Publication1cropped425You probably don’t know Bill Diehl. Prior to retiring from the law firm of James, McElroy & Dielhl in 2016 he was one of the best known divorce attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was known for charging up to $1000.00 per hour for legal services and collected retainers up to $100,000.00 from wealthy clients.


Mr. Diehl liked living an expensive lifestyle. He worked hard and played hard. He was so self confident, he believed NOTHING could stand in the way of pursuing ANY personal goal.


Mr. Diehl enjoyed flying his private plane. He would take it to see musical concerts all over the United States. He was “living the life” so many people “dream to live.”


As a child, he recalled experiencing a situation that would impact his life forever. Whenever he and his family went out to a restaurant, he was ALWAYS instructed to make his food selection from the “cheap” side of the menu. This clearly fueled his desire to one day be able to feast on ANY menu item at ANY restaurant in the world. Although this clearly fit his character (accomplishing whatever he pursued in life,) he likely never considered the possible harm this path would either cause, or at least, contribute to.

As a skilled, driven and successful hard working attorney, Mr. Diehl (like so many of us) never faced the reality of LIFESTYLE BEHAVIORS. He amassed great wealth doing his job while rejecting the facts (ironic, since his legal career was based on the FACTS) regarding healthy nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, proper hydration, adequate sleep and proper nervous system balance to remain vital and functional. Unfortunately, his choice to amass wealth in a manner inconsistent with maintaining quality health resulted in a stroke suffered shortly after retiring from practice in 2016.

According to newspaper reporter, THÉODEN JANES:

“At 73 years of age, Mr. Diehl has been living at a skilled nursing facility in Southpark’s Sharon Towers. He rarely gets out. He’s unable to walk. He has much less to say than he used to.”

“Bill Diehl now spends most of his time in a big La-Z-Boy in front of a small television.”

Publication3cropped375Regardless of intelligence, work ethic, financial independence, status in society, personal and professional accomplishments, etc…


We can choose (to a great extent) to recognize the importance in committing ourselves to essential lifestyle behaviors that increase our chances for quality health and function, or choose to believe our bodies will take care of themselves regardless of the neglect and abuse we subject them to.  Currently, we tend to deny our responsibility in maintaining our health, in favor of FALSELY believing our doctor’s pharmaceutical “solutions” provide equivalent benefits without requiring undo effort on our part. In REALITY, this bandage “solution” allows the advancement of chronic diseases reducing one’s quality of life.

Have you ever considered how many years of life you’d be willing to sacrifice and live imprisoned within in a body incapable of carrying out basic human needs (showering, going to the bathroom, walking, eating, etc…) without assistance. Would it have been worth the food choices you’ve made, the exercises you’ve chosen to avoid, the sleep you’ve claimed you didn’t need, the soft drinks, energy drinks and sport drinks you’ve substituted your body’s need of water for and the stress you’ve chosen to live with instead of resolving personal and/or work related issues?

Professional success coupled with lifelong unhealthy behaviors is a recipe for eventual disaster. What makes you believe


are more likely to achieve a better outcome following a similar destructive path? Mr. Diehl discovered the TRUTH too late!



  1. Wake up call towards investing in a healthy lifestyle! We work hard towards making a better future only to shorten our healthy life span. Health is wealth, better start investing soon. Excellent post Sir! Motivation and inspiration. Will be sharing this with my partner.

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    1. Thank you, Chris. The first step is sharing REALITY. Then next step is convincing the masses that this can easily become THEIR reality without altering the path they’re following.

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  2. You just set alarms. People better wake up. This example should do just that

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    1. I hope so before this reality hits home with THEM! It’s difficult to get people to believe that poor health can overtake their lives. Without “feeling” it, they tend to DENY it…until it’s too late!

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    1. Thank you, Kat.


  3. Great illustration Jonathan of what you’ve been screaming from the rooftops about living a healthy lifestyle. I think one of the problems is something you brought up once in a previous post, in that the effects of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, etc….don’t show up externally for awhile. If people could see the damage to the inside of bodies they are doing I bet it would help. Much the same way those black lung anti smoking ads did.

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    1. Unfortunately, this means that people are not willing to use their brains to make the best personal choices. They rely on SYMPTOMS and personal HARM to motivate a change in behavior.

      I find it interesting that people change their oil in their vehicles without the vehicle displaying ANY malfunction (symptom), but persistently defy applying the same logic to their own health.

      Is it really possible we value our cars more than our own lives?

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      1. It could very well be….

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  4. I have heard stories like this many times, but never listened until I was ready to listen. I am ready now, and I thank you for being brave enough to write this. Most of us think we can treat our body any way that pleases us and have no repercussions because the body can function many years even when treated poorly.
    Mr. Diehl was not a bad person and we all know he wasn’t stupid. I think he is a classic example of a large part of the population in his generation who grew up believing that the only goal worth pursuing was to get more education and make more money than your parents.
    Hopefully, each generation is getting better and becoming enlightened to the fact that money and success are not what makes us happy. And that our value has nothing to do with our intelligence, talent or looks. Once we know this, it becomes natural to want to treat our body with respect.
    Thanks for the wake up call. I think many people benefit from your articles.

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    1. I think for many people, it is easier to make “money” and material things the goal to achieving happiness, because pursuing GOOD HEALTH is too abstract. Many believe symptom free living equals good health regardless of personal damage inflicted over many years.
      The wise people, however, (as you mention) pursue a life filled with value that opens doors to so many opportunities. This type of person understands how sacred the human body is and the natural desire to provide quality sustenance to support its needs.

      I’m so very glad to see you have chosen to pursue this path in life. I believe it offers the best possibilities available.

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  5. Great idea to add the personal consequences in this very tangible manner … so many men die within a a year or two of retirement maybe a result of poor health choices and/or their obsession with professional status 😦

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    1. Couldn’t agree more!!

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