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Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER?

Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER to FINANCIAL SECURITY? Then answer the following question: Which of the following choices helps a person achieve financial security? (a) Saving money (b) Paying credit cards off in full each month (c)Buying an education that helps you qualify for a profession and/or career that produces financial independence (d) […]

One Man’s Tale To Weight Loss, Weight Gain And The Barrier Determining Long Term Success

How many times have you read stories where people stated, “until I saw myself in that picture, I never realized how serious my weight problem was”? How many times have you heard doctors say, “you’re in remarkably good health” even though you know in reality you’re overweight, sedentary, depressed and likely taking multiple prescription medications? […]

What We See Through A Window Affects The Quality Of Our Lives

I was listening to a story told by Dr. Patrick Quillin yesterday and felt compelled to pass it forward. It’s a story about a 94 year old woman that was asked her secret in maintaining quality mental and physical health. The following expresses the sentiments of her story: When I was 5 years old my […]


Each new day provides an option to experience life from one of two perspectives” What obstacles WILL I FACE and what will it take to “SURVIVE?“ What opportunities WILL I CREATE to further advance down the path I CHOOSE TO LIVE? The personal decision to approach life from either of these perspectives comes down to […]


Is it possible to fool the BRAIN’S perception of LIFE using the MOUTH? What do I mean? Well, let’s look at the following example: Both families seem to be enjoying themselves. One group is PASSIVELY playing video games while the second group is ACTIVELY exercising. Both sets of families are likely benefiting from these activities. […]


. Who would have thought choosing a preference between two sets of doors could potentially explain the paths in life we’re following? Let’s see if you agree. THE SALOON DOORS: These set of doors have withstood the test of time. They’ve provided boundaries, while making it clear that guests are welcomed. Their simplicity in appearance […]


Although we traditionally honor the brave men and women that have fought to protect our rights for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I have begun wondering if these heroes wouldn’t want (and even expect) us to strive to become heroes in our own right? What better way to honor their sacrifices than to […]