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How Do You Define “FREEDOM” In Living Life?

Instinctively, many of us believe FREEDOM is synonymous with one’s ability to participate in boundless (over indulging) pleasures available in life. Although we’re capable of intellectualizing the consequences of this type of “freedom,” hormonally, we’re frequently driven to override our intellect to satisfy our emotional desires. HOW DO WE COMBAT THIS UNHEALTHY REACTIVE BEHAVIOR FREQUENTLY […]

Getting Off The Sideline And Participating In Qualitative Changes

Grab a coffee or tea and give yourself 17 minutes to listen to my sit down version of a Ted Talk. It might provide the words you need to hear to get you off the sidelines and back into LIFE with new direction as well as a better understanding of what REALLY MATTERS!

Honesty In Marketing Pharmaceuticals On TV

A 4 minute read + (2) YouTube commercials totaling 2 minutes and 40 seconds = 6:40 minutes. It’s up to you to decide if your health is or isn’t worth investing 6 minutes and 40 seconds of your time.¬†¬† This post is using the pharmaceutical drug XARELTO as an example. It is important to understand […]


Dear Dr. Colter, After you performed an exam on me and determined I needed multiple lifestyle changes to progress toward better health, I decided to visit my primary physician. You scared me and I needed reassurance that you were WRONG! My primary physician reviewed my history and asked me what the problem was? I told […]

Thank You For Creating So Much Wealth For My Profession

Ever since I became a physician my goal was empowering patients with information and knowledge. This information and knowledge was supposed to equip them with better lifestyle choices to increase their chances for healthier outcomes in order to pursue abundant opportunities in life. How naive was I? Whether we phrase it Good vs. Evil or […]

WANT TO EXPERIENCE BETTER HEALTH: Stop worrying how others judge you and START relying on how you judge YOURSELF!

As a physician, I never owned the multi-million dollar clinic. I ran a LOWER volume practice. I rented a 1200sq/ft facility in a strip center. I had two treatment rooms. I practiced under these conditions for over 20 years. Doesn’t sound very glamorous does it? The title physician or doctor typically generates a more glamorous […]


When is the right time to choose between: a typical nutritional lifestyle including pizza, pasta, fast food or ice cream and TYPE 2¬†DIABETES? When is the right time to choose between: a typical sedentary lifestyle and HEART DISEASE? When is the right time to choose between: a typical “spiraling out of control” lifestyle and DEPRESSION? […]