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Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER?

Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER to FINANCIAL SECURITY? Then answer the following question: Which of the following choices helps a person achieve financial security? (a) Saving money (b) Paying credit cards off in full each month (c)Buying an education that helps you qualify for a profession and/or career that produces financial independence (d) […]

What We See Through A Window Affects The Quality Of Our Lives

I was listening to a story told by Dr. Patrick Quillin yesterday and felt compelled to pass it forward. It’s a story about a 94 year old woman that was asked her secret in maintaining quality mental and physical health. The following expresses the sentiments of her story: When I was 5 years old my […]

SYNERGISM: The Path To Good Health Or Disease

Most of us view the concept of Good Health and Disease in simple terms. Good Health is viewed as a state of existence without symptoms or where symptoms exist without interfering with quality of life or function. Disease or “ill health” is viewed as a situation where symptoms directly interfere with quality of life and/or […]


Leaving political parties and biases aside, let the following example be a common sense explanation for challenging the “thinking” of those placed in positions affecting our food sources. The picture above is Sam Clovis. He is a radio talk show host that studied political science and business administration in college. He is being considered for […]


. “I just CAN’T find time to exercise.” “I just CAN’T eat all those vegetables the doctors say I should.” “I just CAN’T get away from work.” “I just CAN’T drink all that water I’m supposed to.” “I just CAN’T give up smoking.” “I just CAN’T give up my daily wine/beer.” “I just CAN’T sleep […]

A Few Pictures Explaining Why IN PERSON Doctor Office Visits Are Necessary

These pictures shows an IMPORTANT missing component from a PROPER and COMPLETE DIAGNOSIS when a doctor relies on a computer, lab testing and a telephone instead of an IN OFFICE visit. It is known as the HUMAN BEHAVIOR FACTOR!   The next time YOU want a proper diagnosis, take the time to stand in front […]


Each new day provides an option to experience life from one of two perspectives” What obstacles WILL I FACE and what will it take to “SURVIVE?“ What opportunities WILL I CREATE to further advance down the path I CHOOSE TO LIVE? The personal decision to approach life from either of these perspectives comes down to […]