WATER: A Painless Answer To Disease Prevention

drinking-waterWe hear on the news about water shortages and droughts in various states causing all kinds of major problems. I can assure you, the cause of these shortages has never resulted from our population over consuming this essential liquid. “I hate water,” “water is boring,” “I just don’t think about drinking it” are typical sentiments I heard for better than 20 years in practice. The only time you can count on people reaching for water is when thirst overwhelms them.

We are a society that needs motivation to change behavior. Knowledge and information does not offer enough of an incentive to modify behavior in many cases. Most people say, “I know, I know,” and then continue to substitute other beverages in place of water.

Early dehydration produces NO SYMPTOMS. It is important to realize this means a problem exists even though awareness doesn’t. If there are no symptoms, how dangerous can dehydration be? Without going into great detail, dehydration can be the ROOT CAUSE of many conditions; two of which are (1) High Cholesterol and (2) Diabetes. Naturally, there are many factors that can result in these two maladies, but dehydration is rarely if ever discussed at an office visit. This little piece of information might add the incentive needed to motivate oneself to change behavior.  If we realized that it was possible to substitute certain prescriptive medications with FREE WATER, why would anyone choose differently.

Interestingly, elevated cholesterol and elevated blood sugar is the body’s CORRECT RESPONSE in the face of dehydration. In this case, it is NOT a disease of the body, but rather a response to create short term protection. (For a detailed clinical explanation, I will refer you to the following link:

Water, Energy, and the Perils of Dehydration by Dr. Nick Gonzalez.)

It is the body’s protective mechanism for survival. Yet, the recommended medical treatment where dehydration is the ROOT CAUSE continues to be prescriptive drugs. Does this discredit the medical profession? Absolutely NOT! It means that nutritional deficiencies are outside their scope of knowledge based on their lack of education in this area. They are trained to identify a disease, and prescribe (in most cases) a drug to address the SYMPTOM. More and more medical doctors are beginning to recognize this deficiency in their education and are beginning to see the relevance that nutrition plays in a healthy outcome.

It doesn’t take a lot of words to reach the same conclusion. WATER IS ESSENTIAL. Sometimes we need to consume substances our mouths may not enjoy for the benefit of the rest of the body.

Benefits of Drinking Water For HealthSo, how much water needs to be consumed on a daily basis to prevent dehydration? It is recommended by most professionals that one half your bodyweight (in ounces) be consumed to provide adequate hydration. (Example: If you weigh 150 pounds, the average SEDENTARY person needs approximately 75 ounces.) If you exercise, you need to add 4 additional ounces for every 20 minutes of exercise. Sounds like a lot of water!! Realize, our body’s composition is over 80% water.

Next, let it be known that caffeinated and decaffeinated tea (including celestial), caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, soda, sport drinks, etc… are NOT SUBSTITUTES FOR WATER. In fact, these products act as diuretics and cause further dehydration. Does this mean you must stop drinking these products? The answer is NO. It simply means you need to increase your plain water consumption that much MORE if you consume these products.

Finally, be prepared for a new habit as you improve your health by increasing your water consumption. Bathrooms become our new best friend! Some say this increased frequency or need to relieve oneself is annoying. Realize that this is your body’s mechanism to maintain a healthier environment for your liver, kidneys and other major organs. Frequent bathroom visits are significantly less inconvenient than kidney stones, kidney infections, urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and other diseases (mentioned earlier) that may manifest from dehydration. In addition, making this relatively simple change to your life may just start you on a new path resulting in better health decisions overall. STARTING, is the most difficult step when changing and improving new habits. Why not make it easier by making your first step WATER CONSUMPTION in the amounts your body needs!



  1. Elaine · · Reply

    Well said! Though it seems simple, so many have a hard time doing it. I have heard about proper hydration reducing toxins in the body and aiding in weight loss, but never realized the impact on these conditions. Thanks for the reminder to drink up!

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    1. Thanl you for your comments. I’m glad I was able to add information you were not already aware of. That is one of the purposes for this blog site


  2. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    Water is my beverage of choice and I drink it all day long, but I never paid attention to how much water should be consumed. I always thought my iced herbal hibiscus tea counted towards my water intake where it’s made with water. After reading this, I have to assume I need to up my water intake where I workout for two hours a day and take diuretics. Very educational!

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    1. We are commonly told to consume water and to exercise, but people are rarely given parameters to provide guidance. I hope this article brings to light how important WATER is and motivates people to increase their consumption.

      Thank you for your comments. As they are read by other people it creates additional dialogue that leads to changes in lifestyles. I want to thank you for being an important part of this dialogue

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  3. I have to admit that I love my morning coffee, and sometimes an iced tea at lunch (not every day), but I am a water girl, too. I love water and I drink it a lot. All evening I sip on water and I often take it to bed with me at night. One question that this post doesn’t address is how to tell if you are chronically dehydrated? I have heard that if you can pull up the skin on your hand above your knuckles and it stays in place, you are dehydrated. True?

    Also, I love the encouragement that comes of this statement: “More and more medical doctors are beginning to recognize this deficiency in their education and are beginning to see the relevance that nutrition plays in a healthy outcome.”

    It gives me so much hope to think they are learning more about nutrition! Thanks, this was a great post.

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    1. You are referring to a test known as “skin turgor”. This is ONLY positive when you are SIGNIFICANTLY DEHYDRATED. I wanted to make certain that the reader was clearly aware not to wait for symptoms before modifying behavior. Our health is frequently based on visible symptoms which is a gross mistake. Unhealthy behavior WILL RESULT in unhealthy outcomes. We must begin changing our paradigm and treating ourselves with greater respect. We must break the pattern of ONLY changing behavior when we begin to suffer the consequences of these actions.

      Thank you for your question and your kind words.

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      1. Thank you for this insight. I see what you say. Act now, before problems overtake you. It is news that I think the noise of a busy world tunes out, but I am eager to hear!

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  4. Such a simple answer for so many problems!

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    1. Yet it continues to be met with great resistance. I have found that two words that both start with the letter “P” motivate change; PAIN and PLEASURE. When pain levels exceed tolerable limits or when pleasure exceeds normal expectations change will occur. It’s a shame we continue to repeat the same mistakes until we reach these levels of extremes before we consider changing our lifestyle habits. I hope by posting these articles some people will “see the light” before they suffer the consequences.

      Thank you for reading and posting your comment. The more comments that readers see, the more likely they are to commit to healthy lifestyle modifications.

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      1. I hate to say that I’m motivated by those two ‘P’s as well. Am I THAT human? We’ve been into fairly healthy choices for a long time, and yet I find myself resistant to even more rigorous changes.
        Please keep up the good writing, we all need to hear it!


        1. Perfectionists are too stressed out. Being “Human” is a pretty good starting point. Changing one’s mindset to lifestyle changes makes the transition more palatable. Eating healthier is not synonymous with tasteless pleasant-less food. A little creativity can make the whole experience significantly easier. Remember, it’s not ALL or NOTHING. It’s about BALANCE!


  5. great post, very informational…

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    1. Thank you for the positive feedback. I welcome your comments and ideas anytime. Hope to hear from you again.

      Stay healthy and happy!


      1. I am enjoying your blog post…interesting and informative….we all need a little help from a friend….

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        1. Couldn’t agree more! Always here to answer any questions I can. Here’s to friendship!

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  6. I have been to the ER a couple of times for dehydration. Once when I was very sick, but the other time was brought on by not drinking any water and drinking all soda.My blood sugar was super high and so was my blood pressure while there.Serious depression and I didn’t care. Now I drink water all day and part of the night. 6 bottles already today since 6 AM and it is 7:40 PM now.

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    1. Thank you for commenting on your personal experiences. This helps to validate the points the article was making. I am glad everything turned out ok for you. It obviously created an impression since your water consumption is something you track. You are a wise person.

      Hope the Fibro has backed off and life has returned to a more comfortable situation. Always, wishing you the best!

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      1. Yes it did make an impression. When I was sick it was very serious and I could barely swallow, no spit. I had to have fluids.

        My pain is down to a nine now. Hopefully even lesser tomorrow. Thank you for the best wishes and caring.

        I am on my 7th bottle now and that will be gone when I take my bedtime pills for sure.

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  7. Words to live by. We mainly off water, milk and of course wine as beverages in our household.

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    1. Makes complete sense. Water for hydration, milk for calcium and all three macronutrients and wine (containing alcohol) to kill the germs from the inside out. (LOL) 🙂

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  9. Right here is the perfect blog for everyone who would like to understand this topic.
    You realize so much its almost tugh to argue with
    youu (not that I really would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic that has
    been written about for ages. Excellent stuff, just great!


    1. Please accept my apology for a delayed response. Your comment went into the spam folder for some reason. I appreciate your kind words and your appreciation for the topic. Water is an easy “fix” in people’s lives, yet remains a huge problem. I will gently continue to spread the information people need to read and see about improving the quality of one’s life and health. We are only given one body and can’t afford to ignore its needs.


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