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As I was looking out my bedroom window witnessing another beautiful start to a beautiful day, I began to think about the different things I WANTED TO DO TODAY! As I heard my little beagle (Tucker) snoring away, I thought about taking him for a walk on a trail in the local park. Although I […]

GUEST POST: Before we blame our children’s choices, did our ACTIONS or INACTIONS influence them?

I have been given the honor to host a guest post from one of my recent followers and fellow bloggers, Marie Abanga. I appreciate Marie’s candor and the comments she leaves on my posts accompanied by some very personal examples, provoking positive reflections and reactions. Join me in welcoming Marie on my blog as she […]


What contributes to one person’s view of life as dark, lonely or isolated and another person’s view of life as bright, boundless and full of undiscovered opportunities? PERCEPTION What draws the MIND in one direction or the other? Is it more natural to view life as existence with a simple goal of self preservation or […]


I am so blessed. I have had a 57 year life span (so far) to: know what it feels like to be loved by TWO parents know what if feels like to be loved by TWO sisters know what it feels like to experience an outstanding education know what it feels like to have have […]

Santa Claus’s Transition

Originally, this story was going to be based on modern day times. In keeping with the latest trends, Santa Claus’s transition was going to look something like the following: . As a traditionalist, I decided to avoid such controversy and to instead reveal the “TRUE STORY” of Santa’s health and weight transition. Santa Claus, like […]


With every passing day, our concerns about distinguishing FOOD from FOOD “STUFF“ fades away. Our focus tends to shift from nutritional needs to satiating hunger. Our food choices are selected based on (1) speed, (2) convenience, (3) taste (4) and affordability. This has resulted in a desensitized population that no longer understands the meaning and […]


The following 8:51 minute video shares a real life story that could simulate an experience ANY OF US could face. It has a HAPPY ENDING even though it will likely brings tears to your eyes. When a person gets sick, the last thing they need on their mind is the stress associated with where the […]