When you look at this picture, are the vertical and horizon lines in the middle bowed or straight? ARE YOU SURE? . Does the next picture add perspective that reinforces your original assumption or makes you uncertain about your continued ability to defend your original “certainty.” Notice how the red lines are perfectly straight and […]

What Many See: fat ugly lazy What I See: unhappiness insecurity eventual unnecessary loss of quality and function in life systemic inflammation with resulting chronic diseases . What Many See: a musical icon enormous wealth an eccentric lifestyle What I  See: unhappiness insecurity eventual unnecessary loss of quality and function in life systemic inflammation with […]

In America, we tend to approach the concept of “health” from a “disease” perspective. We think in terms of health “crises,” health “maladies” (“conditions,”) health “compromises,” etc… The reason we view health from this perspective is because we don’t typically think about our health until something goes wrong. Quite frequently, this is how we approach […]

“Why Monitor A Problem If You’re Not Going To Fix It?” Lifelock, a personal credit monitoring company regularly uses this quote in their advertising. Lifelock differentiates itself from its competitors by accepting ACCOUNTABILITY and taking action to help RESOLVE potential credit fraud (rather than simply pointing out that fraud has been committed.) If, as consumers […]

When it comes to the length and the quality of our lives, there is no plan of action that guarantees results. That being said, there are choices we can make that increase the chances for longer healthier lives. When Babe Ruth picked up his first baseball bat he wasn’t a natural home run hitter. When […]

Wow….kinda sounds like an opening comment made at an alcoholics anonymous meeting! Fortunately (YOUR NAME) doesn’t believe (he or she) suffers from this “unhealthy” status and can continue to follow the current path without eventual harmful ramifications. Although everyone has the right to follow their own chosen path, it may be time to reconsider your […]

How would you feel knowing your Pediatrician’s paycheck is supplemented by an incentive based vaccination program offered by insurance companies? Is the vaccine recommendation by your child’s doctor in your child’s best interest or your doctor’s best interest? Are you willing to rely on your doctor’s recommendation when a financial conflict of interest clearly exists? […]