As our nation continues to grow, its expanding wealth becomes ever more dependent on a “NON THINKING” society. Our major institutions create rules (we call laws) to FOLLOW that serve the needs of these institutions rather than the needs of its people. These institutions have “sold us a bill of goods” based on altruistic motives […]

These pictures shows an IMPORTANT missing component from a PROPER and COMPLETE DIAGNOSIS when a doctor relies on a computer, lab testing and a telephone instead of an IN OFFICE visit. It is known as the HUMAN BEHAVIOR FACTOR!   The next time YOU want a proper diagnosis, take the time to stand in front […]

How many times have you told friends or family members one of the following statements after visiting the doctor? “My doctor gave me the thumbs up after my exam and told me I’m in GOOD HEALTH!” “I was told for my age I’m in GOOD HEALTH!” “My doctor told me my blood work was excellent […]

As much as we’d like to believe our health care system is vehemently using every available resource to combat cancer in its goal to discover a CURE, the existing evidence contradicts this finding. The following quoted paragraphs come from Kaiser Health News (links provided if you choose to read the articles in their entirety.) KAISER […]

Whether you’re a physician or a consumer/patient, it is important to be OBJECTIVE when determining whether an advertisement like the one above is designed to educate and protect us or create FEAR in order to gain PATIENT COMPLIANCE while improving the health care system’s revenue flow. Let’s OBJECTIVELY use government sources to cite the scientific […]

Who doesn’t believe the ANSWER to weight loss , is PRIMARILY found in FOOD. Although this seems to make common sense, in reality, it is a MAJOR MISTAKE! Let me prove this with a simple analogy. If a person wanted to get an “A” in HISTORY or MATH (as a FINAL AVERAGE GRADE,) would: abstaining from […]

The World Health Organization (WHO) provided a document supplied by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) entitled, “Consumption of Added Sugars Among U.S. Adults, 2005–2010.” In this document, it was determined that the maximum daily consumption of added sugar should not exceed: 25 grams or 6 teaspoons per day. (REFERENCE: Consumption of Added Sugars Among […]