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Giving Meaning To The Phrase “GOOD HEALTH”

. We hear the phrase, “Good Health” all the time. The medical doctor gives you good news by saying you’re in “Good Health.” The chiropractor gives you good news by saying you’re in “Good Health.” Heading into the New Year we wish each other continued “Good Health.” The problem is: . HOW DO WE DEFINE […]

Achieving A New Life Through Integration

So you woke up, went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and decided you didn’t like what was looking back at you. You turned your face toward the sink and began thinking about events in the past that brought joy and happiness to your life which immediately put a smile on your face. You […]


Most people are familiar with recognizing cardiac conditions, thyroid conditions, cancer, stroke and obesity (recently included) as diseases. Orthorexia Nervosa (Clean Eating) is the latest “disease” making headline news throughout the world. First, diagnosed in 1997, Clean Eating has become identified as a psychological eating disorder capable of destroying lives. Should this “disease” raise any […]


Just imagine you had to live for 24 hours in A DARK ROOM whose dimensions were 8’X10″,  lit by a 5 watt bulb without any furniture other than a sleeping cot. The closest town to this oversized “box” was 50 miles away. Close your eyes and envision the life you would live for the next […]


Who are the happiest, healthiest people you know? Is it the people with the great wealth? Is it the people in the best physical shape? Is it the smartest people? Is it those with the greatest amounts of power? If you closed your eyes and tried to envision the happiest and healthiest person you’ve known […]


Anyone that reads my posts knows I write with optimism, a positive attitude, a willingness to “tell it like it is,” and a great deal of compassion for everyone. This writing style comes naturally, because my writing comes from within. I never pre-plan my posts because I enjoy the spontaneity and what it produces. Today’s […]

STARTING OVER: Understanding The Role Of Emotions In Good Health

I have written many articles about health and its various components. I have read countless books, magazines, scientific research and viewed many videos. All of this information as well as my training as a physician has increased my knowledge of health and what it takes to be healthy. Although I believe knowledge is important it […]