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It’s the role of the government regulatory agency to make certain our tap water is SAFE to drink. Notice, I didn’t say HEALTHY, I said SAFE. You can’t use the term HEALTHY while consuming all the contaminants found in our water. The list (provided by the Environmental Protection Agency) is so extensive, I had to […]


Google the internet, read the latest weight loss books or enter the world of computer gadgets that offer guidance through electronic technology and you will see the following three answers to, “should we count calories?” No, it is unnecessary Yes, it helps us understand our caloric needs Maybe, if it helps you attain your goals […]

Want To Get Healthy, Follow Your Dog’s Advice

It was about 8am and time to start my day. I got out of bed slowly to prepare my body for the trek to the bathroom. My dog (Tucker, the beagle) looked up at me and decided his day should start as well. As I began to walk, I could feel mild stiffness in the […]

WATER: A Painless Answer To Disease Prevention

We hear on the news about water shortages and droughts in various states causing¬†all kinds of major problems. I can assure you, the cause of these shortages has never resulted from our population¬†over consuming this essential liquid. “I hate water,” “water is boring,” “I just don’t think about drinking it” are typical sentiments I heard […]