Honesty In Marketing Pharmaceuticals On TV

A 4 minute read + (2) YouTube commercials totaling 2 minutes and 40 seconds = 6:40 minutes. It’s up to you to decide if your health is or isn’t worth investing 6 minutes and 40 seconds of your time.  

This post is using the pharmaceutical drug XARELTO as an example. It is important to understand that this is NOT an isolated situation. There are many drugs that have resulted in litigation due to unethical practices that appear to focus on profit over human lives.

Publication6cropped350A basic foundational goal in business is to make money. This is NOT an evil concept. When this goal is achieved UNETHICALLY and costs people their lives so others can profit, we cross the “evil” barrier. There are many players in the game that make crossing this “evil” barrier possible. They include:

  1. researchers that hide (or worse) fabricate results.

  2. marketing companies that willingly help manufacturers sell products or services without concern for potential harmful outcomes.

  3. celebrities paid to endorse products without doing their due diligence to determine the safety and efficacy of the products they’re representing.

  4. doctors willing to prescribe pharmaceutical products to patients, but NOT family members or friends.


Here is a 1 minute commercial that presents Xarelto (a blood thinning medication) as a new, safe and effective alternative medication to other medications on the market for PE (pulmonary embolisms – blood clots in the lungs) and DVT (deep vein thrombosis – blood clots that can form in the brain, various organs or extremities.)

We like to believe newer drugs mean newer technology that offers better and safer results. This is certainly possible, but fast tracking drug approval means greater profits for manufacturers. Unfortunately, it is the consumer (also sometimes known as the “human lab rat”) that often tests these drugs BEFORE they have undergone adequate and independent safety and efficacy studies. One might assume the manufacturer would recall the drug from further circulation (regardless of FDA approval for distribution) if too many lives were injured or lost.

Instead, we see it requires TV commercials soliciting clients for class action law suits for injuries and deaths resulting from these drugs. Take a look at this 1 minute commercial regarding Xarelto.

So who should the consumer trust?

  1. The Researcher

  2. The Doctor

  3. The Manufacturer

  4. The Celebrity

  5. The Lawyer



  • The researcher has claimed it’s safe. How often do you hear those researchers EMPLOYED by these drug manufacturers claiming otherwise?

  • The doctor profits from prescribing these drugs and commonly offers no alternative approach to reduce their need.

  • The manufacturer continues to sell the drug even if it produces potentially harmful results. The “cost of doing business” often determines whether the drug remains on the shelf for direct sale and/or continuing distribution. If estimated profits exceed potential lawsuit liabilities, distribution is likely to continue.

  • The celebrity endorses the drug because they are typically compensated to do so.

  • The lawyer’s motivation is likely based on class action lawsuit  settlements financially benefiting BOTH lawyer and client.

  • MEI have no SKIN IN THE GAME! I offer an option nearly everyone verbally supports, yet typically disregards (after supporting it as sound advice.) My advice is simple:

Reduce your chances for ALL diseases that compromise health by VALUING your life. This means stop making EXCUSES and start accepting responsibility that increases your chances for achieving a healthier outcome.

I understand some people will require some type of external support even if they improve their current lifestyles (whether it’s nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, homeopathy, etc…)  because a small percentage of people will be predisposed to succumbing to these conditions. Regardless, if the average consumer accepted his or her role in maintaining health, there would be a dramatic reduction in the number of people prescribed pharmaceuticals reducing the injuries sustained by them.

Therefore, I suggest you trust ME and my advice; choose to make living a healthier life YOUR PRIORITY. This doesn’t mean adding 1 serving of broccoli to dinner; it means slowly incorporating ALL components necessary to achieve BALANCE in life.


Learning how to achieve this may seem hard, but learning to live with DISEASE and DISABILITY from loss of FUNCTION is significantly harder!


is the “silent” belief defiant consumers insist upon. It’s not based on reason or corrective actions, but rather irrational emotional avoidance. I assure you, as a physician, it is not easy witnessing patients succumb to this eventual outcome. The outcry,


repeats itself over and over again. But, YOU DO KNOW NOW, yet choose to follow the same path toward self induced harm.






Isn’t this a better idea and more REALISTIC option to achieving the quality of health and life you want than relying on lawsuit settlements from pharmaceutical injuries to create financial freedom?! 


  1. hemetshe · · Reply

    Yes, yes, yes!! Excellent message! I have a dear friend who I adore but we are at total odds on this matter. Their primary arguement being, “you wouldn’t deny a diabetic insulin”!! I think the ensuing friendly debate is clear. As you said, there are times when these external supports are necessary. I was taken aback (pleasantly) when my primary doctor– who I was seeing for the first time– agreed with me whole heartedly that I could come off of an Rx I have been on an pursue a more engaging form of therapy! She described it as ‘a crutch’ to a person of my health and age. Surprising, because my previous PCP who sent me to her will pretty much write an Rx for anything if you ask!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There are various approaches to addressing health imbalances/diseases. Even among allopaths, treatment recommendations vary. This should make it clear that MULTIPLE approaches to restoring health is possible. It is up to the individual to decide which approach aligns best with their personality and needs.


  2. That old adage if it sounds too good to be true then it is…Why are people so fixated on celebrities and the ilk…Do they walk around in a bubble? I must be the most disbelieving person on this earth…I believe no one..Although I will say I don’t watch tele let alone adverts and couldn’t tell you what the latest celebrity is endorsing and I don’t want to…An excellent post as always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. People view celebrities as “successful” people. This transfers over to believing our health can be improved like their health has been with the use of prescription drugs. It’s an untrue premise that people WANT to believe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know and it is scary as that blind faith could be used in many ways…

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  3. Doc, I will choose your option anytime. I hate meds and try my best to take the bearest minimum and only when absolutely necessary. In my country meds or pharmaceuticals aren’t adverticed

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    1. Well, with all our advertisements (and there is an incredible quantity the consumer is bombarded with,) we are certainly not a healthy nation. Just goes to prove that synthetic drugs aren’t the “MAGIC” deficiency in people’s unhealthy lives. Generation after generation REFUSES to accept this fact!


      1. So sad indeed. I mean I have seen people shun any therapy not accompanied with med prescriptions. Oh human nature

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  4. Another great post!

    And I think I should give you some credit for an excellent bill of health from my doctor this week. Her reaction suggested it was rare to see someone who regularly exercises, tries to keep to a healthy diet, etc. You’ve been a real encouragement to making the changes that made this happen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You get ALL the praise in my book. Your willingness to incorporate ideas that support healthy outcomes was ALL your choice. Well done! I’m glad I could play a small part by providing information you were able to utilize. Keep up the great work!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I’ll continue giving you credit – you’ve been a great influence, motivator, and provider of information. There’s still work to do, but I’m a long way from where I started!

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        1. There is always “work to do”…that is part of the fun in living life! 🙂

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  5. I have always believed that we, the people, have been the lab rats so to say, for more than pills/medication, I believe that when areas report high numbers of certain illness, why and how did that happen, did a larger entity release a germ in that area to see how many, and what the effect would happen to humans the germ ? Call me crazy, I have always felt this way. I love how informative your post are, We really are in charge of our health. XXkat

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    1. Personally, I believe it has more to do with the methods big industry is willing to use to achieve bottom line growth. Power and money are the driving forces guiding policy decisions.


      1. totally agree on that one, whenever we play it back, it always come out to greed end of it all…

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