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Enjoyment is defined as: “the state or process of taking pleasure in something.” . To what degree do we actually SACRIFICE enjoyment without awareness?   This is an important question because many people equate enjoyment with immediate gratification. This is one of the primary reasons our country has a growing health and debt crisis. The […]


With so much pain, anger, fear and adversarial controversy reported on a daily basis, I thought an attempt at humor might lighten up the hearts and minds of people (for at least the duration of time required to peek at this post.) Please keep in mind, I was a practicing physician educated by a system […]


It doesn’t matter what your goals in life may be; the path toward HEALTHY achievement ALWAYS requires: BALANCE! We try to isolate our problem area(s) to focus and fix these individual concerns. They may TEMPORARILY show some improvement, but LIFE often gets “in the way” and the problems resurface once again. We find ourselves constantly […]


Based on the pace most of our lives seem to follow, I thought I’d share the concept, “ACHIEVING JUST ENOUGH” and its relationship to BALANCE, HAPPINESS and a LIFE WORTH LIVING. If one of our GOALS in life is to live a meaningful existence filled with purpose and driven by passion, what does it really […]

Correlation vs. Causation In Health And Disease

When we discuss various topics in health, we typically interchange the words correlation and causation. We look for common patterns and tend to conclude causation. This approach simplifies the process for discovery, but inadvertently reaches unfounded and inaccurate conclusions in many cases. When seeking “today’s truth,” we must pursue realities that reach beyond the boundaries […]

One Size DOESN’T Fit All

I confess; I used to claim I loved studying what made people HEALTHY. Years of studying has created a sense of dizziness resulting from all the “flip-flopping” required to follow the guidelines that “research” has dictated. Is it the low fat or high fat diet that creates the best lab panel? Is it cardiovascular exercise […]