Infant/Childhood Vaccine Schedules Among Various Nations And The Potential Correlation With Infant/Childhood Mortality - The purpose of this article is to show the current vaccine schedules among various countries do not correlate with Infant/Childhood mortality rates. One might assume the more a nation vaccinates their children and adults, the healthier the nation is likely to be. The following statistical tables provided by: W.H.O. vaccine-preventable diseases: monitoring system 2019 global […]
VACCINES: May or May not SAFELY protect children from Viral or Bacterial infections, but will NEVER safeguard children from today’s CHRONIC DISEASES - This statement by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. does NOT support OR oppose the concept of vaccinations. It simply PROVES that vaccines alone are NOT enough to prevent the growing rates of childhood chronic diseases. . WHAT IS A PARENT’S ROLE IN REDUCING THEIR CHILD’S CHANCES FOR DEVELOPING CHRONIC DISEASES? . 1. Understanding the role NUTRITION […]
HEALTHY CHILDREN FROM AN ADULT PERSPECTIVE - What do you believe plays a more important role in the development of healthy children? Eating healthy, exercising, playing in a social environment with other children, getting adequate sleep, drinking adequate amounts of water, family love, spiritual guidance OR Receiving up to 72 Vaccinations from the age of 0-18? . If we stopped vaccinating children […]
WOULD AN INCENTIVE OF $389,600.00 IN ADDITION TO A PAYCHECK POTENTIALLY CREATE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST IN ONE’S DECISION MAKING? - How would you feel knowing your Pediatrician’s paycheck is supplemented by an incentive based vaccination program offered by insurance companies? Is the vaccine recommendation by your child’s doctor in your child’s best interest or your doctor’s best interest? Are you willing to rely on your doctor’s recommendation when a financial conflict of interest clearly exists? […]
IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS TO GIVE AWAY, WOULD I HAVE TO FORCE YOU TO TAKE IT? - When the average consumer is exposed to a service or product that is guaranteed to benefit them without any financial cost, is it typically necessary to FORCE them to use it? Why then is it necessary to mandate by law a vaccine policy to FORCE every child to receive up to 72 vaccinations between the […]
Why Americans Fear The Flu, But Don’t Fear Type 2 Diabetes - As we head into “flu season” flu shot advertisements are seen everywhere. Let’s step back for a moment and look at the REAL NUMBERS to determine where our FEARS need to be focused: The Flu: 5% to 20% — Between 9.2 – 35.6 million people in the U.S. will get the flu each year. 200,000 […]
I’ll bet you never heard of House Resolution 327? - Whether you support or oppose a vaccination program, would you agree a congressional resolution (without any media exposure to provide public awareness) creates reason for possible skepticism. Rather than bore you with the entire document, (which you can read at this link: HOUSE RESOLUTION 327) the following excerpts (highlighted in red) will focus on points that […]
WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED FROM THE VACCINE INJURED? - The title of this post is NOT controversial. Every health care professional knows vaccines injure some percentage of the population. The vaccine courts have awarded nearly 4 billion dollars in injury compensation to parents of vaccine injured children. Rather than debating whether we should or shouldn’t vaccinate our children (and adults,) why not discuss a […]
IS IT EDUCATION OR FEAR MONGERING? - Whether you’re a physician or a consumer/patient, it is important to be OBJECTIVE when determining whether an advertisement like the one above is designed to educate and protect us or create FEAR in order to gain PATIENT COMPLIANCE while improving the health care system’s revenue flow. Let’s OBJECTIVELY use government sources to cite the scientific […]
CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc… WHY WON’T YOU SHARE THESE HEALTH FINDINGS? - As the battlegrounds are drawn in the sand with an ongoing tug of war over the vaccine efficacy/safety issue, I stand on the sidelines marveling at the lack of concern by those most affected by its outcome. The TRUTH doesn’t seem to matter because the population at large doesn’t seem to care. As long as […]
SEARCHING FOR MOTIVE - When it comes to making the best decisions about our health, seeking information from a variety of credible sources helps the individual determine the best personal course to follow. I think most people would agree with this concept. In application, however, we tend to follow a traditional health care approach provided by our traditional physicians […]
ARE VACCINES A DISTRACTION? - Even if we credit vaccines with the prevention of diseases, have we missed the bigger picture regarding the OVERALL health and well being of our children? Have parents gradually shifted their role as “guardian” of their children’s health to the pediatrician/family physician? It might be worse than this. Many parents may have gone so far […]
THE OVER REACTION RESPONSE - THIS POST IS 1100 WORDS. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH, I PROMISE YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED. Would you agree with me that selling a home and moving as a result of a backed up toilet would be an OVER REACTION RESPONSE? Sure, the annoyance/problem would no longer exist, but at […]
DAY ONE OF LIFE - This has to be one of the most exciting moments in a parent’s life. The birth of a child produces a love; a bond often exceeding human comprehension. A natural desire to protect this new beautiful life from any harm innately consumes the parents. Who better to team up with than the pediatrician who has […]
I THOUGHT MEDICAL DOCTOR’S KNEW? - What is a medical doctor’s education? It is an education based on a detailed curriculum that teaches the student the PATHWAY to evaluate disease and dysfunction and offer (in general) pharmaceutical means to deal with these conditions. An important component left out of this medical education is the LACK OF DETAILS to the pharmaceutical treatments […]
IF A LITTLE IS GOOD, MORE IS BETTER - When it comes to medications, does anyone truly believe, “if a little is good, more is better?” Both patients and doctors clearly recognize this statement to be FALSE! So when it comes to our children, why do parents (assume) and doctors (support) the “more is better” belief? Whether you support or oppose the concept of […]
IMMUNE HEALTH: AN OBJECTIVE ANALOGY - Do vaccinations (in general) stimulate the immune system to cause an immune response? The answer is YES (in most cases.) Does this provide the body a “heads up” against future exposure to these “germs?”  The answer is YES (in most cases.) Can we therefore conclude the vaccination program is beneficial and should be mandated for […]
DEFINING “GOOD” FROM “BAD” - In the world of HEALTH, the words “GOOD” and BAD” are frequently used by doctors to assist patients with treatment options. I have used these two words frequently to help my patients qualify the recommendations I’ve suggested to them. It is important, however, to base personal decisions NOT ON THE WORDS THEMSELVES, but rather the […]
DECEPTION WITHOUT REMORSE - This post is 1075 words. If you care about your health, I would encourage you to take the time to read it. The average consumer bases their health treatments ENTIRELY on their family physician’s recommendations. Whether these doctors are medical physicians, chiropractic physicians, naturopathic physicians or osteopathic physicians their is GOOD REASON to question the […]
ALL OR NOTHING - What parameters must be established to give a newborn the best chances for growing up HEALTHY today? Have you ever questioned this or simply believed a HEALTHY outcome was inevitable? A child develops in a similar manner to the way a plant develops. Let’s look at the two together. A seed is planted in soil […]
I CARE; DO YOU? - THIS ARTICLE IS 900 WORDS. IF YOU CAN MAKE THE TIME PLEASE READ IT IN ITS ENTIRETY. THANK YOU. It is difficult to write an article about vaccinations without the reader questioning the writer’s motives. Therefore, rather than make GENERALIZATIONS  about ALL VACCINES by handpicking the facts that support biased conclusions, I am going to […]
THANK YOU FOR REMAINING UNINFORMED REGARDING YOUR CHILD’S PARTICIPATION IN MEDICAL LAB TESTING. . . . Sincerely, THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY & GOVERNMENT - Neurotoxicity is one possible outcome caused by poisonous chemical substances ingested or injected into the body. It can result in problems with memory, concentration, learning, mental processing speed, sleep, thinking, language, anxiety, depression, confusion, personality changes, fatigue, as well as physical loss of function. One of the most common chemicals associated with neurotoxicity is MERCURY. […]
TURNING A BLIND EYE AWAY FROM INTEGRITY - Part of the Hippocratic Oath is to SWEAR to NEVER DO HARM to a patient. Obviously, this refers to intentional harm. What if, however, there are questions whether a procedure MAY cause harm to a patient. The moral and ethical answer is to GET ANSWERS BEFORE proceeding with these treatments. I pose to the reader […]
SHINGLES: WHAT YOU PROBABLY DON’T KNOW! - We have all heard of chicken pox (caused by the varicella zoster virus.) As a baby boomer, I experienced chicken pox in my youth and managed to SURVIVE without the intervention of ANY THERAPY. There was no therapy available when I was a child. My mother was instructed by my pediatrician to keep me home […]
EXPLAINING IMMUNE FUNCTION: WITHOUT PUTTING YOU TO SLEEP! - Is it possible to explain immune function without causing narcolepsy? {sudden unintentional sleep} Well, here goes… The immune system acts like an army within our body that defends us from disease. It responds (under normal conditions) when the body detects a foreign unknown entity (ex virus, bacteria fungus, etc…) It creates cells that attack this […]
BACK TO SCHOOL AND MANDATORY HEALTH DECISIONS - A local newspaper recently reminded parents about the three responsibilities they needed to fulfill before their children went back to school. These included: New clothing for the upcoming year New school supplies Vaccination schedules completed If the intent of this newspaper article was to recommend vaccinations to protect children’s HEALTH, why did their recommendations stop […]
PERCEPTION vs REALITY - SUMMARY: The consumer has been lead down a path of deception using ILLUSIONS to financially support a medical model of health. By blending truth and fear the health care system has forced the consumer to  “surrender” to an archaic model designed to grow a pharmaceutical industry and its “accomplices,” the medical institutions. The following article […]
ENOUGH ALREADY! VACCINES ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH AUTISM; OR IS IT? - As President George Bush (Sr.) once stated, “read my lips, no new taxes.” There was never a doubt or a waiver in his voice. He was adamant, authoritative and unyielding in his delivery. One could walk away from this speech assured that only delusional Bush opponents would propagandize the possibility that new taxes would be […]
Whooping Cough: Investing Medical Advertising $$$ in TV Commercials - Pertussis is the medical term for whooping cough. The DTaP vaccine (Diphtheria, Tetanus and acellular Pertussis) is the vaccine recommended by pediatricians for children starting at 2 months of age. It’s interesting with all the childhood vaccines to choose from, whooping cough is getting the most TV commercial air time. The following information comes from […]
WHEN SILENCE SUGGESTS THE NEED FOR BETTER LISTENING - Health care, and the safety upon which it is based, mandates an unbiased hawkish viewing by independent sources. This provides better safeguards for the public than relying on governmental agencies with conflicting biased interests. The following 2 minute video provides a quick and simple explanation why answers to important questions regarding YOUR HEALTH need further […]
DOES THE FLU SHOT WORK? - With the flu season approaching you may have noticed many of the pharmacy stores and health clubs offering flu shot vaccinations. In theory, this injection provides an enhanced immune response and reduces the odds of getting the flu. How does reality compare with theory? According to the Centers for Disease Control approximately 75%+ who received […]
THE CONTROVERSY OF COEXISTENCE EXPLAINED - Planet earth has been around for approximately 4.543 billion years according to Wikipedia. When do you think viruses and bacteria first came to our planet and how do you think they arrived? Scientific American has published research with multiple hypotheses, yet the overwhelming belief is that these living forms began in the beginning of time. […]
Health Care Policy: Are Good Intentions and Conflicting Interests Causing Us To Miss The Boat? - In writing about health, I frequently refer to individual responsibilities needed to maximize outcome. In this article, I will introduce the role that health care policy plays by providing factual information along with questions arising from these policies. This is NOT about badgering anyone’s beliefs. The purpose is to identify possible “weaknesses” to help improve […]
The Business Side Of The Hypodermic Needle - What do you think would happen if our government created a law just for the auto industry providing blanket liability protection from any lawsuit for any injury caused by a motor vehicle? Do you think the auto industry might reduce costly safety standards in pursuit of increased profits? If this was to occur, do you think this might […]
Petition to CNN, Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett: The Reporting of Childhood Healthcare Policies - I would like to begin this post by thanking a wonderful blogger with great insight (who would prefer to remain anonymous) for the suggestion to start this petition. The following in blue is a link to the petition I created.  If you feel strongly on this issue, I would appreciate you signing the petition and forwarding it to […]
The UNSPOKEN BENEFITS To Childhood Diseases? - Whenever we hear the word disease, our natural thought process is to “kill the enemy.” Our minds create an illusion presenting a battlefield with countless germs on one side looking to overtake our bodies, weaken us and eventually kill us. It’s a scary picture. Fear often makes us react rather than methodically evaluate the situation […]
HANGING ON OR LETTING GO OF QUESTIONABLE TRUTHS? - California just signed into law mandatory vaccinations for all children entering public schools, private schools and daycare. The intent is to protect children from developing various types of illnesses. On the surface, this sounds like a laudable goal. There are various points that need further discussion to educate adults before forcing them to subject their […]
WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR CHILD? - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny wrote the following text. It is short, but provides important information every parent should be aware of. What a poignant picture of vaccine damage. This picture was taken five days after the little girl received six vaccines – two days, as it turned out, before she died. Cranial nerve VII, the facial nerve, […]
KEEPING AN OPEN MIND ABOUT VACCINATIONS - I must preface this post with “I am NOT an anti-Vaxxer.” Nor do I trust every word the gov’t and medical institutions voice as gospel. There is a “place of reason and common sense somewhere in the middle.” Currently, the CDC recommends 69 doses of 16 vaccines from a child’s first day of life through […]
31,741 COINCIDENCES; REALLY? - As of November 2013 there have been 31,741 reported adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine, and the position of the Pharmaceutical companies which make the vaccine, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services which holds patents and profits on the vaccine, is that they are all a coincidence. The video at the […]
VACCINATIONS: Does The Science Prove The Need For Nationwide Mandatory Compliance - It appears the measles event at Disneyland in 2015 has stimulated an avalanche of legislation in various states mandating change to the current vaccination policies. The media has clearly shown their bias in reporting the stories by avoiding interviewing top names of well credentialed experts in the fields of immunology and epidemiology. Below is a letter […]
RESEARCH – The Magic Behind Scientific Illusion - I grew up believing that research was scientific and objective and proved right from wrong.  I think most people probably believe this.  The fact is that much of research is designed around parameters that prove a desired outcome.  This means that research can be: truly factual without partiality partially factual with possibilities of misleading conclusions […]
The Balance Between Vaccinations, Good Health & Common Sense - There are few topics that create as much controversy, anger and resentment as vaccinations.  As I write this story, the one question I will continue to ask is “WHY?” It seems like a simple question, but as I pose it throughout this article, I believe it may prove more elusive than one might think. Although the history […]
Medical Doctor. Concerns with Vaccinations - This 3 minute video by Dr. Terry Wahls, MD does an excellent job of explaining her concerns regarding vaccinations.  Some of these concerns include: adjuvants (mercury, aluminum, etc) in the vaccine needed to increase the immune response even though they create toxicity to the body lack of research demonstrating safety in combining vaccines in 1 visit […]

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