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How Do You Define “FREEDOM” In Living Life?

Instinctively, many of us believe FREEDOM is synonymous with one’s ability to participate in boundless (over indulging) pleasures available in life. Although we’re capable of intellectualizing the consequences of this type of “freedom,” hormonally, we’re frequently driven to override our intellect to satisfy our emotional desires. HOW DO WE COMBAT THIS UNHEALTHY REACTIVE BEHAVIOR FREQUENTLY […]


As a doctor that believes in research and well designed studies, I have found a majority of research incidentally omits or intentionally excludes factors resulting in biased and/or inaccurate outcomes. Yes, this includes the esteemed “Harvard Studies.” When it comes to achieving optimal (or simply better quality health,) research will never discover the ONE solution […]


Health and Disease (as it relates to the Human behavioral component) is based on the premise of “THE TIPPING POINT.” Whether we choose to proactively participate in a plan of action designed to improve our chances to avoid disease and dysfunction or choose to passively rely on an event in life (ex. diagnosis of adult […]


You probably don’t know Bill Diehl. Prior to retiring from the law firm of James, McElroy & Dielhl in 2016 he was one of the best known divorce attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was known for charging up to $1000.00 per hour for legal services and collected retainers up to $100,000.00 from wealthy clients. […]

The “Profitable Consumer”: Understanding their role in the Health Care, Agricultural, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry?

If you owned a business that exponentially grew in value in relation to the increasing rates of illnesses and diseases, would you alter your business model to help society or continue to generate increasing revenue at society’s expense? We have a difficult time balancing our needs and wants for financial wealth with moral and ethical […]

Getting Off The Sideline And Participating In Qualitative Changes

Grab a coffee or tea and give yourself 17 minutes to listen to my sit down version of a Ted Talk. It might provide the words you need to hear to get you off the sidelines and back into LIFE with new direction as well as a better understanding of what REALLY MATTERS!

Honesty In Marketing Pharmaceuticals On TV

A 4 minute read + (2) YouTube commercials totaling 2 minutes and 40 seconds = 6:40 minutes. It’s up to you to decide if your health is or isn’t worth investing 6 minutes and 40 seconds of your time.   This post is using the pharmaceutical drug XARELTO as an example. It is important to understand […]