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One Size DOESN’T Fit All

I confess; I used to claim I loved studying what made people HEALTHY. Years of studying has created a sense of dizziness resulting from all the “flip-flopping” required to follow the guidelines that “research” has dictated. Is it the low fat or high fat diet that creates the best lab panel? Is it cardiovascular exercise […]

The Doctor Within

. As most of my followers realize, the topic of health and well being is a passion of mine that takes up a lot of my “brain space”  on a daily basis. I like to create, “What if” scenarios to better understand the body and its ability to handle everyday life. So today’s scenario is, […]


After discussing the dangers of Diabetes in my last post and graphically emphasizing the point, I decided it was time to call everyone out from under the table (a place I would hide when I got scared) and help people find a method to achieve a better life. Since each of us are unique and […]


YES, It is possible to be Happy, Healthy and Purposeful. Now that I have your attention, I would like to help you understand what it takes. Many look to specifics including: material possessions friends family power wealth Although everything mentioned on this short list may create an emotional response, they are unlikely to achieve the […]

Want To Get Healthy, Follow Your Dog’s Advice

It was about 8am and time to start my day. I got out of bed slowly to prepare my body for the trek to the bathroom. My dog (Tucker, the beagle) looked up at me and decided his day should start as well. As I began to walk, I could feel mild stiffness in the […]


We live in a very complicated world. It seems that the central theme is based on GROWTH. Businesses have to grow; countries have to grow; people have to grow. The way we tend to go about this process is typically at each other’s expense. The diplomatic term is “competition.” Competition separates people and creates a […]

FAILING: The Greatest Achievement Necessary For Success

Failure is one of the most essential components for happiness and success. As toddlers we fail all the time without understanding the concept and stigma of failure. First, we fail at crawling, then standing, then walking, then talking, etc… Toddlers do not understand societal pressures and therefore, through innate persistence, repeat these behaviors until success is achieved. […]

Are You Prolonging Your Own Illness

Does this sound familiar? “I thought it was allergies.” After a few days the runny nose is accompanied with head and sinus congestion. The mucus changes from clear to colored (greenish, yellowish, brownish.) This is followed by a fever, chills, lethargy and sometimes stomach pain. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist at this point to […]

A New Approach To Treating Type II Diabetes

29 million people have type 2 diabetes in the United States. This accounts for 9.3% of the population according to the Centers for Disease Control. There appears to be reams of information on the disease, yet it is anticipated that by 2034 over 44 million Americans will be diagnosed as type 2 diabetics. (reference: American Diabetes Association: […]

The Wisdom Of Hippocrates

I have reviewed many of Hippocrates quotes and considering the man was born around 460 BC, it is truly a prodigious feat to have achieved the level of recognition and respect that continues to the present day.  As you read the following quotes, think about his wisdom and how it applies to the good health of our […]