Health III

DEVELOPING TYPE 2 DIABETES WHILE LIVING A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE! - “I exercise, I eat organic, I’m gluten free, I meditate, I drink copious amounts of water and you’re telling me I’m at risk for developing TYPE 2 DIABETES?” YES! It’s NOT only what you do PROPERLY, it’s also what you AVOID DOING or significantly REDUCE DOING that determines the potential outcome for developing TYPE 2 […]
A SOCIETY BASED ON NON THINKING FOLLOWERS - As our nation continues to grow, its expanding wealth becomes ever more dependent on a “NON THINKING” society. Our major institutions create rules (we call laws) to FOLLOW that serve the needs of these institutions rather than the needs of its people. These institutions have “sold us a bill of goods” based on altruistic motives […]
WHEN YOUR DOCTOR SAYS, “YOU’RE IN GOOD HEALTH” IS HE/SHE BEING TRUTHFUL? - How many times have you told friends or family members one of the following statements after visiting the doctor? “My doctor gave me the thumbs up after my exam and told me I’m in GOOD HEALTH!” “I was told for my age I’m in GOOD HEALTH!” “My doctor told me my blood work was excellent […]
THE HEALTH BENEFIT OF CONTROVERSY AND THINKING - Although many people choose to avoid disagreement especially over controversial topics, their is a HEALTH sacrifice one makes in following this path. Good health is a subject that incorporates MANY different aspects of living. Most people view “good health” as the absence of disease. One only needs to look at the most recent unfortunate diagnosis […]
OSTEOPOROSIS: The NON DISEASE accused of causing bone fractures - As we age, our bones become less dense. This is a NORMAL part of the aging process. We have been taught to believe a reduced bone density increases our chances for FRACTURES. In reality, bone density (in and of itself) is NOT a good basis for determining the likeliness for fractures. The combination of physical […]
SHORT TERM “EASY” - How many of us believe our voices and our written words encouraging healthier lifestyles go unheard and continue to be no more than an exercise in futility? People recognize the good intentions behind the efforts, but the response by the general population remains greatly unchanged. Do they believe the message lacks merit? Do they believe […]
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