Each new day provides an option to experience life from one of two perspectives” What obstacles WILL I FACE and what will it take to “SURVIVE?“ What opportunities WILL I CREATE to further advance down the path I CHOOSE TO LIVE? The personal decision to approach life from either of these perspectives comes down to […]

Although many people choose to avoid disagreement especially over controversial topics, their is a HEALTH sacrifice one makes in following this path. Good health is a subject that incorporates MANY different aspects of living. Most people view “good health” as the absence of disease. One only needs to look at the most recent unfortunate diagnosis […]

Wait a minute…. “I thought I was told to eat LESS and exercise MORE to lose weight?” FIRST: There isn’t one secret that fits everyone’s body to successfully attain a desired weight and physical/mental health status. There are approaches that create a BASIS to initiate the process which, are then, CUSTOM TAILORED to the individual […]

The television program, “Good Morning America” had a segment about a 26 year old female that decided to transform her body from competitive physique athlete to average everyday “Jane.” She posted the photo above on Facebook to share her (initial feelings of “shame”) with the world before deciding she was happier with the new person. […]

The headline in the U.K.’s Daily MAIL online news journal read: High-fat diets are to blame for 80% of colorectal cancers in U.S. (REFERENCE TO THE NEWS ARTICLE: HIGH FAT DIETS LINKED TO 80% OF COLON CANCERS) Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic discovered a specific pathway linking high fat diets to COLON CANCER. Based on […]

As we age, our bones become less dense. This is a NORMAL part of the aging process. We have been taught to believe a reduced bone density increases our chances for FRACTURES. In reality, bone density (in and of itself) is NOT a good basis for determining the likeliness for fractures. The combination of physical […]

When did we sign ANY informed consent authorizing our government and agricultural industry to enroll us in an experimental “HUMAN LIVESTOCK” PROJECT (using potentially toxic chemicals for farm use and residential use) to see whether we’d suffer any serious adverse health outcomes? Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are poisons that KILL weeds, insects and other […]