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EAT LESS GAIN WEIGHT: EXERCISE MORE INCREASE INFLAMMATION? WHAT???? - Wait a minute…. “I thought I was told to eat LESS and exercise MORE to lose weight?” FIRST: There isn’t one secret that fits everyone’s body to successfully attain a desired weight and physical/mental health status. There are approaches that create a BASIS to initiate the process which, are then, CUSTOM TAILORED to the individual […]
“HELP MAKE TOMORROW POSSIBLE” - With a tagline like, “HELP MAKE TOMORROW POSSIBLE” you almost have to wonder how we’ve survived without the assistance of the pharmaceutical drug: ENTRESTO This commercial (seen regularly on television, heard regularly on the radio and read regularly in many magazine publications) plays on our emotions by including the song, “The Sun Will Come Out […]
DEFLECTION - Have you ever noticed when a question is asked on a controversial topic, the respondent rarely (if ever) provides a direct answer. Why do you think that is? Is it because: the truthful answer is unclear skirting the question avoids potential backlash the truthful answer is POLITICALLY INCORRECT! When the consumer is asked for their […]
WHICH SET OF DOORS BETTER REPRESENTS YOUR LIFE? - . Who would have thought choosing a preference between two sets of doors could potentially explain the paths in life we’re following? Let’s see if you agree. THE SALOON DOORS: These set of doors have withstood the test of time. They’ve provided boundaries, while making it clear that guests are welcomed. Their simplicity in appearance […]
A NATION DESENSITIZED TO DISEASE - No one wants to be sick, yet the leading diseases we face (and CAUSE) continues to spiral upward. Where is the disconnect between our rational understanding of disease and the destructive behavioral patterns we follow? It can be summed up in one word: DESENSITIZED . As we experience various atrocities in life our INITIAL response […]
IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION vs. DELAYED GRATIFICATION - The developing brain plays an important role in explaining why some people achieve better health results than others. Lifestyle habits during early childhood lay down neural pathway that tend to favor RATIONAL or EMOTIONAL dominance. Repetition strengthens these pathways resulting in lifestyle behaviors that are difficult to modify. . How would you answer the following […]
GOOD HEALTH REQUIRES A STRONG FOUNDATION - If a house is built on a poor foundation, its structural integrity would fail. The human body requires this same strong foundation to maintain its integrity to achieve the quality of life desired. Unfortunately, a majority of us stand on foundations created from “APATHY” and ongoing TOXIC BEHAVIOR rather than thoughtfully designed structures fortified by […]
THE ROOT CAUSES OF DISEASE - So many articles have been written suggesting the need to discover the ROOT CAUSES of problems to more effectively address the CAUSES OF DISEASE. We read these articles and support the concept in THEORY, but not in PRACTICE. What FACTOR interferes with our rational thinking as we attempt to apply this concept to HEALTH and […]
HOW WOULD I HANDLE BORDERLINE OR INTERMITTENT DISEASES/CONDITIONS versus YOUR DOCTOR? - Borderline and intermittent diseases/conditions often exist without symptoms (or with occasional symptoms) leaving most people capable of living a life without obvious restrictions. Some of these diseases/conditions might include borderline high blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol, borderline type 2 diabetes, borderline depression, borderline overweight, borderline under/overactive thyroid and intermittent indigestion. Let’s look at a common […]
A DOCTOR CAN’T FIX………. WITH PRESCRIPTIONS - A doctor can’t fix HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE with prescriptions. A doctor’s prescription can FORCE the body’s blood vessels to (temporarily) relax reducing blood pressure. A doctor can FORCE the body to (temporarily) excrete more bodily fluids reducing blood pressure. …BUT THE UNDERLYING CAUSE OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE REMAINS UNFIXED… A doctor can’t fix DEPRESSION with prescriptions. A […]
DEMYSTIFYING DISEASE - When most of think of DISEASE, we think of viral flu’s or bacterial infections. We don’t think about heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer or obesity. We classify these “terms” as “CONDITIONS” rather than diseases. Taber’s medical dictionary defines DISEASE as: “A condition marked by subjective complaints, a specific history, clinical signs and symptoms, and laboratory […]
HELPING YOUR DOCTOR DETERMINE IF CHOLESTEROL MEDICATION IS NEEDED - The average patient assumes lab values are full of complicated data that only qualified physicians are capable of reading and understanding. With more than 43 million Americans taking cholesterol lowering drugs, do YOUR LAB VALUES show a REAL NEED based on the latest science, or are you being prescribed these medications to support the “HEALTH” […]
THE STROKE THAT CONFUSED DOCTORS - The gentleman was 89 years old. He was already taking Nifedipine and Atenolol (blood pressure medications,) Clopidogrel (a blood thinner,) Baby Aspirin (a blood thinner,) and Simvastatin (a cholesterol medication.) The combination of these pharmaceutical drugs were supposed to protect against cardiovascular disease and stroke. On February 9th, 2016, this gentleman drove himself to the […]
THE PYRAMID MODEL OF HEALTH AND DISEASE - As a physician passionate about health, I constantly search for answers to discover why so many people live a “DISEASED” life. After creating the following pyramid, I realized that good quality health produced a broad base to this structure, but occupied a much smaller vertical component. The four bottom rows qualify as the “HEALTHY” foundation. […]
POISON - Poison is defined as: “a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed.” What if research found that fast food consumption four or more times a week increased the risk of DEATH from heart disease by: 80%? What if research found that fast food consumption […]
“9 OUT OF 10 DON’T KNOW IT” - DIABETES is a DISEASE most people simply view as a “CONDITION.” It is certainly not FEARED like CANCER. This misconception is based on the belief that diabetes is CONTROLLED with prescription medication. This has proven to be an UNRELIABLE approach to addressing the underlying mechanisms of this disease and entirely incapable at reversing it LONG […]
CAN THE METHOD BE THE PROBLEM? - With the new year 28 days in the making, many New Year’s resolutions have already hit a brick wall. The infamous: “I want to lose weight” “I want to be more physically fit” “I want to feel like I did when I was twenty years old” is a recurring mission many of us undertake, but […]
ERADICATING DISEASE BY CONQUERING “GERMS:” AN EXERCISE IN FUTILITY - How can I make such an ARROGANT statement when the scientific community with significantly more experience and knowledge has claimed to have already eradicated disease (ex. Small Pox?) What scientific facts do I base my “assumptions” on? I base my assumptions on: THE LAWS OF EXISTENCE THE REALITY OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR . THE LAWS OF […]
HELPING PATIENTS TO CHANGE MINDSETS REQUIRES DOCTORS TO CHANGE MINDSETS FIRST! - The following advertisement was recently sent to me by a reputable nutritional business representing two companies. The intention of this ad was to create a win-win-win scenario. THESE COMPANIES would make money selling me (THE DOCTOR,) their quality products. I, in turn, would make money selling these quality products to THE PATIENT. The patient, in […]
STRESS ISN’T REALLY THAT DANGEROUS; IS IT? - “My job creates so much stress.” “My marriage is so stressful.” “The holidays are always a stressful time of year.” We hear the word “STRESS” so often, we are almost immune to the REAL HARM it often produces. It is NOT just a NOUN or VERB. It is an EMOTION that causes SERIOUS HEALTH COMPLICATIONS […]
Santa Claus’s Transition - Originally, this story was going to be based on modern day times. In keeping with the latest trends, Santa Claus’s transition was going to look something like the following: . As a traditionalist, I decided to avoid such controversy and to instead reveal the “TRUE STORY” of Santa’s health and weight transition. Santa Claus, like […]
DO FEDERAL REGULATIONS PROTECT THE CONSUMER OR THE DRUG MANUFACTURERS? - On Dec. 14, 2016 the Federal Register contained an item (21 CFR Part 1308) that establishes a new drug code for “marihuana extract.” This new code (RECEIVING ZERO MEDIA ATTENTION) attempts to make CBD oil (an extract from BOTH HEMP AND MARIJUANA PLANTS) illegal. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? There is much controversy over the legalization […]
“KNOWING” vs. “UNDERSTANDING” DETERMINES PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO HEALTHY OUTCOMES - When it comes to health, most people already know (to a large degree) the basics. Exercise more, eat less, yada, yada, yada… So why don’t more people follow this accepted protocol to living? It is my opinion that: “KNOWING” vs. “UNDERSTANDING“ is a major reason for non compliance. “KNOWING” the basics doesn’t explain WHY the […]
WAITING FOR SYMPTOMS - What motivates your behavior? When I ask this question, most people hesitate responding. After a pause, the typical answer is, “I don’t think in terms of MOTIVATION, but rather HABIT. The term habit is more commonly associated with a NEGATIVE response than a positive one. “Kicking a habit,” “force of habit,” “old habits die hard” […]
How Do We CREATE (CAUSE) Disease And Dysfunction? - Most people think of disease as something we “CATCH.” The flu, chicken pox, sinus infections, are a few examples. Then there are diseases that are non communicable like diabetes, obesity and cancer. Dysfunction is a term that applies to the loss of muscle, vital organs (ex. heart, liver, gastrointestinal tract, etc…) joint, tendon or ligament […]
HOW GULLIBLE ARE WE? - In the United States we recently had an election. Platform differences between Republicans and Democrats included how to deal with: Social Security Medicare Health Insurance Veteran’s health care Taxes …as well as other topics… Are these not the same topics that have been discussed each and every election for the last 40+ years? What makes […]
CAN TREATING ALZHEIMER’S WITH FLOWERS PROVIDE COMPARABLE RESULTS TO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS? - Be honest, you saw the title and SMIRKED! Am I right? If I was in your shoes, I probably would have smirked too! In reality, many of the medicinal products we’re prescribed by our doctors are synthetic chemicals designed to COPY the physiological benefits naturally produced by plants . Since the law doesn’t permit the […]
HEALTHY CHOICES: AN OXYMORON - Everyone knows that exercising and consuming quality foods are key components necessary for healthy living. Why then do professionals who study exercise and nutrition disagree on which exercises and which foods contribute to healthy outcomes? The following are some examples. FOODS STATEMENT:  LEGUMES and GRAINS are healthy plant foods and should account for a significant […]
CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? - Jack Nicholson played Colonel Jessep in a 1992 movie entitled, “A Few Good Men.” The famous line from that movie was: YOU WANT THE TRUTH?  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! We live in a time and a world really no different from the past. Sure, there’s technology and modernization, but the basic structural foundation in […]
DOES YOUR DOCTOR ORDER THE BEST LAB TESTING FOR YOUR HEALTH? - Most people rely on an annual physical exam as well as blood and urine samples to determine their health. This method of screening for diseases has been used for well over 100 years. With the advent of modern technology, one must ask the question, “do these testing standards continue to meet the COMPREHENSIVE needs of […]
SHIFTING THE MEANING OF “TRYING” FROM EXCUSE TO POSITIVE INTENT - We find ourselves in a time when the health of our population continues to diminish even though the life expectancy continues to lengthen. This translates (for many) into a prolonged “life sentence” of disease, dysfunction and depression. To reverse this direction, we need to discover real motivation within ourselves. We need to understand and accept […]
ATTITUDE - Attitude is an interesting word that has a profound impact on our emotional well being. It can work in our favor or impede our ability to grow and develop. Surprisingly, many people with “good” attitudes often possess an over abundance. Conversely, many people with “bad” attitudes suffer from such significant positive emotion deficit, their attitudes […]
“WHAT IF OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM KEPT US HEALTHY?” - After seeing the title of this post on a Ted Talk given by Rebecca Onie I knew I had to borrow it. It suggests a hypothesis most of us already assume is the goal. BUT IS IT? . Does our healthcare system attempt to keep us healthy? To answer this question, we must define the […]
MOTIVATION - How often do we think to ourselves, “if only someone could help MOTIVATE me!” “Maybe I need a personal trainer and a nutritionist to provide MOTIVATION to keep me on track to become healthier and lose weight?” There are plenty of good qualified trainers and nutritionists, yet weight problems and health issues continue to plague […]
COMPASSION AND DOCTORING - When I think about my health care education several words come to mind. They include: science anatomy and physiology analysis pathology disease diagnosis treatment All of these words were part of an excellent education that taught me the science of health care. They provided basic skills to evaluate TANGIBLE conditions with treatment protocols that followed […]
IN SEARCH OF HONESTY - When it comes to our health, where can we find the one PERSON to turn to for an HONEST accurate answer? This is a flawed question because it presupposes one source is capable of providing an accurate HONEST answer all the time. It also excludes various mitigating factors that interfere with unbiased objective information used to […]
EXERCISE (Performed With (1) Pen And (2) Pieces Of Paper) - Most people think of exercise as a form of movement requiring great effort that typically results in great quantities of sweat. Let’s try a different type of exercise and see what the end result produces. This exercise will take less than 3 minutes. Please find a pen and (2) pieces of paper and write down […]
“I Was Told It Was Genetics” - Genetics is a very scary topic. It makes people feel like victims within their own bodies producing “lifetime sentences” of disease and death. It has lead to the “justification” for lifetime renewable prescriptions for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and many other conditions. Many doctors have helped remove the “guilt” from patients by […]
WHOSE JOB IS IT TO FIND CURES FOR CHRONIC DISEASES? - If someone asked you, “whose job is it to find cures for chronic diseases,” what would your answer be? Doctors? Pharmaceutical Companies? Researchers, Developers and Scientists? Most people probably believe at least one of these choices answers the question (if not a combination of these choices.) In this post, I’m going to try to convince […]
“CHOOSING NOT TO BE SICK!” - With all the choices and decisions we must make in life, I am adding one more to your list; the choice: NOT TO BE SICK! . Most people don’t realize this is a CONSCIOUS CHOICE we must make to reduce the frequency, intensity and durations of typical illnesses as well as life altering diseases including […]
What Is The Value Of Individual Life - At what point in life do we begin facing a reality that reveals the PURPOSE OF REPRODUCTION has changed from perpetuating a species, to growing enormous wealth for the large industries and manufacturers of the world. We no longer look to develop and create products and services that enhance the quality of our lives. Instead, […]
THE FDA, DIABETES & LOCKJAW - What is the relationship between the Food and Drug Administration, Diabetes and my lack of ability to CLOSE MY MOUTH (also known as LOCKJAW?) Give up? The answer can be found in an April 15th, 2016 article entitled, “FDA: 2 Diabetes Drugs May Be Linked to Heart Failure Risk.” In this article the FDA states, […]
“Always Check With Your Doctor First” - WHY? What expertise does the average family practitioner have when it comes to making health recommendations regarding exercise and nutrition? The answer is usually NONE! Now some will argue, it is important to determine whether it is safe to begin exercising or changing a dietary pattern. I would respond, if it is necessary to ask […]
TAKING BACK CONTROL - If we removed our access to ALL pharmaceutical drugs If we removed our access to ALL processed foods and artificial food like substances If we removed our access to ALL televisions and devices promoting sedentary living If we removed our access to ALL soda, sport drinks and fruit juices What impact would this have on […]
HEALING: Seeing The Reality - This post will VERY BRIEFLY and in as SIMPLE TERMS AS POSSIBLE explain the natural healing process. There is a PURPOSE for this explanation so please don’t skip reading it. After a person cuts him or herself, there are basically three phases in natural healing (defined as letting the body heal without outside assistance.) The […]
Filling A Prescription - Doctors will prescribe (according to the 2012 CDC statistics) 2.3 billion DRUGS to their patients over one year. Over 67% of routine office visits will conclude with a prescription. The top three prescriptions are: Analgesics (pain medication) Antihyperlipidemic agents (cholesterol medications) Antidepressants There are plenty of cases where prescriptions are indicated and necessary, but are […]
High Blood Pressure: The Most Popular Club In Town - According to the journal, Circulation 2015, 1 out of 3 adults has hypertension (high blood pressure.) It also states that 1 out of three adults has pre-hypertension (borderline high blood pressure.) With such a large percentage of the population suffering these health conditions, what is the consumers perspective of these diagnoses? In most cases they […]
53 Seconds Of Fun With Toddlers - Give a child the proper quantities of water and the parental guidance to get outside and exercise and anything is possible. See for yourself. If this put a smile on your face, it only took 53 seconds out of your day to accomplish this. Why not add 53 seconds each day and see how quickly […]

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