIN we live with in order to simply SURVIVE another day. This, in turn,  reduces our “driving forces” (motivation) for tangible ACTION and keeps us on a path of INACTION! Do you know what a path of INACTION looks like? It looks like the phrase:

 it’s something to really think about.



We make time to create TANGIBLE ANSWERS to the following questions:

  1. What makes LIFE important to me?

  2. Where do I search for VALUE in life? Is it my job performance, my relationship, my children’s development and welfare, my community or some combination of these or other personal choices?

  3. Do I have any ASPIRATIONS?  If not, why? If I do, what changes do I need to implement to make pursuing these aspirations a SUCCESSFUL REALITY?

  4. How do I find JOY? One method is creating an ACTION PLAN that successfully answers the three questions above.

Transforming a life from mere existence to one filled with PASSION and PURPOSE is easier than one may realize. All it requires is a willingness to discover one’s EMOTIONAL NEEDS deep within and a personal commitment to apply ACTION STEPS to satisfy these needs. Of course, there’s always the alternative to do nothing. I guess for those who choose this path:

“it’s something to think about!”


  1. Am not thinking about anything, I am doing something. So much doing that am ready whenever my time comes to depart this earth. Wow, I have already had near 8 full bonus years since my suicide attempt. I have learnt and grown and am enjoying so much the joys and even challenges. I have so many aspirations including going back to school to study some neurology woo up. Thanks doc

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    1. Marie,
      You are filling your life with ABUNDANCE. You are very busy spreading your interests in so many different areas. As difficult as I’m sure this is, it also helps to keep you motivated and focused on moving your life forward in a direction of your CHOOSING. Few people can look at themselves in the mirror and make that claim. I truly marvel at all you do and all you’ve accomplished!


      1. I have always been a kind of hyper active and do so much girl. But when I made a lot of personal poor choices and near ended up dead at my own hands, I gradually came to realize there probably was another way out… I rediverted all that zeal, starting from looking inside out and not outside in as was previously the case. Planning and making sure to make much light of any situation keeps me going. My faith also helps and then yes am intrepid…the daring daughter lol

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        1. Those who turn inside themselves often find better (more accurate answers) than those in the external world. This is where belief in SELF comes from. Spiritual guidance helps to strengthen this inner self. This creates a foundation for building the character an individual needs to living a life of CHOSEN QUALITY.


  2. Your questions seemed easy, but now I’m sitting here thinking about them, and they aren’t as easy as they first seem. It appears getting to the end of them, like so many things that are good for me, requires work.

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    1. I’ll bet most people think answers to these questions are easy, until they really think about their responses. I truly believe those willing to take the time to discover their own personal voids and WORK toward overcoming them, can enjoy a level of joy and happiness far exceeding the average person. For me, it has absolutely been worth the effort!

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  3. This one definitely is “something to think about.” It is important to find the “why” when it comes to many aspects of life, most importantly health and fitness. I think many fitness trainers, or at least the people I look up to and follow, have identified the importance of mentally being present and identifying the reasons behind our actions, good and bad, in order to take action to reach the goal or goals.
    It seems to be the idea that the fitness industry is moving toward.. albeit slowly in some cases. 🙂
    It is vital to take the time to understand and get to know ourselves, deal with the emotional pain we may have, so that we can live a happy, healthy life.
    I really enjoy reading your posts. You don’t sugar coat anything, but offer a tough love approach that I appreciate.

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    1. Thank you very much. I try to write meaningfully to get people’s attention. My concern is for their well being based on THEIR NEEDS (not mine.) I have learned that people (in general) are smart and know when another person is trying to offer CONSTRUCTIVE choices, even if the words sometimes “pierce the heart.” I care a great deal about people in this world and would like to make certain before it is my time to depart, I have done all I can to help those seeking a new POSITIVE direction in life.

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  4. The Joy Factor · · Reply

    Thanks for the article. I totally agreed. If you find something you love doing in
    life- then do it. Even if you can only find an hour each week to fit it in – it’ll make you happy. I’ve started writing (blogging) again after a long break and realise how much I missed it and how happy it makes me feel . Jill

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    1. This is how we BALANCE our lives. We find things (meaningful we enjoy) and incorporate them into our busy lives. So many people get bogged down on daily responsibilities their attitudes become harmful to themselves. They lose the passion for enjoying life.

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  5. This really hit home for me. Often I feel I just exist.
    The bottom line is, it is all about me. Only I can change me. Only I can transform my life from mere existence to one that is filled with passion and purpose. You are right, in everything you say…I just have to stop procrastinating and get on with it !!!

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    1. You identified the HARDEST PART. It is not easy to accept the REALITY of procrastination. It is, however, the first step in changing the future. My input to help overcome procrastination is this:

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  6. Wow wow and more Wow! So good. I love your insight. I find true that Positivity Joy and constant movement forward is a daily choice. I like your quote. Stress is working for things you don’t care about and working for things yiu love is called passion (paraphrased 😉 )
    What a fantastic way to look at Joy and Passion. Thank you for that!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article. Sometimes the right words spoken (or read) at the right time help people to connect in a way that inspires them to pursue better directions in life. I try to express myself from different angles to attract different people’s attention with this purpose in mind.

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  7. Personally my motivation for life is knowing that we only get one and that it’s very short. Another great post Doctor Jonathan :O) x

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    1. Glad to see you’re motivated! Whether we ultimately live one or more lives, why not make each one a life worth living. Stay energized and happy!!

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      1. Great sentiment :O)

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