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WANT TO EXPERIENCE BETTER HEALTH: Stop worrying how others judge you and START relying on how you judge YOURSELF!

As a physician, I never owned the multi-million dollar clinic. I ran a LOWER volume practice. I rented a 1200sq/ft facility in a strip center. I had two treatment rooms. I practiced under these conditions for over 20 years. Doesn’t sound very glamorous does it? The title physician or doctor typically generates a more glamorous […]


When is the right time to choose between: a typical nutritional lifestyle including pizza, pasta, fast food or ice cream and TYPE 2 DIABETES? When is the right time to choose between: a typical sedentary lifestyle and HEART DISEASE? When is the right time to choose between: a typical “spiraling out of control” lifestyle and DEPRESSION? […]


As many of you know, I have spent the last two months raising money for a charity that provides critically ill children and their families a week long vacation away from disease, doctors and the stress associated with both. The organization is called, “Give Kids The World” and is located near Orlando, Florida. They have […]


Suicide is defined as: “the act or instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally”. . When we choose to avoid essential lifestyle needs: regular quality nutrition adequately portioned regular exercise daily adequate quantities of water intake regular channeling of stress in a positive manner regular adequate sleep regular quality social interaction with family […]


When we search for answers, we commonly use methods that distinguish “right” from “wrong.” This helps qualify the pathways we follow and adds confidence to our decision making. What many of us don’t realize is that it also blinds us from seeing additional alternative pathways that may better suit our needs to achieving successful outcomes. […]


When you take a look at the following pictures, does your mind associate these pictures with certain assumptions? Do you associate the pictures on the left with: success financial wealth happiness “living the dream” What adjectives would you use to describe the pictures on the right? ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ . Now, let’s assume these […]


What Many See: fat ugly lazy What I See: unhappiness insecurity eventual unnecessary loss of quality and function in life systemic inflammation with resulting chronic diseases . What Many See: a musical icon enormous wealth an eccentric lifestyle What I  See: unhappiness insecurity eventual unnecessary loss of quality and function in life systemic inflammation with […]


Please take a moment to consider my request. I STILL NEED YOUR HELP! I have received countless “likes” on wordpress, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. I have received “sad face” emoticons, “heart” emoticons, and “prayer” emoticons I have received “thanks” and other well wishes for volunteering to help children suffering from life threatening diseases. Yet, only […]


I know I should eat better and exercise …just wait… I know I should drink more water …just wait… I know cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes is on the rise …just wait… To be honest, I feel fine and enjoy living the lifestyle I’m living …just wait… I can live with taking medications if […]


This child may have lost his battle with cancer without fulfilling his dreams, but the next child’s story can have a happier ending. Please click on the following link and share your heart by donating so the next critically ill child knows his or her life still matters. GIVE KIDS THE WORLD Every contribution is […]

Where Do You Look To Find Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment?

Please take 3:43 seconds of your life and listen to my personal message intended to benefit YOU! If the message resonates, I encourage you to share this video so others can learn how to experience the same kind of joy, happiness and fulfillment in their lives. After watching this video, please don’t forget to read […]


Now there’s a bold title based on the fact that I typically offer my information and help without asking for any financial compensation! Is this a change of heart? NO! The money I seek is for a charity that offers children with critical diseases an opportunity to experience (along with their families) a “dream vacation […]


There are many reasons not to pursue various goals in life, but the one that seems to gain the most attention is FEAR OF FAILURE. We tend to think that cumulative failed attempts creates “headwinds” preventing future pursuits. To a large extent this thinking is accurate. Even more frightening and difficult, however, is the FEAR […]


Simply put, all it takes is understanding the difference between: THINKING ABOUT THE ACTION vs. THINKING ONE STEP BEYOND THE ACTION! . THINKING ABOUT THE ACTION: Tastes so good Takes the mind off stress Satisfies the “want” THINKING ONE STEP BEYOND THE ACTION: Is a major cause of disease (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer) Causes […]

A Weapon More Destructive Than A Nuclear Bomb: It Has Already Been Deployed

We live in times (once again) where stability is threatened by forces around the world. Everyone threatens each other with atomic talk. Random bombings, terrorism and shootings becoming part of the regularly reported news. Centrifuges, uranium enrichment, ballistic missiles, nuclear warheads…what catastrophic events do we face next? These events are nothing more than distractions, however. […]

Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER?

Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER to FINANCIAL SECURITY? Then answer the following question: Which of the following choices helps a person achieve financial security? (a) Saving money (b) Paying credit cards off in full each month (c)Buying an education that helps you qualify for a profession and/or career that produces financial independence (d) […]

What We See Through A Window Affects The Quality Of Our Lives

I was listening to a story told by Dr. Patrick Quillin yesterday and felt compelled to pass it forward. It’s a story about a 94 year old woman that was asked her secret in maintaining quality mental and physical health. The following expresses the sentiments of her story: When I was 5 years old my […]

SYNERGISM: The Path To Good Health Or Disease

Most of us view the concept of Good Health and Disease in simple terms. Good Health is viewed as a state of existence without symptoms or where symptoms exist without interfering with quality of life or function. Disease or “ill health” is viewed as a situation where symptoms directly interfere with quality of life and/or […]


Leaving political parties and biases aside, let the following example be a common sense explanation for challenging the “thinking” of those placed in positions affecting our food sources. The picture above is Sam Clovis. He is a radio talk show host that studied political science and business administration in college. He is being considered for […]


. “I just CAN’T find time to exercise.” “I just CAN’T eat all those vegetables the doctors say I should.” “I just CAN’T get away from work.” “I just CAN’T drink all that water I’m supposed to.” “I just CAN’T give up smoking.” “I just CAN’T give up my daily wine/beer.” “I just CAN’T sleep […]