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Honesty In Marketing Pharmaceuticals On TV - A 4 minute read + (2) YouTube commercials totaling 2 minutes and 40 seconds = 6:40 minutes. It’s up to you to decide if your health is or isn’t worth investing 6 minutes and 40 seconds of your time.   This post is using the pharmaceutical drug XARELTO as an example. It is important to understand […]
A FICTIONAL LETTER FROM A FICTIONAL PATIENT AND MY FICTIONAL RESPONSE: DOES IT RESONATE WITH YOU? - Dear Dr. Colter, After you performed an exam on me and determined I needed multiple lifestyle changes to progress toward better health, I decided to visit my primary physician. You scared me and I needed reassurance that you were WRONG! My primary physician reviewed my history and asked me what the problem was? I told […]
SOLUTIONS: ARE THEY SUBCONSCIOUSLY PART OF THE PROBLEM? - One might assume quality SOLUTIONS to many of today’s health problems would reveal answers the general population would desperately pursue. Surprisingly, solutions (in many cases) have actually caused additional conflict within the individual. You might ask yourself, “why would any person provided quality answers to health problems or concerns, avoid pursuing these options?” The answer […]
Thank You For Creating So Much Wealth For My Profession - Ever since I became a physician my goal was empowering patients with information and knowledge. This information and knowledge was supposed to equip them with better lifestyle choices to increase their chances for healthier outcomes in order to pursue abundant opportunities in life. How naive was I? Whether we phrase it Good vs. Evil or […]
HOW HUMAN DENIAL EXPLAINS A MAJORITY OF DISEASES WE SUFFER FROM - After years of treating patients and studying the diseases they’ve faced, I’ve reached the conclusion a majority of diseases were NOT caused by genetics or germs, but rather: DENIAL . You’re probably saying, “you’re wrong, Dr. Colter”. Heart Disease, Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke, Infectious Diseases, etc… are the leading CAUSES of disease and death! […]
Using The “IKEA” Instruction Manual To Explain And Better Understand Our Approach To Health And Disease - If you don’t know what IKEA is, it is a Swedish-founded Dutch-based multinational group, that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories. It has been the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008. They are famous for their PICTURE ONLY instruction manual. If we applied the IKEA instruction manual (as a guide) to […]
IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT…YEAH, IT IS! - Doctors  may have discovered causes that validate destructive human behavior and the unhealthy patterns we tend to follow, but it doesn’t conclusively define one’s destiny. Relying on the cognitive (RATIONAL) mind and the foundational structures we establish (via quality patterns of behavior) we have repeatedly demonstrated how capable we are in determining (to a large […]
THE “NEED TO EXPERIENCE” - The Chinese finger trap is designed to prevent escape. When a finger on each hand is inserted inside this apparatus and pulled in opposite directions, this devise traps both fingers making escape very difficult. If we showed this finger trap to people and explained just how difficult it would be to free their fingers once […]
ARE PHARMACEUTICAL ADS MORE BENEFICIAL OR HARMFUL TO THE AVERAGE CONSUMER - TV advertising is expensive and designed to increase consumer awareness to various services and products. Many of these products can HARM the consumer even if federal guidelines are followed providing some level of awareness explaining these dangers. “The latest statistics for 2016 showed drugmakers on track to spend an estimated 6.4 BILLION dollars on direct […]
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