SOURCE: Health Resources and Services Administration

The U.S. government has paid out $3 billion to vaccine-injured families.

In all, according to official federal government figures, taxpayers are on the hook for more than $3.3 billion in compensation costs, as noted by the Health Resources and Services Administration, which tracks payouts made via the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

PURPOSE OF DISCUSSION: To provide ACCURATE INFORMED CONSENT explaining vaccines (like all pharmaceutical agents) have inherent risks. This statement is not intended to defend or rebuke vaccinations; it is intended to simply reveal a discrepancy in the blanket statement that “vaccines are safe.”



SOURCE: Health Freedom Alliance: Russian based news publication

“We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug,” says the report.”

“Describing the average government-controlled Westerner as an ‘intensively vaccinated borderline autistic fat man slumped in front of a screen battling a high-fructose corn syrup comedown,’ the report states that such tactics used by governments to subjugate their citizens are not only ‘dark/evil’ but ‘counter-productive in the medium to long term.’

PURPOSE OF DISCUSSION: To reveal a POSSIBLE ACCURATE IMPRESSION of how western society is viewed today from a foreign perspective. Rather than simply dismissing these statements as propaganda, I suggest we re-read them and see if the possibility of SOME TRUTH can be found even if the intention is propaganda based.


SOURCE: H.R. BILL 1599 – 114th Congress (2015-2016)

Officially known as: The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015

Unofficially known as: Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act.

PURPOSE OF DISCUSSION: To reveal two sides of one piece of legislation and help the consumer decide whether or not they are entitled to know the ingredients in food they purchase and consume. The official title claims to safeguard the public from possible erroneous ingredients, where as, the unofficial title appears to safeguard the big manufacturers from revealing the ingredients and any genetic alterations. This legislative bill would have required the removal of certain food content from food labeling. It was argued that certain food content was questionable, therefore the removal of “certain ingredients” would produce more accurate information for the public. Those opposed to this bill claimed hiding ingredients kept consumers in the “DARK” about food content and merely protected big manufacturers producing genetically altered foods from revealing this fact.


The purpose of writing this article aims to reveal questionable claims as well as motives behind these claims. It is not designed to define TRUTH, but rather to show inconsistencies and the need for additional communication to further clarify realities that affect all our lives. It is irresponsible to identify inconsistencies in health care and legislative policies and proceed to follow them without “blinking an eye.” Just because authoritative figures make claims, doesn’t qualify these claims as efficacious.



For some of those in positions of power, this is a common belief. It is up to us to prove them wrong by objectively listening to ALL SIDES and determining for ourselves the best courses to follow. What is best today may be harmful tomorrow. Knowing this, we must be willing to face change IF change makes sense to us. Don’t let the “art” of discrediting good, honest, caring people persuade you to close your eyes and ears from the possible truth. Let pride give you strength to stand up to authoritative elitism and say NO to abusive regulations and policies. If we are not willing to take a stand; willing to take control and responsibility for our decisions, than we will surely follow our “authoritative leader’s request” right off the end of the cliff.


  1. Call in to radio and TV stations and request to hear and see “credible authoritative professionals” representing ALL SIDES of any controversial topic.

  2. Write, email and/or call your congressman and senators to voice your opinion and request their position on the issues.

  3. Talk to your doctors and ask them to elaborate on the side effects of ANY pharmaceutical drug/vaccine. If they claim there are no “real dangers,” ask them to put it in writing and sign their names for your records.

  4. Don’t assume your best interest is the underlying motive. If there is possible conflict of interest, keep seeking unbiased credible sources without “skin in the game” to help provide information to guide your decision.

  5. Don’t minimize the POWER that YOU can possess; a power capable of influencing positive outcomes.

  6. Finally, never accept any policy you believe detrimental to yourself, your family or your loved ones. Intuition is a strong guiding source that can reveal truths which may be highly contested. Never waiver from your committed belief unless you’re convinced by the data AND your heartfelt instincts.



  1. Found the Russian publication’s claims quite disturbing. Like you say there may be some truth even in propaganda. We have discussed the issues with foods before, but are vaccines truly that dangerous? Is there an alternative to vaccinations?

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    1. Please read my reply to Lori just below your comment. It will explain the concerns more clearly.

      The alternative to a vaccine is a lifestyle that provides the body the tools necessary to maintain health. We focus on fighting disease, but this only appears evident once our systems are overtaken. The most likely cause (based on the typical American lifestyle) is a self induced compromised immune system. There are millions of Americans that have NEVER been immunized that live a normal life expectancy. When is the last time you remember seeing the media report the trend of countless deaths by those opposing vaccinations. People are going to die from vaccinations and people are going to die from diseases who were never vaccinated from them. This is life. Our fear of disease and death related to refusing vaccinations is unfounded today. We would have less death and disease and better qualities of life if we focused on the actions needed to living a healthier life than assuming that vaccines provide the magic bullet preventing disease and death.

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  2. Love the quote at the end of the post. 🙂

    I think its important to question the changes that are taking place in our country, for they seem to me to be putting us in a worse position, rather than a better one. I’m still not sure about this whole vaccine controversy, but I will say I’m always skeptical of big business and big government schemes to make “us” better!!!


    1. I’m excited to see you state, “I’m not sure about this whole vaccine controversy…” This is exactly my point. If we are not SURE about any procedure or policy, we should seek sources of credible information from INDEPENDENT AUTHORITIES without “skin in the game” to compile information to make better informed decisions. I touch on vaccines because the information we’re provided primarily comes from those with conflicting interests.
      1. When was the last time you heard about an independent organization review the efficacy of vaccinations?
      2. In 2014, the lead scientist at the Centers For Disease Control was part of a research group studying potential dangers the MMR vaccine produced. He blew the whistle on an alleged fraudulent coverup at the CDC regarding the findings in the 2004 paper published in the journal Pediatrics. Where was the media coverage investigating a potential coverup? This alleged coverup was so well documented that Congressman Bill Posey (from Florida) requested a full investigation from the floor. Here is a link to a 5 minute video showing his concern. Scroll down to the you tube video. It should be noted he supports vaccinations.
      3. I also provided a link to a letter written by Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, a PhD in Immunology. She wrote a letter to the legislative body to provide additional unbiased information to help clear up misunderstandings regarding vaccines. I’ll bet you never heard about this letter and the lack of response either. What is the reason for withholding this information from the public?
      4. Finally, why were special courts created outside the normal judicial system specifically for vaccine reported injuries? Why were ALL manufacturers provided complete IMMUNITY from any criminal and civil prosecution against all past AND FUTURE vaccines regardless of potential negligence or criminal practices. We know that Merck settled a lawsuit for criminal activity associated with Vioxx in the amount of approximately 6 BILLION DOLLARS. Where is the justification to provide blanket immunity specifically for all vaccine related injuries from lawsuits?

      The purpose of this lengthy comment is to provide a logical explanation WHY there is controversy. We are “numb” to the concept of vaccines and health care policy. Our medical community has emphatically insisted that vaccines are necessary to keep us SAFE. This has created great fear and resulted in dogmatic acceptance of this policy.

      I am less concerned whether people support or oppose this policy. I want consumers aware they are kept in the dark about health care policy as well as research results that may affect their lives. This is NOT CONSPIRACY talk; this is real life examples proving the need for further independent investigation with findings which are made available to the public to protect our individual liberties and rights as citizens.

      I hope this long winded explanation answers the question, “WHY” does controversy exist on the subject of vaccinations. I hope it convinces you to think openly about health care policy and provide you additional distance to OBJECTIVELY view the subject.

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  3. Suggestion #4 is so on point. Even though government is suppose to represent the people, that is rarely the case in my opinion. Assuming the corporations and government are implementing policy in your best interest is faulty, or I am a bit cynical. I know there are many people that want to do good and desire transparency but there is so much bureaucracy and underlying greed that I feel these people get muzzles, dismissed or just forgotten.
    We live in a country where there are so many options at our disposal, even in the way of food, but there are also so many unhealthy people. At what cost does variety have on staying healthy. I normally get the opportunity to visit my homeland in Africa every 2-3 years (if I am lucky) and it is so refreshing to eat meat, fruits and vegetables that are not processed, frozen, altered in anyway. I have a great grandmother that is 112 years old that lives back home. Her mind is mentally sound, and apart from having a hunched back from very old age, she is as fit as a whip…healthy foods make the difference over time.

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    1. What a wonderful story to share. You would almost think a simple solution would be to visit centenarian regions and follow patterns of behavior to improve the longevity and quality of life. It doesn’t take rocket science, but we are too engrossed in our “freedoms of choice” to realize our own self destructive ways. Hopefully, open dialogue creates critical thinking which is necessary to start the “ball rolling” in a new direction.

      Thank you for your important contribution to this article. A 112 year “young” great grandmother should lift some eyebrows! 🙂

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  4. Never been a sheep…no herd I would want to follow…I am the rebel on my on road…LOL always listen to all sides and then decide which path to follow no matter what the issue is…LOL

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    1. Always new you were a rebel. Just so happens you are a kind hearted one. 🙂

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      1. thanks, I like to think that I am….kat

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  5. Awesome read! I don’t believe in vaccines. Too much harm than good. I home-schooled my kids. Vaccinations are a must in school. You “can” be exempt if you have a religious reason to not be. And laws are different from state to state. I don’t think the government has our interest at heart. It’s about money and power…too sad.

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    1. Hi Koko,
      I can understand your feelings and potential distrust in government policies and their impact on our lives. Regulators have been working diligently at removing many of the guidelines that provided families legal rights to avoid vaccinating their children. Even religious exemptions are being overturned. This is one reason I write these articles. It is important for people to read credible information to create greater awareness and help families make better informed decisions. I know how much you love your children and know your decision was based on your belief and commitment to protecting the welfare of your children. I’ve said it before; they are some lucky children!

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      1. I hope they feel that way. Parenting is one tough job! Hahaha. 🙂 Even home-schooling was not taken well by the government. There were a lot of hoops to jump through. The best way was to “join” a group and we were able to teach our kids under this umbrella. There were teachers on hand to help and classes if you so chose to have your kids partake. They even had sports. We did participate in many of the activities so the kids were around many kids of all ages. Which I think was a wonderful environment. They learned to be around many ages instead of just their own. The stress from making sure you did everything “legally” was a lot to take on, especially back in the time where home-schooling was newer. But I don’t regret any of it. They graduated high school at 13 and 14 and went into jr. college and then on to a university, which they graduated with honors. So many awesome memories in schooling them! I loved it all. I’d ask my kids often if they wanted to go to public school and they always said they liked schooling this way. And as adults, they still stand by schooling the way they did. It worked for us and I just wish that the “laws” would stop getting involved. Though I do understand there are some people that need the “law” to get involved….

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        1. I’m certain the school system feels like home schooling by “untrained parents” creates a challenge to their licensed skills. Although I do not believe this is the motive behind home schooling, I believe public education is already over crowded with huge demands placed on teachers. I believe public education, private education and home schooling all have a role to fill.

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          1. I totally agree! 🙂 I wish they would too!

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          2. donutsplace · · Reply

            I home schooled our daughter.
            I was tired of the system, the hate towards other races, and others in the same race.
            Also because our history was not told like it was.
            Some things we were not told. Some was left out.
            The food was very unhealthy. And there was no recess. Children need exercise, it is good for them. Yet today, they have even taken that away. So between no recess and a diet full of sugar and unhealthy foods, it is no wonder obesity and bad health is on the rise.
            I had the human services called out on me. Someone ” told ” them my child was not being educated.
            Luckily we had chose to have a teacher (the svhool was from up northeast ) grade her papers. To cover us as well. She always had A’s and was three years ahead of other kids her age.
            When they gave tests at school, these kids were shown on a overhead projector the actual tests and answers. Then five minutes later they were given the test.
            This also lead me to believe they could not retain the information in their brain. This upset me.
            Maybe if they were fed a decent meal there at school, they could function better?

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            1. Feeding children a healthy meal at school???? Who knows, this might even be followed by feeding them a healthy meal at home!! Think of the unlimited potential. 🙂

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              1. donutsplace · · Reply

                Yes, good meals should start at home, I agree.
                But in some areas, parents have jobs. Some are single parents, some not.
                In many areas, poverty is a big problem. Many children eat breakfast at school too. Much of it is full of sugar too. Cereals for instance.
                Many do not have the time to make a breakfast.
                But one way a person could is to put several good things together and put it In the fridge.
                Say, bananas, a apple , carrot , good things.
                If you have a juicer, make something to drink. Whether it is a veggie drink or a yummy smoothie.

                I am not sure if they still let you carry your own lunches. Down here, they don’t.
                How’s that for choices? I find that is really a stupid thing. Some schools frown on it.
                Parents should always be able to feed their kids.
                Brown bag or not!

                And I think people should be able to have their own community gardens too.

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                1. You are right. Many people don’t have the easiest access to quality food. I do like your suggestions.
                  People need to become more creative and productive. Where there is a will, there is a way. Challenges are a part of life. Overcoming challenges provides opportunities to advance. Communities need to reach out and help each other.

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  6. Great article.
    I was familiar with most of the material but you presented it in a very structured and fair way. Personally I’ve always been wary of inoculations feeling usually the risks out weighed the benefits. I didn’t inoculate any of my children even though they mostly grew up in tropical 3rd world countries. We just ate healthy natural food, lived a healthy lifestyle and trusted God would keep us.
    How many diseases did they have? Well they all did have measles, but recovered quickly and the girls also had German measles (my son never got it though at the time we were in transit and the kids were all in one room). I was happy about that one as it can cause problems if you catch it while pregnant.
    I’m not saying there might not be a time when it was a smaller risk to get vaccinated – like if there were an epidemic of something serious like smallpox or polio – but nowadays most cases of such serious diseases seem to be mostly generated from the vaccines themselves. Many of the things kids are vaccinated for now our bodies can generally deal with fine on their own, (mumps, measles, whooping cough, flu etc.) If someone’s body is not strong enough I don’t see how it will handle the vaccine either.
    I think your conclusion was correct that people should make informed choices according to their own faith. The problem is, as was brought out, this is not always the case where profit is put above public health.

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    1. Nice to see a living testimony proving that good health can be achieved without inoculations. Most of the diseases children are vaccinated against produce mild reactions that normal immunity addresses within a week. In addition this method creates LONG TERM immunity for children AND ADULTS. As adults continue to receive expose to children with various diseases, the adult immune system quickly responds usually without clinical evidence of illness. This is the natural effective long term method to maintaining immunity. Vaccinations prevent ongoing exposure requiring booster inoculations. This is more costly and less effective; a lose-lose scenario.

      Reducing FEAR through intelligent logical dialogue is so important. Stories like yours will help convince other people seeking legitimate answers that traditional approaches to “preventing disease” may not be in the best interest of our children and families. Thank you so much for sharing your story.


  7. Reblogged this on A bit of a geeky mom and commented:
    Interesting piece to read…have a look!

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  8. I like the way you present the facts in an informative way. It is a lot to think about but as it is with most things when I comes to profit everything else is put on the back burner.

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    1. Thank you for reblogging this article. I appreciate your help in spreading a message I feel affects so many lives. I also understand your sentiment regarding profits and their impact on the consumer. Grass root efforts to inform the public about the realities we face can seriously impact the profits big industry seeks. Public support and organizing can force various business sectors to rethink their approach. It ultimately becomes a win-win scenario. A good example of this is organic foods. They are becoming more popular because public awareness and demand has provided the business industries the motivation to fill this need. As more companies compete in this market, prices for these foods will become more competitive enlarging the market even further.
      It all starts with personal decisions and the willingness to expand our knowledge and actions to promote healthier living.

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      1. Anytime and absolutely true!! I have started this with myself as well as my family. I always encourage my kids to make healthier choices and always ask questions. It’s the only way to live a healthier life and make informed choices.

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  9. I think you and I have discussed the Flu Vaccine at length in the past so I am willing to consider that there are some that may be detrimental in the long term to some people. Obviously as a 48 year old I have had all of the jabs over the years and was okay with them but I agree that it should not be a one size fits all approach when handing out treatments.

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    1. I have always believed that the “bigger picture” is the honesty and openness of independent information available to the public. It is NOT my job to give a thumbs up or down to any health care procedure; it is my job to make certain the patient is well informed of the risks and benefits and provide this information in an UNBIASED format. My point about vaccinations deals with an obvious one sided bias with a potential conflict of financial interest. When is the last time you heard a credible experienced scientist or researcher on the radio or TV discussing the negative impact of vaccinations? Common sense would dictate some risk factors associated with the adjuvants that rarely if ever are publicly discussed. My dissatisfaction is not the vaccine; it is the limited exposure to the comprehensive information available to the public. I will ALWAYS stand by my belief that ANY health care treatment requires FULL DISCLOSURE of all information to safeguard the patient and provide the highest standards for informed consent.

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  10. It is interesting that we have no problems jumping on bandwagons but are like cats (and therefore impossible to herd) when a thing is good for us. Interesting commentary. xo

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    1. Very well stated. Many of us nod our heads in the affirmative when we hear about injustices, UNTIL we are asked to participate in the solution. We have the ability to choose; so far our choice has been to turn to those with the most to gain from health care policy and let them decide for us.

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      1. So true. 💓

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  11. A question one has to ask is ” where are our vaccines coming from, and do they have our best interest at heart?” I wouldn’t touch food products from China and certainly wouldn’t have a vaccine injected into me from there!

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    1. It would be interesting if our government said, “ok, you want another option; live a lifestyle that improves the body’s overall health and ability to combat disease and you don’t have to be vaccinated!” How many people do you think would change their lifestyle habits vs. the number of people that would “stick out their arms” and say vaccinate away? This problem is as much OUR FAULT (as a society) as it is Big BUSINESS and INDUSTRIES that profit from our refusal to take better responsibility for our own health.

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  12. Amazing info and thank you once again for your very gentle, open, yet straight-forward way of delivering very important information.
    I also wanted to stop by and let you know that I recently moved to a self-hosted site and the following is the latest post:

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    1. Thank you Nena. The message needs to be re-stated multiple times to get people to consider thinking about it. I am NOT trying to prove right and wrong, but rather create awareness so people can choose right and wrong for themselves with information they may not have been aware of.

      I just took 4 of your comments out of my “spam” tab. I don’t know if your self hosting situation has impacted how wordpress handles you. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

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      1. Thank you for the heads up! I will have to find out to see what could be causing that.

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