When did we sign ANY informed consent authorizing our government and agricultural industry to enroll us in an experimental “HUMAN LIVESTOCK” PROJECT (using potentially toxic chemicals for farm use and residential use) to see whether we’d suffer any serious adverse health outcomes? Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are poisons that KILL weeds, insects and other […]

  Providing guidance to help people achieve a better quality of life is a noble goal. One of the biggest problems, however, is not knowing what the recipient’s goals and desires are. It is easy to tell people to: eat better exercise more reduce stress but without clearly understanding an individual’s needs, these recommendations may […]

Is it possible to fool the BRAIN’S perception of LIFE using the MOUTH? What do I mean? Well, let’s look at the following example: Both families seem to be enjoying themselves. One group is PASSIVELY playing video games while the second group is ACTIVELY exercising. Both sets of families are likely benefiting from these activities. […]

Life has many challenges; some of which we can’t control. Then there’s the choices we make among the options that are available to us. At face value, some of these options may look DIFFICULT. They may involve “things” we DON’T WANT TO DO or even ENJOY, but are necessary to develop and maintain the mental […]

How many of us believe our voices and our written words encouraging healthier lifestyles go unheard and continue to be no more than an exercise in futility? People recognize the good intentions behind the efforts, but the response by the general population remains greatly unchanged. Do they believe the message lacks merit? Do they believe […]

With a tagline like, “HELP MAKE TOMORROW POSSIBLE” you almost have to wonder how we’ve survived without the assistance of the pharmaceutical drug: ENTRESTO This commercial (seen regularly on television, heard regularly on the radio and read regularly in many magazine publications) plays on our emotions by including the song, “The Sun Will Come Out […]

The following flow chart provides a comparison between two children showing a non traditional vs traditional nutritional pattern of food selections resulting in two very different likely outcomes. To avoid a “fussy” eater, it starts with YOU and the selections you offer your child. If you begin early with processed high sugary foods, it will […]