The “Profitable Consumer”: Understanding their role in the Health Care, Agricultural, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry?

Publication2cropped450If you owned a business that exponentially grew in value in relation to the increasing rates of illnesses and diseases, would you alter your business model to help society or continue to generate increasing revenue at society’s expense?

We have a difficult time balancing our needs and wants for financial wealth with moral and ethical considerations. The bigger the industry, the greater the imbalance and tilt toward financial profits.

Until the consumer recognizes that big industries including the health industry, agricultural industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry view them as “financial profit centers” with little regard for the sanctity of HUMAN LIFE, these industries will continue to grow their profits at the cost of human suffering.

Some will argue these industries provide qualitative value:

  • Health Industry – diagnosis and treatments for diseases

  • Agricultural Industry – provides food for our tables

  • Chemical Industry – creates longer shelf life for foods, safeguards many of our household furnishings with fire retardants, helps to preserve vaccines, etc…

  • Pharmaceutical Industry – researches and develops medicines to treat diseases

This all appears very noble and meritorious, but these benefits intentionally hide the “big picture” behind these industry’s primary motives. They combine their resources and efforts to create an inter-dependency the consumer ultimately relies on. They are structured as GIANT LEGAL “MONOPOLIES” and use their resources to crush LEGITIMATE smaller businesses offering safer, healthier options for the consumer.

The more UNHEALTHY the consumer, the more these large industries profit.

This is why each of these industries, in their own unique way, invest time and effort in reducing costs that ultimately reduce quality of services and/or products offered.

The following examples explain this point for each industry:

  • Health Industry – has worked to increase patient VOLUME at the expense of patient satisfaction and outcomes. Since medical learning institutions are financially supported by the pharmaceutical industry, they require graduating doctors from these medical institutions to reciprocally support their industry. Primary treatments for compromised health conditions nearly exclusively focus on the pharmaceutical industry’s drugs rather than focusing on treatments that address the underlying causes of these conditions and diseases. The goal in this relationship AVOIDS offering consumers the best available options to overcome illnesses and diseases, in favor of protecting each institution (medical and pharmaceutical.) They create the impression that their services and products are the ONLY quality legitimate option when an individual’s health is compromised.  The effectiveness in this “monopoly,” construct supports chronic disease and ongoing “need” of pharmaceutical intervention; a business model generating increasing revenue by increasing the number of “sick people” under their care.

  • Agricultural Industry – regularly grows crops in nutrient deficient soil. Rather than providing adequate soil recovery time to produce nutritionally superior crops, these growers focus on yield and aesthetic appearance rather than quality of produce. Since nutrient deficient vegetation commonly produces a less “healthy” appearance, these crops are often chemically treated to improve aesthetic results. This makes it visually impossible to differentiate quality produce from nutrient deficient produce.

    In addition, over 1 BILLION pounds of pesticides are used on these crops (just in the United States alone with 5.6 BILLION used worldwide) producing increased toxicity in the products our population regularly consumes. Once again, as a legal monopoly, the consumer believes this is primarily their best option.

  • Chemical Industry – more than 80,000 chemicals are currently approved by our government’s regulatory agencies with approximately 2000 new chemicals added each year. Many of these chemicals have been proven to be carcinogenic or “believed to be” carcinogenic, yet continue to be provided to the consumer for their personal use. One such example is a chemical found in ROUNDUP called glyphosate. This chemical has been shown to damage the intestinal lining in the human body resulting in various diseases including auto-immune diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and cancer. With these facts known, most households continue using these chemicals to treat their own yards and gardens. Again, as an industry with monopoly like power, this information is often withheld from consumers along with SAFER alternative options.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry – countless new drugs are hitting the market and heavily advertised on TV and in magazines. We have more than 50 drugs prescribed for high cholesterol ALONE. We believe these drugs are used to “combat” the diseases we face. Over time, we have accepted that more and more drugs will be added to our regimen to help us stay “healthy.” As a society, we are NOT HEALTHY in the first place! These drugs generate enormous profits without ever FIXING US! Why does the consumer remain unaware about quality approaches to restorative health that address the ROOT CAUSES of illness and disease? The answer is simple. Our pharmaceutical legal “monopoly” prevents media sources from revealing quality options that provide BETTER (more comprehensive) TREATMENTS for many suffering people.

As long as these “monopolies” continue to disguise the TRUTH and convince YOU, the consumer, their goals are designed with your best interests in mind, you will remain SILENT VICTIMS. You will continue to be the primary source of their increasing REVENUE stoked by your failing health.


Does it anger you enough to take charge of your life and your family’s life to seek better options to achieving healthier outcomes? Or, do you prefer to be part of a “system” that intentionally provides you with harmful services and/or products designed to CONTROL where your hard earned dollars will be spent?

Each of these industries have been fined over and over again for illegal practices that have hurt the consumer while generating increased profits for each respective industry. Do we believe the unnecessary sacrificing of human life for profit is a necessary cost of doing business with these industries? Is this why we’re willing to repeatedly “turn the other cheek” only to be slapped on this other cheek as well?

Until this apathetic attitude is discarded and replaced with a willingness to LEARN how to protect oneself and one’s family from industrial harm, BIG INDUSTRY will gladly continue to take your MONEY and your QUALITY OF LIFE.

Watch this 2:30 minute segment from the 1976 movie NETWORK to see how society must feel and RESPOND to begin the PROCESS of CHANGE!  






  1. Definitely a lot of good points here…

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I greatly appreciate your time.

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      1. I like to be informed, so it was my pleasure.

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  2. We are the reflection of what we choose to see in a mirror. We make the choice to consume and surround ourselves with products been proven time and again unsafe. We choose to be ignorant.
    The blame sits on the reflection in that mirror.

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    1. Well said. The consumer, however, is not ready to admit to this fact. They close their eyes as they “look” in the mirror and therefore, see NOTHING reflecting back. Darkness for them provides “safety.” In reality it hides a better path in life.

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  3. Sandhya · · Reply

    It is so sad but true about these industries making huge profits while people’s health declines.

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    1. Until the consumer CHOOSES to accept this fact and modify their effort in achieving better health, this model will persist.

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      1. Sandhya · · Reply

        So true!

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      2. That’s an incontrovertible assertion


  4. All true…I was reading the other day about Sweden and they have run out of rubbish…Yes and manufacturers who comply and act responsible get Tax breaks…They have a system that actually works… I think the same or similar could be applied whereby other industries could get tax breaks if they clean up and help reduce the medical care costs or whatever applies ..Maybe everyone has been looking at the problem in the wrong way…Rather than bashing the said culprits encourage them to find alternatives/solutions and reward them for that in their taxes then everyone is a winner from the consumer to the manufacturers. Just saying …Good article but a solution needs to be found and not just from the consumer 🙂

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    1. I believe there is so much greed in the U.S.A. that corporations will accept the tax benefits while pursuing loopholes that illegally reduce business expenses while continuing to harm the consumer. Although I agree with you that the consumer does not provide all the answers, it is the consumer that begins the process by focusing on their own best interests. This changes consumer demand and incentivizes big industry to focus on supplying these changing needs.

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  5. An interesting post, soul searching, I mean doc, as a consumer I would be concerned about me first and leave those industries to their misery and quest for greedy profits or whatever. I refuse to be one of their milk cows. I think to this extent, as a psychtherapist, I encourage my clients to feel less helpless and more hopeful of being able to take control of their lives. Some have definitely been through years and years of being marginalized, traumatized, forced to consume which ever products they are given. It is a long shot especially in an industry (the health and pharmaceutic) where as you rightly point out, the better option is to keep the sick sick and give them that ‘hope’ that your products are increasing their ‘quality’ of life – which they come and come and come for more of those your products

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    1. The consumer must be willing to open their eyes to this reality if change is to occur. Big industry has created a false narrative claiming to benefit the consumer. The consumer follows this paradigm regardless of its deception desperately wanting to believe this option offers the easiest solution. Over and over again the consumer pays the price (including the sacrificing of their lives.) What makes anyone believe, “next time will be different?”
      …and so the “sheep” continue to jump off the mountain believing a better existence is found 300 feet DOWN… I guess on a certain level they’re right; 300 feet down, pain no longer exists!

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  6. I am not taking it any more!!! xxkat

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    1. GOOD FOR YOU!

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    1. Nice to see we’re on the same “thinking” page. These ideas are gaining greater momentum and will bring better quality to more lives. Thank you for taking the time to read and share them.


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