Publication1cropped425You read the title correctly!! Although there are many health benefits to ketogenic nutrition, it would be a mistake for the average person to jump on the bandwagon and follow this nutrition plan blindly.

…and let me add:


So, why would I discourage a plan I follow?


To obtain the benefits of this style of eating, it requires discipline and effort. If one is lackadaisical and incorporates:

  1. healthy or unhealthy carbohydrates in excess of this nutrition plan’s protocol or

  2. incorporates too many calories from protein or

  3. chooses unhealthy sources of fats to attain adequate percentages required

the outcome could be seriously harmful. It could lead to liver, gall bladder, cardiac, pancreatic and vascular complications.

So, what’s the main reason people are jumping on the Ketogenic bandwagon?



Why is this a bad idea? Those attempting to use nutrition plans/diet plans EXCLUSIVELY for weight loss ultimately FAIL 95+% of the time (either losing the weight or maintaining the weight loss.)

Weight loss should NEVER be the primary goal for choosing a nutrition plan! Weight loss should simply be the END RESULT of a nutrition plan inclusive of a LIFESTYLE PLAN designed to support healthier living.


It means that human BEHAVIOR requires ONGOING MOTIVATION to sustain lifestyle choices that may be less desirable, but necessary.


It means LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS requires ongoing events in life that produce enough motivation to help the individual choose LONG TERMNEEDS” over SHORT TERMWANTS” without resentment, anger or hostility. This motivation redirects one’s behavior from choosing pepperoni pizza to choosing (example) mixed greens with olive oil, garlic, feta cheese, avocado, kalamata olives and salmon. What possible motivation could drive one’s behavior away from delicious pepperoni pizza toward a mediocre substitute (the mixed greens meal?)


This is the MAGIC question each of us needs to answer to transition from recurring failing diets to successful lifestyle plans that add motivational QUALITY to our lives.


For example: MY MOTIVATION

At nearly 59 years of age, I like to participate in athletic activities such as softball, tennis, racquetball, bicycling, weight lifting, running, etc… I like going to the movies and dining with friends WITHOUT experiencing STIFFNESS when standing up! I like going to bed at night and falling asleep almost as quickly as my head hits the pillow! I like taking my dog for walks through hiking trails to enjoy some outdoor time with him. While on these trails, I enjoy the sounds of birds and wild animals. I marvel at the trees that have survived nature for hundreds of years.

I enjoy travelling with my wife. Quality living let’s me actively participate in physically challenging undertakings that many people my age are incapable of enjoying.



I also enjoy researching health topics. They reveal new options potentially improving my quality of life to an even greater extent than I currently experience.

For me, these are a few examples why I can “sacrifice” pepperoni pizza without feeling true deprivation. In my mind, the harmful effects of pepperoni pizza (and other harmful foods like fast food, processed food, foods full of pesticides and other chemicals, etc…) do not outweigh the PHYSICAL and MENTAL benefits I experience avoiding these “tasty,” but harmful choices. This is the MOTIVATION that guides MY BEHAVIOR!


Elaine and Me in Italy

What does your list of “LIKES” in life look like.


Is it MAINLY composed of things that support healthy living or behaviors and “wants” causing self harm? Can you understand if it is the latter, LONG TERM weight loss is basically unachievable (at least 95+% of the time based on the statistics) until you discover a NEW LIST of “LIKES” designed to create greater personal VALUE to life and meaningful qualitative living.


Stop jumping on the latest TRENDS and start discovering who you really are. Until you discover your own MOTIVATIONS in life to overcome obstacles interfering with quality living, destructive ADDICTIONS (ex unhealthy food, sedentary living, alcohol, etc…) will continue CONTROLLING YOU!

EVERY nutrition plan (low fat, Dr. Dean Ornish), (high fat, Ketogenic), (moderate fat, MEDITERRANEAN) etc…, can achieve and maintain healthy weight results. Each one is designed, however, to act as a TOOL; a component in a multi component PROCESS to achieving healthier outcomes. By REALISTICALLY combining this tool with other ESSENTIAL TOOLS (motion/exercise, proper hydration, stress reduction, quality sleep, social interaction and spiritual balance {for those who see GOD as an integral component}) CONTROL over LONG TERM weight loss and QUALITY LIVING becomes attainable.

Ketogenic nutrition offers amazing health benefits OR incredibly dangerous outcomes based on the user’s understanding and discipline to implement the protocols properly. Without this understanding, it becomes another “fad” diet, only this time, with even greater serious potential consequences.


The best approach to nutrition is finding a plan that meets your physical and emotional needs. Just remember, this is still only ONE COMPONENT in the process of achieving healthier outcomes (including the END RESULT of LONG TERM weight loss!) Until a realistic balanced approach inclusive of all ESSENTIAL components is designed AND IMPLEMENTED into daily living,

LONG TERM weight loss results will continue to elude 95+% of YOU!


  1. Needed to read this to remind myself of my goals. Will be sharing this article with my colleague as well. You are really inspiring! Cheers.

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    1. I appreciate your kind words. We share a common purpose as doctors; we want to help empower the consumer with greater awareness so they can better direct themselves as they pursue their purpose and pleasures in life. It’s a balancing act that constantly needs fine adjusting. The greater the constructive effort, the easier the decision making gets over time. Life is difficult, regardless, but so worth the effort!

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  2. I was on a keto diet for a few months due to a neurological problem that I thought it could fix. I agree, the diet is not for all, but for some, it works. I lost weight and my neurological problem resolved. I will be blogging about my experience in a future post and would like to reference your article. I’m not sure about bloggers etiquette, so wanted to ask you first. Thanks for your work. I think you keep us all on our toes!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. You are more than welcome to reference my work if you feel it can benefit your readers.

      Keto dates back to the 1920’s and was used for seizure disorders. Today it is being used to combat type 2 diabetes and may also benefit some cancer patients (as it relates to sugar metabolism by cancer cells and the inability of these cells to use ketones for fuel.)

      Glad to see you have benefitted from this nutrition plan as well. I look forward to reading your future article.


  3. It seems like everyone I know is jumping on the ketogenic diet bandwagon. The funny thing is a lot of them don’t seem to know much about it, so I think what you write here is spot on.

    I agree too that the motivation to choose healthy food over pepperoni pizza (my favorite indulgence by the way) has to come from more that just wanting to shed pounds. I personally enjoy being active and my mind is so much more clear when my body is fit.

    Maybe some day it will be clear enough to actually write another blog post…;)

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    1. It’s difficult to get our minds and bodies cooperating with each other. The act of “initiation” is really THE most difficult component in nearly every case including exercise and food selections. Most people agree getting dressed to exercise creates greater personal conflict than the act of exercising itself. “Just do it” is often easier said than done!


  4. Great post!

    Really enjoyed reading all of that, especially the truth about weight loss being a byproduct of aiming for healthy lifestyle changes, and improving overall health!

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. We share a similar mission with the articles we publish. I look forward to reading and learning more about your perspective in your future post writings.

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  5. Very many positives to take from this post and I agree it is all about finding a balance for you as an indiviidual..No one size fits all …A healthy balance suited to your lifestyle is best which is why I don’t like the word diet I think people get too hung up on that word and food is to be enjoyed in moderation….Good post 🙂

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    1. Many truths in what you say. Finding balance in LIFE requires ongoing ACTIVE participation. Makes the journey that much more exciting!

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  6. Bravo!!!! i never in the past looked at diet, as something connected with my emotions(with who i am)… Amazing ! Now i need time to put your precious advice into practise

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    1. Wishing you all the best on your journey.


  7. Very true!! I have to remind myself from time to time why I am doing what I am doing just because those old habits are still every where around. But it gets easier everytime I get out with my daughter playing soccer in anticipation of the World Cup ☺

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    1. Over time it does get easier. As quality living is experienced, it helps motivate better habits This, in turn, further improves positivity, outlook and awareness of greater opportunities in life.

      Enjoy the journey!

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  8. Great post, my son lost 50#s on a keto diet, He also took days off and worked out. He has been able to keep the weigh off, but not without working out and keeping a constant check on his eating habits. I admire him for knowing when it was time to come back to reality and understand that he needed to come back to basics. I have a list of pictures in my head, what I wish I could eat and be healthy against what I need to eat and be healthy, along with life pictures. I am hoping to change some of them in the future., thank you for another great post. I do love the picture of you hanging off the side of a building. You are a good man for sure!! XXkat

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    1. Congrats to your son. I hope fellow readers see that his weight loss was NOT simply based on a “diet.” Exercise also played an important role. As people begin understanding that GOOD HEALTH is a balancing act among various ESSENTIAL components, they stand a much better chance to achieve desired results.


      1. Yes I am very proud of him, gym time is as important as his job and relationship. he is doing great and should be here within the hour….whooohoooo!!!

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  9. This post really hit the spot today – I’ve been implementing yet more healthy changes here, and it’s good to have the motivation/reassurance that I’m doing the best things for my health and well-being. Keeping those long-term goals in mind!

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    1. You’ll find that gradually implementing changes makes the process more achievable for the LONG TERM. You are truly a wise person (with very amusing pets! 😀 )

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  10. I am with you. I know so many people using this for weight loss and they are setting themselves up for failure. I believe in moderation, eating healthy and allowing yourself the occasional treat. My mother is Greek and we grew up on that diet, which included eating vegetables, quality protein, balance, and moderation. My husband’s mother is doing this diet and recently told us she is using cauliflower as a baked potato replacement, which sounds fine, however, she is topping it with cheese, sour cream, and bacon. I think that is the mindset of many people. I am of the opinion, that a little potato is OK, just use a healthier fat, like olive oil, and eat it with veggies and chicken. Sorry for the long comment. 😀

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    1. Technically your mother in law is combining appropriate toppings for her cauliflower “mashed potato.” I agree with you, however, that healthier sources of fat should make up a larger percentage of the Keto plan. Burgers, bacon, sausage, pork, butter, etc… should play a smaller role than avocado, nuts, seeds, hemp, chia, flax, coconut oil, salmon, sardines, eggs, dk. meat chicken, etc…

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  11. I admire your motivations and share similar ones too with all who ask me what are my drives. I don’t do diets because although I have a strong self-discipline, I don’t want to push myself over any edge lol. Weight loss was a goal of mine a decade or so ago, now it is healthy life maintenance which is my overall vision. This includes so much more than what I eat and that is my whole focus. I believe am trying my best. Thanks for sharing this because I know many who wish to go on one diet or the other to lose weight, and I just shrug because sometimes you need to let people hit their heads against a wall before they can understand. Now, I could share this link with them too. Many think I am on a diet but I seriously can’t respect any diet unless for health reasons (and this I avoid like the flu hahaha)

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    1. It is clear you look at the WHOLE PICTURE when it comes to living life. “Dieting” is typically a short term component intended to produce “long term” results. 95+% of the time it DOESN’T work this way. People (as you write) sometimes need to repeatedly (and figuratively) “bang their heads in the wall” before they begin to realize that “diets” don’t work LONG TERM. Lifestyle habits work long term and produce significantly better results!

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      1. In French diets are called regime. Many keep asking me; Ton Regime, Ton Regime; ton means your – so three days ago I told one to first start by staying away from sodas for 7 days only and we could go from there. I asked today is she started, she said no but she promises to start tomorrow. If only staying away from soda for 7 days can be this tough, would it be a K Diet?

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        1. This is such a common story. Without harmful factors requiring changes, people are generally unwilling to use their intelligence to determine necessary lifestyle behaviors. Unfortunately, PAIN and SUFFERING is required!

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  12. Thank you for sharing these important facts. It’s always important to be informed before starting anything new. By the way, you and your wife look amazing

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    1. Thank you for the compliments. I have always been one to “practice what I preach!” I have found it adds credibility and value to the message.

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  13. Awesome artical

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article.


  14. Great post Jonathan ! This is a powerful way of eating ! I remember years ago reading an artical of a girl suffering from seizures and the Ketogenic way of eating really helped her neurologically.

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    1. 100 years ago this nutritional approach was created to improve seizure activity. Today, it is recognized for so many additional HEALTHY attributes. It is anti-inflammatory, reduces insulin requirements helping cell receptor sites become more sensitive for sugar uptake, it produces CLEANER sources of fuel for the body to burn, it supports brain health, etc…

      Even though there are many health benefits, this nutrition plan is strict and requires significant discipline. It is a BAD idea to use it to lose weight, if one intends to abandon its parameters in favor of returning to previous eating patterns that commonly cause dangerous outcomes. Mixing a high fat diet with healthy and/or unhealthy carbohydrates is a formula designed for disaster!

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  15. This post is incredible! So many people hop on a diet trend with the intention of losing weight, only to be sorely disappointed, and then surprised when they fall off the wagon and return to their old habits. I love that you added your own motivation, your why, when it comes to making the right food choices. I’ll be sharing this! 🙂

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    1. So sorry for a delayed reply.
      Thank you for your kind words. Credibility is so important when ANY recommendation is made by a doctor. I wish more doctors would apply common sense to treatment recommendations. Just because an approach may be effective (ex. Keto diet) for reducing weight or improving insulin receptor sensitivity, doesn’t mean a person will be capable or willing to subject themselves to its limitations. A good physician understands the thinking and boundaries of a patient. It is the physician’s responsibility to determine a plan of action that works within the need and capability of the patient to achieve the desired results. A doctor should NOT feel like they’ve done their job simply because they’ve provided an option; it must be REALISTIC as well if true change is going to occur.

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  16. This is a really interesting and insightful post. Thank you for sharing! I’d love for you to check out my blog; where I share tips on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. Have an awesome day 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment. You provide quality info on your site as well. Keep up the good work.

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