img0When it comes to health, most people already know (to a large degree) the basics. Exercise more, eat less, yada, yada, yada… So why don’t more people follow this accepted protocol to living? It is my opinion that:


is a major reason for non compliance.

KNOWING” the basics doesn’t explain WHY the basics are so important to follow. When people “UNDERSTANDWHY it is so important to incorporate lifestyle behaviors, they are more prone to follow them. “Understanding” vs. “Knowing” adds the additional validity and importance justifying the individual’s need to follow a behavior that might not necessarily be followed by simply “KNOWING.”


We “KNOW” REAL FOOD is important to eat. Most people, however, don’t “UNDERSTAND” why? They don’t “UNDERSTAND:”

  • REAL FOOD provides INFORMATION to the body that helps regulate genetic activity. Without this INFORMATION, the body is more susceptible to genetic MUTATIONS (alterations) that lead to disease and dysfunction.

  • PROCESSED FOOD (filled with chemicals, dyes, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc…) isn’t recognized by the body, doesn’t provide adequate nutrients OR VITAL INFORMATION and ultimately creates a situation where the body DOESN’T “UNDERSTAND” what to do with it. As a result, the normal process of ELIMINATION of its by products DOESN’T OCCUR resulting in the body storing these harmful agents. The accumulation of these toxic substances also makes the body more susceptible to disease and dysfunction.

We “KNOW” that EXERCISE is important to do multiple times per week. Again, most people do not “UNDERSTAND” why?

  • If people “UNDERSTOOD” the heart is a MUSCLE just like any other muscle requiring ACTIVE use to prevent it from weakening, it would make sense that regular exercise helps keep it strong. Taking it one step further, “UNDERSTANDING” the heart is responsible for the circulation of blood throughout the body necessary to “FEED” every ORGAN, would add to the “UNDERSTANDING” of the VITAL role of this MUSCLE. “UNDERSTANDING” the concept, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” makes it clearer to see how sedentary living only allows the heart to function PASSIVELY reducing its capability to function under conditions requiring increased demands (ex. stress {emotional and physical.}) “UNDERSTANDING” a weakened heart doesn’t necessarily produce SYMPTOMS and therefore can spontaneously FAIL without any warning (aka Heart Attack,) answers the “why” we should exercise creating the validity and importance “factor” necessary to incentivize the individual to begin a regular exercise program.

  • It is also important to “UNDERSTAND” the skeletal muscles are attached to the BONES which, when contracted during exercise, cause these bones to create NEW BONE CELLS. These new cells are important because they prevent the weakening of bones as we age (aka osteopenia and osteoporosis) responsible for FRACTURES from minimal exertion (getting out of bed or up from a chair.)

After reading this post, I hope I have helped convert your “KNOWING” about the importance of HEALTHY EATING and EXERCISE into a new “UNDERSTANDING” about the VITAL ROLE that REAL FOOD and EXERCISE plays in GOOD HEALTH and


they are ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS in preventing disease and dysfunction.


  1. Yes, I hope that blogs like ours will help give people understanding along with knowledge.

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  2. It’s like anything else people do “know” and even “understand”. But until they are faced with the either/or they will not do anything. My either/or was when I hit 190 pounds and about to be put on cholesterol meds. That was my limit that made me “understand”. Most people either do not realize or do not care until something happens.

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    1. It sounds like you believe people must experience some form of PAIN (emotional or physical) before modifying behavior. PLEASURE is the other lifestyle incentivizing behavior. The PLEASURE of living a life capable of doing ANYTHING you want to without relying on lifelong medications sounds like a more enjoyable option than attempting to UNDO the harm self imposed by making poor choices.

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      1. Definitely it is a lot better to be free of being dependent on drugs. Not necessarily pleasure or pain, but both are better motivator, but I think people have to be pushed to make a choice.

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  3. Good points ! I think the exercise and nutrition info should be taught in schools, primary school or high schools. They just ask kids to run around but without really explaining the why

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    1. We’ve discussed this before and I agree that this would be a crucial step in addressing this epidemic. We need support from the schools, the families and the communities to make an impact on correcting this UNNECESSARY cause of DISEASE and DYSFUNCTION.


  4. maureenrose7 · · Reply

    Sometimes I guess it takes some of us a wicked kick in the pants before we pay attention to what is best for us. I speak from experience πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s funny, people change behavior for basically two reasons:
      1. PAIN
      2. PLEASURE
      Why people insist on using PAIN over PLEASURE as their incentive is so unfortunate and unnecessary.

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      1. maureenrose7 · · Reply

        Yes it really is unfortunate but I guess like the saying goes ‘If I had only known then what I know now’ haha! Because now oh my goodness, is incredible!! πŸ™‚

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  5. And its so wonderful when you put that unhealthy bite in your mouth and it taste like lard….one of my favorite things about getting healthy….enjoying the taste of real food….fresh, unprocessed….LOL don’t get me wrong….you can put several healthy foods together and they can become unhealthy with just one ingredient, sugar, fat, salt….pumpkin pie comes to mind….LOL I did try to make it without the canned milk and sugar…interesting it was, pumpkin pie it was not!!! LOL great article…on to Facebook it goes….

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    1. Three levels of food:
      1. Healthy REAL FOOD
      2. Healthy alternative side foods/desserts

      Including ALL THREE categories just makes sense to me. It is realistic and prevents deprivation. It is creating the appropriate BALANCE based on body NEEDS. ALWAYS feed your body HEALTHY FIRST! Fill it up on good quality nutrition, then add (if desired) category #3. This is a realistic plan and WORKS if given the chance.

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  6. Another great post – I confess that I don’t always strive to understand why I should do these things, I just know that the outcomes (feeling better, looking better, etc.) justify engaging in exercise and healthier eating than I once did. I love the idea of understanding and knowing the ‘why’ – I think I will use this to implement even more healthy ideas and concepts into my life (along with the post last week on the ‘do the thing you dislike most, first’ idea!).

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  7. Real understanding is key ! Brilliant post Jonathan πŸ™‚

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  8. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

    You’ve made a really excellent point here, Jonathan!

    When I first started out, I was in the knowing stage and kept on going back to my old unhealthy habits. Once I shifted to UNDERSTANDING, I feel like I have no choice but to exercise and eat healthy consistently. In fact, it isn’t even a choice, it’s a way of life. Just as I breathe, I must stay active and eat food that energizes me.

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    1. You GET IT! You have DEFINITELY chosen “UNDERSTANDING” and have witnessed the benefits of healthy living. So many people misunderstand the concept of healthy living. They view it as a sacrifice; a diminishing of satisfying their “WANTS.” In reality, it is almost like a rebirth. It provides opportunities to expand one’s thinking and achieve new levels of PERSONAL GROWTH. Unfortunately, this vision only becomes apparent AFTER a person changes their ways. Getting people to “let go” of destructive patterns is difficult, because (for many) it is the only sense of SELF they know.

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      1. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

        “Rebirth.” What a perfect word to describe this!

        Something I find to be particularly strange is when other people seem disappointed that you don’t want to eat junk food with them! My family gets this way. “Just have a little bit of the cake I made…” “Come on, live a little…” “We’re all going to die anyway…” “What’s life without something sweet?” etc. While they’re probably not trying to be negative, I guess I’m just going to keep frustrating them because I refuse to cave in just to get their or anyone else’s approval. πŸ™‚

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        1. People feel bad when they willfully make poor food decisions in the presence of those disciplined to choose healthier alternatives. I can’t tell you the number of times I have faced the situation you discuss.

          SOLUTION: Tell people you’re “stuffed.” They will readily accept this reason for turning down unhealthy choices. If you tell them you prefer not to eat this type of food, their defenses go UP causing a low level confrontation. My suggestion avoids this and leaves BOTH parties satisfied. Try it and see how well it works!

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          1. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

            Thanks for the advice! πŸ™‚ I was definitely taking the wrong approach before. This should remedy those awkward moments. However, my family is Greek. “I’m stuffed” to my grandma means “Feed me.” Haha.


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