Publication2cropped350Wow….kinda sounds like an opening comment made at an alcoholics anonymous meeting! Fortunately (YOUR NAME) doesn’t believe (he or she) suffers from this “unhealthy” status and can continue to follow the current path without eventual harmful ramifications.

Although everyone has the right to follow their own chosen path, it may be time to reconsider your “health status” and whether it is really within the zone defined as GOOD HEALTH.


The zone of good health is a “living” zone that undergoes constant adaptations to the barrage of challenges our bodies and our minds face. It is NOT simply based on how we feel. It is a “living” zone because it requires ACTIVE daily support by each of us in our own unique ways. Everything that “lives” requires “feeding.” Our bodies and minds are no different. Physical FOOD only makes up 1 component in this “feeding” process.

The zone of good health also requires exercise to “feed” the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system. The zone of good health requires “feeding” the mind through positive stimulation, relaxation and stress relief techniques to improve function and performance. The zone of good health requires social interaction “feeding” to create a network of support that enhances relationships (personal, professional and spiritual.)


Each of us requires different proportions of these different components of “feeding” to ATTAIN and MAINTAIN good health. When we neglect ourselves by avoiding these various essential “feeding” components, we initiate a pathway of degeneration and decay. An unhealthy pathway doesn’t typically cause recognizable pain or disease initially. It can take days, weeks, months or years to make itself “visible.” Quality health, however, is significantly compromised early in this process even though we may not sense it. Symptoms do not determine the BEGINNING STAGES of disease. Symptoms only develop when the body and/or mind is overwhelmed and can no longer maintain quality balance, function and control. How we choose to “feed” or “starve” our various NEEDS determines (to a great extent) whether we’re more likely to experience good health or poor health.

2018 has just begun. Shall we continue to “starve” the body and mind; shall we continue to poorly “feed” it depriving our essential NEEDS as we have done in previous years, or shall we admit to ourselves (like the alcoholic eventually does) it is time to stop this abusive behavior I’m inflicting on myself!” 


Welcome to our forum and our first meeting where you can share (by posting your comments without judgement) what is holding you back from “feeding” your body and mind its essential needs. Your comments will likely represent many shared concerns. They will help people understand they are not alone in their thinking and behaviors. Most importantly, ideas will emerge helping all of us discover alternative realistic pathways to “FEEDING” our healthy needs restoring BALANCE and quality health to our bodies and minds. Viewing the term “FEEDING” in this new light will help identify current shortfalls and reveal better options we CHOOSE to pursue for ourselves.




  1. Hello, my name is Lady Quixote/Linda Lee, and I am actively pursuing good health today!

    Most of my health issues were caused by ignorance — not just my ignorance, but that of the medical establishment. I did not know, until the age of 50, that I had an iron overload disorder caused by Hereditary Hemochromatosis. I am now in my 60s, and I did not know until a little over one month ago that my body also carries the autoimmune antibodies for both Hashimoto Thyroiditis and its opposite disorder, Graves Disease.

    This explains so much about my whole life! NO, my tiredness and moodiness were not caused by me being lazy or crazy!

    Now, thanks to the internet and to brave, out-of-the-box thinkers like you, I am finding my way to health, for the first time in decades. I am starting with how I FEED my body and my soul.

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    1. My goodness, Linda, you have been through the “ringer” it seems. Fortunately your courageous personality was willing to “grind it out” as you pursued various paths to discovering answers.

      Starting with how you FEED your body is a very good starting place. Food not only provides nutritional value, it provides INFORMATION to the body on regulating genetic expression. This is a very important aspect on discovering a path to better health.

      As you slowly incorporate the various components of health into your own customized ACTION PLAN, you will likely restore better function to your body and mind. Following a plan that supports healthy outcomes is often overlooked by the average person as they commonly treat their imbalances/diseases EXCLUSIVELY through pharmaceutical intervention.

      Although there is certainly a place for prescription drugs, they are typically over prescribed in place of helping patients identify root causes to their problems. This usually takes an individual down a path requiring more and more prescriptions while exposing them to secondary (collateral) complications.

      Wishing you much success on your NEW PATH in 2018!

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  2. Hello! My name is youmeanme, and I am unhealthy even though I feel fine.

    I struggle with maintaining healthy habits. I tend to get a rhythm going and once something gets out of sorts my healthy habits are the last to come back. Most recently it was the time change that had me not doing so well on the activity level and then a cold snap that made me detest water.

    Over the holiday break, I got myself moving again, picked up my water habit and started back incorporating vegetables and stopped treating sugar like it’s its own food group.

    I’ve found that by treating each day as a new day and committing to myself each time I don’t get bogged down as much.

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    1. “I struggle with maintaining healthy habits.” This phrase typically means the benefits of healthy habits don’t outweigh the EMOTIONAL satisfaction of unhealthy habits. Also typically, people focus on the healthy habit itself rather than the results of the healthy habit. (Example: Drinking water may not be enjoyable, but avoiding kidney stones or urinary tract infections, or recurring colds makes the RESULTS of drinking water enjoyable) This same concept can apply to many of the essential habits needed to increase one’s chances for better health.

      Finding some positive methods of channeling stress that provide equivalent levels of satisfaction to unhealthy habits is also important. You don’t want to wait to experience stress first. This state of mind limits one’s ability to creatively discover quality ideas. Create some quiet time and think about your PASSIONS in life and what it takes to pursue them. They just might be the balancing act needed in times of increased stress!

      This approach typically reduces the number of stressful days that result in unhealthy behaviors used to temporarily satisfy emotional needs.

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      1. You definitely translated that correctly!

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  3. Hello, my name is Carol…I was jogging along quite happily and heating healthily 80% of the time (20%) is my ..don’t feel guilty about eating this…Works well most of the time and I don’t touch on the 20% often as when you know you can..you don’t..reverse psychology …I knew there was an ology in there somewhere. Then Christmas arrived and that 20% became a daily habit quite quickly…Do I feel now better..NO!.Back on track then Carol and that started yesterday with a lovely 6k walk and I was so happy that I forgot the mushrooms so after a brief rest and coconut juice back I went not so far this time only about 1k. Today I am looking forward to my walk again so will soon be back on track.. Do I feel guilty ..Not at all…Food is to be enjoyed in ( moderation) and blips happen but hey ho …That is Life…Happy New Year everyone.

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    1. When a person states their “confessions” in the manner you have, it is obvious you have much greater CONTROL of your lifestyle. You have a PLAN OF ACTION you typically follow. Since this 80%/20% plan has provided the quality you desire, it is easy to fall back to it. If more people understood this pattern and was willing to incorporate it into their lives, we would NOT have such rampant disease and depression.

      Thank you for sharing your PLAN with all of us. I hope you have inspired others to pursue this path toward better quality health and living.

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      1. Thank you..It is easy to follow..no strict guidelines and you can eat what you want and like just be sensible and use moderation and I have found my taste buds have changed as well and I don’t crave sweet things..Well only at Christmas when they are everywhere..haha…But I don’t enjoy when I do indulge like I used to…Now fish with fresh peppercorns that I have been craving for a few weeks…lol… and papaya salad that I do indulge in a few times a week… But I do hope it inspires others to take some control over there eating and excercise…I don’t do fast moving things which involve jumping about and never have seen the sense in that ( but ) if that’s your thing and you enjoy it..go for it..we are all different…I used to run and it is the best way to clear your thoughts( for me)But I have my medal for completing a marathon and I now walk but quite a lot ..Most days I don’t have a car so I walk unless I have lots of shopping and then I walk there and tuk-tuk back…Happy New Year…Are you not doing your charity thing soon?

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        1. My goal is to simply help people understand the need for MOVEMENT. Whether it’s running, walking, biking, lifting weights, doing classes, etc… is less important than the fact that motion is being ACHIEVED. It’s not a complicated concept, but requires a person to be willing to follow a plan of action on a regular basis. It doesn’t require perfect compliance; it simply requires a regular pattern of behavior. The benefits are enormous if people are willing to remain dedicated to valuing the quality of their own lives.

          Regarding the charity event, (“Going Over The Edge”), it takes place on Friday, February 8th. Hopefully more people will be able to donate to help these critically ill children and their families have a once in a lifetime ALL EXPENSE PAID experience. Helping a critically ill child remember what it feels like to enjoy other children as well as LIFE, is a charity worth contributing to. If any of your readers would like to donate, my charity page can be found at: http://support.gktw.org/goto/JCsGoingOverTheEdge

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          1. I will promote it again for you 🙂

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            1. Thank you, Carol. When children are the beneficiaries of our kindness and compassion, the world benefits as well.

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              1. It certainly does and I will reblog today 🙂 And of children are our future 🙂

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  4. Hello, my name is Marie and I am unhealthy and not feeling fine. I have had sleep problems for 3 days now although I can figure why. I wish I could implement changes right now to help me regain balance but it is not so possible. I therefore try my best like moving out of a highly AC room to the floor in the living room, drinking hot cocoa and writing poems to healthily diffuse my irritation at this insomnia. Thus I am currently struggling both mentally and physically but am optimistic. Last did some exercise two days ago and wish I could fit in one again before Monday

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    1. You are so far ahead of the “game” and probably don’t even realize it! You have clearly identified issues and have enough self awareness to make the changes possible (at this time) without overcommitting yourself beyond reasonable expectations.

      Yes, you are struggling with physical and mental issues, but understand the components necessary to include to ultimately restore a sense of BALANCE. This simply takes time and ongoing persistence.

      Most people “in your shoes” lack the personal awareness you possess. This makes it much more difficult to see (with any degree of clarity) any logical path to pursue.

      Your situation (like many of us) is the teeter totter with requirements for ongoing modifications to re-establish a sense of BALANCE.

      It can be a pain in the (a_ _ ), but it also helps us discover various approaches to achieving desired results if we pursue solutions using a positive state of mind.

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      1. Thanks so much Doc, your comment is spot on. I just came back in and still seeing blurred with a fuzzy speech hahaha. Wish I could really sleep like 24 straight hours lol

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  5. Hello, my name is Tricia and while I binged with the best of them over the holidays I feel I am back on track now with healthy eating and exercise. My weaknesses however are cheese and chips which I can’t keep in the house. I also have a tendency towards negative thinking and beating myself up mentally which I’m really trying to change.

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    1. I don’t consider holiday binging a derailment from healthy living IF the individual makes a CONSCIOUS DECISION to bing BEFORE it occurs. I call this, “being in CONTROL.” You’ve also identified a “weakness” and a SOLUTION for your weakness (namely avoiding keeping cheeses and dips INSIDE the house.) Identifying problems with realistic solutions is a key step in the process of changing patterns of behavior.
      The emotional component you mention is likely a deep rooted pattern with situations that have likely been left unresolved in life. Finding ways to bridge and mend these “injuries” lead to greater positive thinking. They lighten the weight of years of emotional baggage and free up regions of the brain for better more positive use.

      I hope you find all you desire in this start to the New Year.

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      1. Well if Doctor Jonathan says I am in control of my holiday binging than that’s enough for me! 😉

        Kidding, as I get what you’re saying. It’s all about conscious awareness which should be applied to everything we do. You’re right about the unresolved issues affecting my thought patterns. I’m working on it but it can be tough to break old habits.

        Thanks for the good New Year wishes. The same as well to you my friend!

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  6. I’ve made up my mind to fill in the gaps that refrain me from completely entering the healthy zone. Thank you for this article, Doctor!

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    1. My pleasure.

      Unless you find it too personal, would you consider sharing these “gaps” so other people can potentially identify with similar issues in an attempt to overcome these dilemmas. The more people offer (both in difficulties AND SOLUTIONS) the more likely people will be willing to lower their defenses and achieve their goals.

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    Great info!

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    1. Thank you for sharing this message with your readers. It is greatly appreciated.


  8. I like how this post addresses health from a different perspective of the whole body rather than just specific parts

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    1. One of the most important aspects in growing up healthy is understanding the various components of health. This concept is left out of the educational process and the result has been increasing rates of type 2 diabetes, obesity, GI diseases, liver disease, heart disease, depression, dementia/alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.

      Following the same living patterns from generation to generation has increased the rates of these various health maladies. Until we begin recognizing that QUALITY HEALTH requires ACTIVE participation on different levels, we will continue to witness poor outcomes (in general.) Awareness, however, is not enough to change the current tide. It takes great courage to combat many of the oppressive forces we face today, (environmental, agricultural, pharmaceutical) and a desire to VALUE one’s life, to pursue a path that includes essential needs that typically achieve better outcomes.


  9. Sure. Enjoyed it!

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  10. Hello my name is Dawn Marie & I believe if you desire to BE a ‘Whole’ person, you take care of every part of you. I loved the break-down of the eight dimensions and because I am always in need of improvement I would like to say I AM READY to strengthen the social, occupational and physical parts (of myself.) Gratefully, I know the obstacle deterring all three. TIME MANAGEMENT. The willingness and ability are there; however, I am in need of saying “Yes” for myself. I (like many others) allow the needs of others to take precedence over taking care of my own. I understand we can be better for others when we are good to ourselves; so I just need to DO IT. And I know, with the aide of my spirituality, I WILL continue to make strides. (With God all things are possible.) Hugs n’ blessings to you for the kind encouragement Doc – for me and countless others so blessed to follow you!

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    1. It’s nice to see so many people aware of their imbalances and belief that change is likely. We share a strong sense of spiritual belief, however, tangible ACTION STEPS are necessary to transform CONCEPTS into REALITIES. If you don’t mind me asking, have you created any tangible action steps guided by your spiritual beliefs to transform your awareness into successful actions? If you are comfortable sharing this, it would be appreciated. I’m certain many people full of kindness and compassion feel as you do. Overcoming the hurdle (or as you phrase it, “I just need to DO IT”) requires an inner strength to express itself. The more people are willing to express their inner strengths that successfully got them over these hurdles, the more ideas people can choose from to potentially satisfy their needs.

      If this is too personal, I certainly understand.


  11. Hell, my name is Kathy and I am definitely unhealthy, even though I think I am fine !! Great post Jonathan, I am already and have been trying to better my healthy, sometimes 3 steps forward and 4 steps back, but I keep trying ! Thank you Jonathan for all the wonderful post to help keep us all informed and heading in the correct direction. You are wonderful. at the OA meetings they always end it with this…
    Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.Not a bad mantra!! Kathy

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    1. Thank you for being so honest. Anyone confessing their unhealthy yet willing to “think” their fine tends to need to experience a traumatic event before they fully commit to a different lifestyle. Dare to be different than the average person. I have seen way too many people suffer unnecessarily believing they would prove me wrong. I am certainly not omnipotent, but I have enough experience witnessing recurring patterns of behavior and their typical outcomes. Please, save yourself the pain by choosing a path that increases your chances of living a life you choose. I know your worth it…I hope you think so too.


      1. By far I am worth that….its not an easy path, as I love to eat, but I know its an addiction and I just have to stay focused and take it one day, if not one hour at a time…..as always, thanks for the support….much appreciated…nice to have you in my corner…xxx

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