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The “Profitable Consumer”: Understanding their role in the Health Care, Agricultural, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry?

If you owned a business that exponentially grew in value in relation to the increasing rates of illnesses and diseases, would you alter your business model to help society or continue to generate increasing revenue at society’s expense? We have a difficult time balancing our needs and wants for financial wealth with moral and ethical […]

Can We Rely On ANY Health Care System To Create Healthy Living?

The United States offers many opportunities in life that many other nations can’t match. Unfortunately, remaining HEALTHY as one ages is not one of these benefits. (REFERENCE: How the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally) When comparing our Health Care System internationally, the U.S. ranked 11th out of 11 nations. We ranked […]

I’ll bet you never heard of House Resolution 327?

Whether you support or oppose a vaccination program, would you agree a congressional resolution (without any media exposure to provide public awareness) creates reason for possible skepticism. Rather than bore you with the entire document, (which you can read at this link:┬áHOUSE RESOLUTION 327) the following excerpts (highlighted in red) will focus on points that […]


As the battlegrounds are drawn in the sand with an ongoing tug of war over the vaccine efficacy/safety issue, I stand on the sidelines marveling at the lack of concern by those most affected by its outcome. The TRUTH doesn’t seem to matter because the population at large doesn’t seem to care. As long as […]


Even if we credit vaccines with the prevention of diseases, have we missed the bigger picture regarding the OVERALL health and well being of our children? Have parents gradually shifted their role as “guardian” of their children’s health to the pediatrician/family physician? It might be worse than this. Many parents may have gone so far […]


THIS POST IS 1100 WORDS. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH, I PROMISE YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED. Would you agree with me that selling a home and moving as a result of a backed up toilet would be an OVER REACTION RESPONSE? Sure, the annoyance/problem would no longer exist, but at […]


This has to be one of the most exciting moments in a parent’s life. The birth of a child produces a love; a bond often exceeding human comprehension. A natural desire to protect this new beautiful life from any harm innately consumes the parents. Who better to team up with than the pediatrician who has […]