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The average patient assumes lab values are full of complicated data that only qualified physicians are capable of reading and understanding. With more than 43 million Americans taking cholesterol lowering drugs, do YOUR LAB VALUES show a REAL NEED based on the latest science, or are you being prescribed these medications to support the “HEALTH” […]


For most people, the word cholesterol is synonymous with danger and bad health. This is NOT true. It has received so much attention in the media and our doctor’s offices, we have lost perspective understanding its relevance and necessity for HEALTHY LIVING. An article entitled, “Benefits of Cholesterol: What Is It Good For?” by Marc […]

Doctors Can’t Spell, But They Know How To Confuse Us With Big Words

Have you ever noticed how important it is for doctors to use big words when discussing health issues. Medical terminology is taught in school, but doctors seem to forget that the average patient hasn’t taken these courses. Early in my practice I remember taking almost 45 minutes to explain in detail a patient’s health problems. I […]

WATER: A Painless Answer To Disease Prevention

We hear on the news about water shortages and droughts in various states causing all kinds of major problems. I can assure you, the cause of these shortages has never resulted from our population over consuming this essential liquid. “I hate water,” “water is boring,” “I just don’t think about drinking it” are typical sentiments I heard […]