WANT TO EXPERIENCE BETTER HEALTH: Stop worrying how others judge you and START relying on how you judge YOURSELF!


As a physician, I never owned the multi-million dollar clinic. I ran a LOWER volume practice. I rented a 1200sq/ft facility in a strip center. I had two treatment rooms. I practiced under these conditions for over 20 years.

Doesn’t sound very glamorous does it?

The title physician or doctor typically generates a more glamorous image. To me, it did! You see, my “glamour” came from the work I performed. It came from the results my patient’s experienced. It came from recognizing the many lives affected by the guidance I offered. It came from the excitement I experienced as I woke each day wondering what solutions would reveal themselves to me overcoming the many obstacles interfering with quality patient outcomes.

How many of you approach life with this kind of zeal? How many of you are so focused on MEANINGFUL tasks that imagery or perception by others doesn’t matter?


Implementing this philosophy into one’s life removes the typical FEAR of comparison. Success or failure is determined by one’s own standards rather than the judgement of others. You will likely find self judgement is often more critical than the judgement offered by those around you. This is because PERSONAL PRIDE (not ego) often sets a very high personal standard. It is this sense of pride that reveals VALUE we possess and the joy experienced as we share our purpose with others.


Reducing the world’s judgement to merely self judgement makes the number of critics much easier to deal with. It doesn’t matter if you flip burgers or become a supreme court judge. Personal pride, personal integrity and sufficient effort should guide one’s actions in pursuing any chosen or assigned task. These attributes often determine the results and satisfaction experienced at the end of the day. It may be a “stepping stone” to a greater eventual purpose or be the final destination in life; whatever the outcome is, the experience will likely add VALUE to the journey.

This level of personal conviction helps create a protective barrier preventing society from imposing its “noise” and “distractions” on each of us. It also tends to isolate us from the majority of society convinced we’re “wrong” simply because our thoughts and/or actions are different.


This protective barrier, however, also makes it possible to pursue new PRIORITIES in life (ex. QUALITY HEALTH); a priority society tends to ignore. You see, without quality health, it becomes difficult if not impossible to share one’s personal GIFTS with the world (gifts each one of us innately possess!) Sub-par health tends to drain one’s energy and resources while limiting one’s focus to self needs.

Re-prioritizing one’s NEEDS creates greater opportunities to move forward. Factors that once interfered with personal progress no longer stand in the way. The laundry list of “impediments”:

  • health maladies

  • finances

  • stress

  • work

  • family

  • etc…

no longer determine our destiny. EXCUSES no longer define our limitations. Instead, they are simply seen as various components within an equation requiring action steps to achieve a greater MISSION and PURPOSE in life.


Accepting and even welcoming these CHALLENGES in LIFE opens doors to all kinds of possibilities. It has been my guide to discovering and understanding the personal and professional path I follow today.  As we utilize resources for knowledge (ex. doctors, accountants, lawyers, etc…) to make our OWN personal DECISIONS rather than relying on these resources to make these DECISIONS for us, we begin feeling empowered with greater CONFIDENCE and CONTROL over life. Our actions are no longer determined by how society judges us, but rather by a higher ethical and moral standard we choose to use to judge ourselves. This new state of mind shields us and alters our response to a judgmental society and its attempts to impose itself on us. Self reliance and self judgement helps each one of us remain more focused on our individual MISSION(S), reducing our fears and concerns for societal “acceptance” .


The result is (a) less stress, (b) less concern for comparison to others, (c) greater independence, (d) greater self confidence, (e) greater self pride and a (f) stronger reliance on an ethical and moral foundation to live our lives.

This is a basis for achieving BETTER HEALTH. This is a quality of life you can choose to LIVE!


  1. Wise words indeed…Society places too much pressure on individuals and most fear what others think. This is such a shame as we should be answerable to ourselves and happy within ourselves. So much pressure from media in today’s world. I always told my children that I didn’t mind if they were not top of the class IF they could look me in the eye and say ” I did my best” All we can do is our best and everyone has a worth…Not everyone is academic, not everyone can be a pop star but everyone has something within them which should be nurtured and allowed to blossom so they can be happy and be their own best 🙂

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    1. Your comment needs to be read by the entire world. If the masses followed your example used with your children, our planet would have a much greater sense of self sufficiency and security.

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      1. Wow..Thank you..I just try my best and be fair and honest with them and they have all done well and have found a good place in the world, they work hard and are good parents so my job is done I am happy 🙂

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  2. You’ve really pinpointed the root of so much misery in the world, which is the desperate need to “measure up” and please others. I’ve definitely suffered from this and you are so right that letting go of that brings true freedom.

    That was neat to see pictures of your old office. Do miss being in practice at all?

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    1. It requires too much expenditure of energy and emotions to worry about everyone else and their PERCEPTIONS. As we focus on our own mission in life, our ability to achieve this/these goals begins to dominate our feelings of self value. Since the rest of the world benefits from our success, we no longer concern ourselves with their (potentially) imposing views. I have found this philosophy to life very satisfying. It continues to make “dealing with the world” easier.

      I do miss the one on one experience. Blogging, however, gives me greater opportunities to spread (what I consider important concepts and ideas) with a greater population of people from around the world.

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  3. “How many of you approach life with this kind of zeal? How many of you are so focused on MEANINGFUL tasks that imagery or perception by others doesn’t matter?” My both hands are up here. Thanks so much doc. I would have chosen your practices anytime. Indeed, the one I looking forward to opening as a therapist will be so tailored in modesty though welcoming.

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    1. I can see this in you. Your personality is clearly more focused on PEOPLE and THEIR outcomes than the credit you will ultimately be given by them.

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      1. Doc, am honoured. You are right and I am more fulfilled that way and more intune with my innerself and creator. You sure lead the way

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  4. I have never needed the most expensive, I learned at a young age, just because it looks more expensive means its better. Also another lesson was never to judge by the cover. Great post. Moving from the bay area to Yuma, basically a border town, 22 miles from Mexico, we are not in Kansas anymore was my thought, however that didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be quality health care. A little leg work and I have found an excellent health team here for us. Our health team in California offices are almost exactly what I have found here. Its not what they have around them to me, its about who they are what they can offer in medical advice. Thanks Jonathan. kat Are you still getting snow??

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    1. Most people agree we do better in life with QUALITY (whatever it deals with) than QUANTITY/APPEARANCE. Sometimes “aesthetics” are needed when quality is in short supply. Glad you were able to make a successful transition from CA To AZ.

      Snow is all gone. Didn’t have any accumulation; just the pretty aspect of falling flakes.

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  5. Yes, yes, yes!! So true!

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    1. Thank you for your support for this concept of living.


  6. You have hit the nail on the head Doc. We always miss this wholesome truth. Personal growth in all ramifications with the key words; confidence and control. That’s the most important thing.

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    1. Agree completely!!

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  7. This is one of my all-time favorite blog posts of yours – it makes me want to go out and seize the day even more than I try to do so every day.

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    1. …and if there’s one person who can seize the day, it is certainly YOU!…
      Thank you so much for the kind words.

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  8. 100% correct !!! I have always believed in doing one’s level best, and not to worry about what anyone says.
    This post speaks volumes !!!

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    1. I have always believed “doing the best” for that person we see in the mirror every morning is the MAIN person we need to focus on.

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  9. This is a terrific message Doctor Jonathan and one that I wish they would teach in schools. Perhaps then the teenage suicide and even the terrible affects that bullying has on children would become extinct. Thank you for another thought-provoking post Doctor!

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    1. Thank you Joan for your kind words. You mention important issues that truly need addressing!

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  10. More great wisdom! All so true. Unfortunately, fear of judgment is so heavily imposed by society, an undoing of judgment from others needs to happen to really be content with our choices. Thanks, Dr. Jonathan!

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    1. Unfortunately, we can only turn to ourselves and our ability to LEARN how to choose how to deal with impositions by society. There will ALWAYS be those who judge; it is up to us to determine whether we will choose to let these people direct our lives. It’s not easy to stand up for personal values and beliefs. I question, however, whether it’s just as difficult to live by standards one disagrees with in an effort to blend in and hide from judgement .

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      1. So true that the influence others have on us can be powerful if we don’t have a steady sense of self. And even then, unlearning to please others takes time.

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        1. Stated beautifully!!

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