Fighting Viruses When Drugs Aren’t Available

An illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), depicts the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

We’ve all been told steps to take to minimize exposure to Covid-19

 What has not been stated often enough are the ACTIVE STEPS one must take to strengthen the immune system prior to potential exposure to this disease?

 Consider including these five essential components:

  1. Get adequate sleep:

Approx. 6-9 hours of QUALITY sleep is required to repair and restore the body to maximal function from normal exposure to environmental toxins and physical activities of daily living.

  1. Manage stress:

Discover constructive methods to deal with stress. Activities that positively impact the way you FEEL inhibit damaging hormones from weakening immune function.  Everyone has stress; learning to effectively CHANNEL it is the key to successfully managing it.

  1. Eat intelligently:

Don’t deprive yourself from foods you enjoy. These foods, however, should only be eaten AFTER a healthy, well balanced meal is consumed. Food provides both nutrition and INFORMATION on a cellular level. A diet high in processed foods, sugar, and alcohol block nutritional absorption. It also interferes with our body’s cells from communicating properly with each other. This leads to mis-INFORMATION resulting in cellular damage. Damaged cells are more prone to attack by bacteria and viruses.

  1. Move:

Whether you term it movement or exercise, this activity increases blood and lymph flow. All major organs are “fed” via the blood stream while waste product is eliminated via the lymph system. Interfering with these modes of circulation weaken the body making it more susceptible to all diseases.

  1. Hydrate:

The human body consists of 50-75% water. Each of us should consume at least half our body weight (in ounces) per day. Four additional ounces of water should be consumed for every 20 minutes of exercise. Without adequate hydration the body is placed under enormous stress. Serious complications from dehydration can include:

  1. brain swelling

  2. seizures

  3. low blood volume shock

  4. kidney failure

  5. coma

  6. death

Following these ACTIVE STEPS (in addition to the preventative steps the media has offered to minimize exposure to the virus) should provide you the best defense against succumbing to Covid-19

Disclaimer: Always consult your licensed health care professional prior to implementing any health care regimen or advice to be sure it’s safe for you!



  1. Oh my goodness Dr. Jonathan! May I be the first to say WELCOME BACK! Yay! You were one of my first WordPress encouragers and I haven’t forgotten! Glad to see you are well and hope all is well with your wife and family! Looking forward to more great posts here on your site! Peace and Blessings!!

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  2. Hello Doc,

    Oh lalala am so glad to have you back here on the blogosphere. I hope I haven’t missed out plenty posts of yours o. Glad I spied on my reader just after posting an encouraging vlog for Momcies like myself. I am rebloging this particular post of yours because it is so important. I have been trying to get the message across that working very hard on boosting our immune systems during such times, while also following the other preventive measures. And guess what, all your points are so bae, I just wish I person could drink 3 L of water a day. I hope 1.5 – 2 isn’t so bad. I practice the first four and as far as exercise is concerned, am not lacking ideas – dancing, Skipping rope, running up and down stairs awwwww those pores gotta stay health and happy so the immune system does same too.
    Once more thanks for all you do

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  3. HEY awesome to see you back! Great blog as always!



  4. Welcome back, Dr. Jonathan! You’ve been missed. Wonderful introductory post! Totally timely.


  5. Reblogged this on One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100 and commented:
    Here is some straightforward no nonsense information on the topic of the day – and tomorrow. Straight from a doctor.


  6. Hey Doctor J, welcome back to Blogging Land! Hope you’re doing well and that we see more of you around these parts.

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  7. Welcome back. I just recently learned what severe dehydration will do to you. I had an ant invasion and it was in my water so I stopped drinking it. I was taking percocets and when my kidneys shut down, my percocets did not flush out of my body and I was in overdose mode. Pretty serious. Took several doses of Narcan to bring me around and then my blood pressure was below 50 to boot. I can no longer get percocets and I learned a valuable lesson. I now drink at least 3-4 16 ounce bottles of water a day. Sometimes more, but that is the bare minimum.


  8. Reblogged this on Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching! and commented:
    This is good sound advice in these perilous times.


    I am DELIGHTed to see your blog pop-up in my Reader once again!!
    This truly MADE MY DAY because we need your SOUND advise more now, than ever.
    Hugs to you for taking the time to share your wisdom with us, to ensure we are doing our utmost to combat this insidious virus.
    Please continue to share….


  10. Such a practical, important and timely words of advice Doctor Jonathan. Thank you so much! 🙏


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