Publication1 CROPPED 500When most of think of DISEASE, we think of viral flu’s or bacterial infections. We don’t think about heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer or obesity. We classify these “terms” as “CONDITIONS” rather than diseases.

Taber’s medical dictionary defines DISEASE as:

A condition marked by subjective complaints, a specific history, clinical signs and symptoms, and laboratory or radiographic findings.” defines DISEASE as:

a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY or IMBALANCE, TOXICITY, or unfavorable environmental factors.”

Isn’t it interesting the medical definition excludes nutrition (deficiency and/or imbalance,) environmental factors and toxicity in favor of defining disease ONLY WHEN SUBJECTIVE COMPLAINTS (SYMPTOMS) CORRESPOND WITH OBJECTIVE FINDINGS (LAB VALUES AND OHER DIAGNOSTIC TESTING.)

If we take high blood pressure as an example, it is a condition that frequently has NO SUBJECTIVE SYMPTOMS. Are we to believe high blood pressure “is not a disease” unless the patient suffers dizziness, headaches, visual abnormalities, or more serious symptoms including heart attack or stroke? Wouldn’t elevated blood pressure demonstrate some form of SUB PAR FUNCTION AND IMBALANCE  in the body as a result of genetic or developmental errors, infection, NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY, TOXICITY, or unfavorable environmental factors and/or LIFESTYLE? Waiting for SYMPTOMS has given HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE the nickname “THE SILENT KILLER!”



If we look at this one simple example, it can apply to basically every other “named disease” (“condition.”)




It proves that DISEASE can (and DOES) exist prior to awareness and prior to SYMPTOMS. Whether it’s the measles, the flu, diabetes or cancer these diseased states of IMBALANCE are best addressed PRIOR to the onset of ANY SUBJECTIVE or OBJECTIVE evidence through PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE.

The medical definition of disease (as it relates to HEALTH) doesn’t show any correlation with nutrition, exercise, sleep, water intake, stress reduction or social interaction with family and friends. The medical definition seems to imply disease causes symptoms and that good health becomes evident in the absence of subjective symptoms and objective clinical findings. As you can see, the World Health Organization (dating back to 1948) has offered a very different view of Health and Disease.





Cancer is often discovered WITHOUT SYMPTOMS. Diabetes is often discovered WITHOUT SYMPTOMS. Elevated cholesterol is often discovered WITHOUT SYMPTOMS. Measles, on the other hand, is usually discovered WITH SYMPTOMS. It can take between 7 and 18 days (most commonly 10-12 days) to develop symptoms of measles after being infected. Do you believe measles is only a disease after the skin rash begins to show? Do you believe Diabetes is only a disease after laboratory confirmation? Is cancer only a disease after, it too, is discovered through diagnostic testing?

Diseased or DIS-EASED states of health are sub par states of health that many people “suffer from” without realizing it (early in the process.) Until SYMPTOMS are experienced, people do not ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE to support the physical and mental needs of their bodies.




  1. In many cases, health care providers do NOT reinforce this message the way it needs to be reinforced. Whether office visits are too limited in allotted time or disbelief that patients will comply with recommendations, the doctor does NOT emphasize strongly enough the important role the patient must play in PREVENTING DISEASE and MAINTAINING good health.

  2. The patient develops an apathetic attitude convincing themselves they can live destructive LIFESTYLES without compromising their HEALTH. This belief is based on satisfying emotional “wants” while blinding themselves to a diseased REALITY that awaits them in the future. It is an attitude expressed with, “I’ll deal with it when it happens!”

  3. Lack of proper and thorough education for children growing up.

There are plenty of people that comment on this blog site confirming the health concepts I share with my readers. Many of these people have lived this dangerous lifestyle I’ve discussed and have succumbed to various DISEASES/CONDITIONS.  It is (commonly) only after cardiac disease, diabetes or cancer is diagnosed that attitudes change and attempts are made to “UNDO” the harms they’ve caused.  (This does not mean every person with a disease has brought it on themselves.) It means a majority of people have made the conscious decision to take their chances and “roll the dice.”



unless you’re willing to take ACTIVE STEPS to significantly reduce the chances. DISEASE doesn’t usually “just happen.” Go back and review the two definitions of DISEASE at the beginning of this post. Now that you’ve had a chance to see “disease” from the perspective I’ve shared, which definition makes more sense to you (the medical definition or’s definition?



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  1. Wow! Great article. I agree with your observation that most people don’t believe it till they see it. We have done many health seminars where our students would say, “I don’t worry about my blood pressure. My blood pressure is perfect….I take meds.”
    When we talk to diabetics often, not always, but often they aren’t interested in changing their diet they just change the setting on their pump. It’s crazy to observe the way we all rationalize things. I’ve done it myself but I guess u gotta get sick amd tired of being sick and tired. To make a change

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    1. This is why I believe the true “cure” to living destructive unhealthy lifestyles requires quality accurate information in a formal setting (school) starting in elementary school. It also needs to be reinforced by doctors in a manner that pays more than “lip service” to healthy living. Health records must DOCUMENT the physician’s ongoing dialogue regarding SPECIFIC recommendations to help children develop into healthy adults. These records should include recommendations made to parents to satisfy the physical, mental and emotional needs of their children and resources they can turn to for added assistance.

      This approach would help society become significantly healthier while dramatically reducing the costs of health care we face today.

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      1. That’s awesome. I hear that first hand that our customers go to the Doctor and the Doctor just tells them what NOT to have usually adding, “If it tastes good spit it out.” Giving healthy food a bad rap.

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        1. Doctors are NOT educated on nutrition. Ironic that the father of medicine quoted, “Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food.” Not quite sure when the medical profession abandoned this profound and important quote. Probably around the time the pharmaceutical companies began funding the medical colleges! 🙂

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  2. Doc,

    Thanks for this eye opener. Now, another one from me. I just suffered a bout of mumps and oh how I felt it coming on saturday with an iritation never before experienced on my right jaw. I was embarrased, didn’t know it could happen to me and at what age. So I quickly go online to read all I can and bam, I learn that I can get affected by the virus 10 or so days before the physical manifestation. And, I find out, it’s a serious condition not to be fooled around am actually adviced to see an MD asap. Gladly for me, I blog about pretty much going on in my life. Feedback is not only full of empathy but with alternative treatment suggestions. Yet for ‘rapid relief’, I get an anti inflammatory. I peservere to take it for 3 days just to console the bucks spent – but oh my I do hate meds and they often always deal with me.

    But, your advice and my mum’s and even my own gut feeling, kept me on lots of Vits C, a full day of rest and eating my favourite veggies and fruits, frinking lots of homemade giner root juice and water in abundace. Today, the ’embarasing jaw swell’ is down to normal and I guess the tummy pains are the left over side effects of those meds. I read the leaflet and that was one of the side effects. I had earlier read on the net that if one followed their MD’s treatment, they could get well in 10 -14 days. Am well in 4 days and I feel like before. I didn’t skip a workout cause I knew that was going to help too.

    So yes, you are so right the definition of disease is flawed and the general tendency to rely on meds and and careless how we live is actually killing us slowly.

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    1. Congratulations overcoming a disease by providing your body the necessary tools to strengthen your immune system. Supporting this defense system allows it to FUNCTION as designed. This is the best FIRST approach to combating disease. Taking pharmaceuticals (in place of) supporting our immune systems causes a further weakening of it. This is similar to the concept, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” Drugs certainly have a place in health care. They are not, however, the best and safest approach to combating non lethal states of disease.

      You are another WONDERFUL example demonstrating the strength and vitality we possess IF we are willing to take personal responsibility for our health. You RESTORED balance to your body in a short period of time with minimal drug exposure and minimal toxic side effects.

      People do not understand the STRENGTH of their own bodies. They are made to FEAR states of ill health and “disease” to support a health care system (in the U.S.) This is both, unethical and immoral.

      Stories like yours are so important. People need to see REAL EXAMPLES of REAL LIFE ILLNESSES and the natural (credible) approaches people use to restore GOOD HEALTH to their bodies.

      It’s not magic; it’s not luck. It’s providing our bodies the support necessary to RESTORE and MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH! Most often (in non acute, non emergency situations) pharmaceutical therapy is an unnecessary expense that often causes secondary complications as well.

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      1. I love your replies to my comments. I used the mumps case because it was a very recent one and it was so public knowledge from the day go. I was sick for 2 good years with different issues including rheumatoid arthritis, was put on meds and got so up beat and meh. Gradually I thought to try it otherwise. And am who I am today, 4 years on no meds

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        1. Your story will resonate with many who read my posts. You are an inspiration and an important VOICE showing how taking back CONTROL of one’s life is so important to achieve a quality outcome.
          Keep those young ones around the house informed so they can grow up and enjoy the quality of life they desire too!

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  3. Great article….so much great information….thanks….xxkat

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    1. There’s enough “garbage” information so I thought I’d dare to be “different!” 🙂


      1. keep being different, its working…..xxkat

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  4. Excellent post Jonathan !!! Always thought provoking !!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Ms. Lynne. 🙂

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  6. Keep spreading this important information relating to health, another great post! your very consistent!

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    1. I appreciate your comment. I look forward to continuing to share these messages I believe are so important to the world at large.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this message.


  7. Good post!
    A lot of useful info! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Hoping these concepts shed new light on current thinking.

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  8. […] and Doctor J advised me on natural remedies and yes sleep. Wow, he tries to sound wake up calls, demystifying disease and passionately interacting with all on his platform. I don’t know about his offline […]

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