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As President George Bush (Sr.) once stated, “read my lips, no new taxes.” There was never a doubt or a waiver in his voice. He was adamant, authoritative and unyielding in his delivery. One could walk away from this speech assured that only delusional Bush opponents would propagandize the possibility that new taxes would be […]

Correlation vs. Causation In Health And Disease

When we discuss various topics in health, we typically interchange the words correlation and causation. We look for common patterns and tend to conclude causation. This approach simplifies the process for discovery, but inadvertently reaches unfounded and inaccurate conclusions in many cases. When seeking “today’s truth,” we must pursue realities that reach beyond the boundaries […]


After finding this article on Yahoo Health, I decided it may be time to start reading some Tom Clancy novels.  The actual title for the article dated January 11, 2016 was, “Cure for Obesity: Freeze-Dried Poop?” This article explores the possibilities that address Obesity by taking “poop” containing healthy bacteria, freeze-drying it and placing it […]


Health care, and the safety upon which it is based, mandates an unbiased hawkish viewing by independent sources. This provides better safeguards for the public than relying on governmental agencies with conflicting biased interests. The following 2 minute video provides a quick and simple explanation why answers to important questions regarding YOUR HEALTH need further […]


Now that we have discussed the concept of “CREATIVE THINKING” and the current most common traditional therapeutic approaches to combating cancer, it is time to reveal therapeutic options utilized all over the world. To combat ANY problem effectively one must always seek the ROOT CAUSE or CAUSES of the underlying issues. For example, what is […]


The Awakening Part I provided a foundation for all of us to evaluate our belief systems. It discussed the “CREATION” of new ideas and the difficulty in accepting the validity when they contradicted popular beliefs. It concluded that change was inevitable and that each person had the choice to welcome advances or stand steadfast in their […]


Where do our beliefs come from? As children, we are exposed to parents and siblings, friends, educators and spiritual leaders. If we think about it, beliefs are handed down from previous generations sometimes with or without modifications. The word, CREATION, is usually viewed in a positive manner. An example might be, “the creation of a […]

SITTING: The Latest Cause Of Death

Don’t you hate it when the latest research published shows SITTING, an event many Americans have mastered over the decades, has become an INACTIVITY (as opposed to activity) we must now FEAR!! Yes, prolonged sitting has been added to the list of situations causing EARLY DEATH. I wonder if life insurance policies will need to be modified […]

Health Care Policy: Are Good Intentions and Conflicting Interests Causing Us To Miss The Boat?

In writing about health, I frequently refer to individual responsibilities needed to maximize outcome. In this article, I will introduce the role that health care policy plays by providing factual information along with questions arising from these policies. This is NOT about badgering anyone’s beliefs. The purpose is to identify possible “weaknesses” to help improve […]

Achieving Better Patient Health By Changing The Current Doctor/Patient Paradigm

I believe that everyone is aware that exercise and nutrition are vitally important in part of a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes I think the emphasis on these two points are overplayed because they seem to reduce the relevance of the other equally important components which receive significantly less attention. Doctors have a tendency to base health on lab values, […]

The Business Side Of The Hypodermic Needle

What do you think would happen if our government created a law just for the auto industry providing blanket liability protection from any lawsuit for any injury caused by a motor vehicle? Do you think the auto industry might reduce costly safety standards in pursuit of increased profits? If this was to occur, do you think this might […]

FEAR Is Not A Viable Choice

Initially, when I thought about the word “FEAR” the image that came to mind was an individual withdrawing from a situation that elicited this emotion. It was a personal emotion which resided in the mind and caused this response. As the days go by and the stories spread throughout the United States about the various doctors […]

GOOD HEALTH: How Can You Fix Something You Can’t Define?

Today I decided to research the “healthiest” country in the world.  According to 24/7 Wall St.’s health rankings, Qatar (country located in the middle east) was ranked the healthiest country in the world. I found it interesting that the basic parameters used to determine the healthiest country came down to 4 subcategories: (1) Life Expectancy, (2) […]

Petition to CNN, Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett: The Reporting of Childhood Healthcare Policies

I would like to begin this post by thanking a wonderful blogger with great insight (who would prefer to remain anonymous) for the suggestion to start this petition. The following in blue is a link to the petition I created.  If you feel strongly on this issue, I would appreciate you signing the petition and forwarding it to […]


Where do experts come from? They come from the general population and are differentiated only by their education and certifications. The title Expert can not be substituted with the title omnipotent. Experts make errors, falsify data, and lie just like members in the general population. Their titles add credibility to their work which sometimes receives favorable […]

The Latest MIRACLE DRUG For Weight Loss

Yesterday, Medline Plus published an article titled, “Promise From A New Weight-Loss Drug. It is an injectable drug called Saxenda and reportedly helped people lose 5% of their body weight in a “research study.” This probably sounds promising on the surface especially for those who have tried so hard to successfully lose weight. Let’s look […]


I must preface this post with “I am NOT an anti-Vaxxer.” Nor do I trust every word the gov’t and medical institutions voice as gospel. There is a “place of reason and common sense somewhere in the middle.” Currently, the CDC recommends 69 doses of 16 vaccines from a child’s first day of life through […]

Today’s Truth; Tomorrow’s Fallacy

I love research. I love to learn about new findings in research to help develop plans to assist people with improving their quality of living. The reality, however, is this; research in most cases is no more than our “best educated guess.” This statement is not intended to imply that research is useless. Research is based […]

Medical Doctor. Concerns with Vaccinations

This 3 minute video by Dr. Terry Wahls, MD does an excellent job of explaining her concerns regarding vaccinations.  Some of these concerns include: adjuvants (mercury, aluminum, etc) in the vaccine needed to increase the immune response even though they create toxicity to the body lack of research demonstrating safety in combining vaccines in 1 visit […]