Publication1 CROPPED 450Enjoyment is defined as:

“the state or process of taking pleasure in something.”


To what degree do we actually SACRIFICE enjoyment without awareness?


This is an important question because many people equate enjoyment with immediate gratification. This is one of the primary reasons our country has a growing health and debt crisis. The phrase, “live for the moment” is often misinterpreted with devastating outcomes. It is NOT the same thing as “live ONLY for the moment.”

We are a society that tends to live life with an “ALL” or “NOTHING” attitude. We diet to lose weight without ever LEARNING to satisfy our nutritional needs for healthy long term weight loss. We cut up credit cards to reduce our spending without ever LEARNING how to budget for long term financial freedom. We approach life without a PLAN OF ACTION and can’t understand why “happiness” evades us.

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WE WANT, WE WANT, WE WANT, but are not willing to learn to implement what it takes to achieve these goals.

In a world filled with chaos and stress, our innate need to balance these negative forces is PASSIVELY pursued by seeking “PERCEIVEDENJOYMENT. The problem is, we are not willing to ACTIVELY learn and implement what it takes to achieve REAL ENJOYMENT. We substitute IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION to create a sense of “perceived enjoyment” at our own detriment.

Interestingly, we choose UNHEALTHY FOOD as our main “TOOL” to alleviate personal stress as well as REWARD personal accomplishments. We choose foods destructive to our bodies and our minds without giving it a second thought.


True enjoyment adds VALUE to our lives. Creating TIME to witness and experience beauty and joy in the world we live is a source of “TRUEENJOYMENT.

Watching a child’s performance in a school play or athletic performance in a competition adds “TRUEENJOYMENT to our lives. Sharing a vacation experience with a spouse and learning about different cultures and historical events adds “TRUEENJOYMENT to our lives. These are ALL experiences that enhance our quality of living.

We should consider re-evaluating our approach to life in order to LEARN to IMPLEMENT experiences that add VALUE and MEANING to fulfill our lives. By achieving these goals, we achieve TRUE ENJOYMENT rather than “PERCEIVED” ENJOYMENT.

This path reduces our need for immediate gratification (which often causes LONG TERM HARM) and helps us find a HEALTHY level of BALANCE to achieving LONG TERM ENJOYMENT.

Once achieved, the individual can then incorporate unhealthy food choices within a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. It becomes a source of balance to healthy eating rather than a temporary “solution” to stress or  a “destructive” reward for achievement.

Seeing “TRUEENJOYMENT from this new perspective can help reveal life’s stagnant rituals. This, in turn, creates better self awareness that can help motivate oneself to move beyond current plateaus. Accepting mediocrity (or “PERCEIVED” ENJOYMENT) becomes a less desirable CHOICE and is no longer seen as an inevitable outcome. Self imposed limitations for achieving “TRUEENJOYMENT becomes a “thing of the past!”

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  1. This is really eye opening. Especially the part about the unhealthy food as a tool. I took a note of it and will remember it next time I crave for snacks. Thanks.

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    1. I’m glad you were able to learn from the concepts included in this post. Sometimes an “outsider’s perspective” adds a dimension that awakens our own internal thought processes.

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  2. Great post! Delayed gratification is a difficult concept for many people.

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    1. It’s a concept that parents are often responsible for teaching to their DEVELOPING children. It is still difficult, but more likely achievable if the concept was reinforced as a child..

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  3. Reblogged this on disue.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing.

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      1. No problem. Love your articles. Do you have any that give guidelines on how to use critical thinking so consumers can approach health articles to determine accuracy of the information they are receiving?

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        1. I’ve never really considered the subject. People may want to consider starting with the following questions:
          1. Does the articles reveal any CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. Does the author benefit (in any manner) with the advice offered?
          2. Can you find other INDEPENDENT sources that confirm the advice?
          3. Does it make COMMON SENSE?
          4. Is the article referenced with credible sources independent and unpaid for by the author?
          5. Is the advice something the consumer can REALISTICALLY IMPLEMENT and SUSTAIN for LONG TERM SUCCESS?

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  4. I repositioned my life 6 years ago and I have really no regrets today. There were sure lots of sacrifices, and there still are but I am experiencing real enjoyment along the journey which wasn’t the case before that. Thanks for your post Doc and welcome back.

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    1. So glad you were willing and ABLE to transform your life. As you say, sacrifices are part of the equation, however, the personal growth and development enhance the quality of our lives.
      Thank you for the “welcome back”!

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  5. I see this all the time. People use food and alcohol and other outlets to escape their real lives. They want everything now and aren’t willing to apply themselves or stretch too far. I have noticed how “real enjoyment” lasts much longer after the event/ activity It touches our heart and spirit and has a positive effect on our mood!

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    1. Transitioning one’s life is no easy task. It requires mental focus and personal dedication.The benefits, however, (as you note) are worth the effort.

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      1. Agreed! Even though it isn’t easy, it’s still worth it. Personal dedication is hard to find in many people!

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  6. “PERCEIVED” enjoyment is being passive where as “REAL” enjoyment is actually to be actively engaged.

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    1. I hope more people “walk away” with a similar understanding after reading this article.

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  7. Welcome back Jonathan, I missed you!
    Know you will be super busy but when you have time could you please check out my new blog Meet the Bloggers from my home page … go to format and only when you have time can I have na interview to feature you? No rush, in your own time.
    I wish you REAL enjoyment!

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    1. Will gladly participate. Why don’t you fill me in on the details. My email address is JNCtheDC93@yahoo.com

      P.S. Wishing “REAL” enjoyment back to you as well!

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      1. Thanks will email you tonight, off to my new volunteer job now.

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        1. Nice to see a fellow contributor to society. I hope you enjoy the experience!

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          1. I did indeed thank you! Caught up with some old friends and made plenty of new ones.

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            1. If people only realized how much we RECEIVE when we are willing to GIVE to others. Making new friends is a beautiful GIFT of volunteer work.


              1. Ah and you’d certainly applaud the massive amount of exercise it also involves

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  8. Oh yes….almost raised to eat to relieve stress or use food as a coping device….my how things have changed….I would of never heard my mom say go for a walk you will feel better….it was always come have a piece of cake or pie with a tall glass of milk fresh from the dairy….full of fat….hummmm growing up in the days where moms stayed home and were house wives….home made meals and always, always a desert…..its like they only knew how to make it better with a cookie…..the tools were in place at a young age….now I stop and do a few leg lifts…go for a walk even if its just around the yard….I am so happy that I was able to learn that eating isn’t the answer and that to be truly happy and engaged in life is first taking care of yourself and learn better coping habits…..great article….glad to have you back…..kat

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    1. Thank you Kat. Thank you for sharing a story about growing up that MANY will relate to.

      We live in very different times with many NEW threats that increase our susceptibility to health risks. Interestingly, the answer to many of these threats has remained UNCHANGED over the decades. Living a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE balances most of these threats while promoting quality living. Until we begin to wrap our minds around the concept of REALISTIC HEALTHY LIVING without viewing it as a contradiction to enjoying life, health problems will remain on the rise.
      So glad to see you have found a NEW REALITY; one that has improved your quality of life!
      Send my best to that man of yours and help keep him on the straight and narrow. 🙂


  9. Oh my goodness…the meme at the top of the post is PERFECT. I couldn’t have “said” it better. Great illustration of the topic!

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    1. I have actually started creating my own “memes” to better illustrate the points my posts discuss. I am NOT a computer person, so it takes me FOREVER to figure out how to get the layout the way I want it. It adds a little creativity to stimulate my severely impaired right brain hemisphere. 🙂

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