As a physician, I never owned the multi-million dollar clinic. I ran a LOWER volume practice. I rented a 1200sq/ft facility in a strip center. I had two treatment rooms. I practiced under these conditions for over 20 years. Doesn’t sound very glamorous does it? The title physician or doctor typically generates a more glamorous […]

As a physician who provided nutritional guidance for my patients, I learned over time what it took to help them succeed on their journey to weight loss. It was clear that those focusing predominantly on the scale would unlikely succeed at losing weight and/or MAINTAINING weight loss. I began noticing a pattern emerging that demonstrated […]

When is the right time to choose between: a typical nutritional lifestyle including pizza, pasta, fast food or ice cream and TYPE 2¬†DIABETES? When is the right time to choose between: a typical sedentary lifestyle and HEART DISEASE? When is the right time to choose between: a typical “spiraling out of control” lifestyle and DEPRESSION? […]

If you don’t know what IKEA is, it is a Swedish-founded Dutch-based multinational group, that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories. It has been the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008. They are famous for their PICTURE ONLY instruction manual. If we applied the IKEA instruction manual (as a guide) to […]

Doctors¬† may have discovered causes that validate destructive human behavior and the unhealthy patterns we tend to follow, but it doesn’t conclusively define one’s destiny. Relying on the cognitive (RATIONAL) mind and the foundational structures we establish (via quality patterns of behavior) we have repeatedly demonstrated how capable we are in determining (to a large […]

The Chinese finger trap is designed to prevent escape. When a finger on each hand is inserted inside this apparatus and pulled in opposite directions, this devise traps both fingers making escape very difficult. If we showed this finger trap to people and explained just how difficult it would be to free their fingers once […]

TV advertising is expensive and designed to increase consumer awareness to various services and products. Many of these products can HARM the consumer even if federal guidelines are followed providing some level of awareness explaining these dangers. “The latest statistics for 2016 showed drugmakers on track to spend an estimated 6.4 BILLION dollars on direct […]