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When we search for answers, we commonly use methods that distinguish “right” from “wrong.” This helps qualify the pathways we follow and adds confidence to our decision making. What many of us don’t realize is that it also blinds us from seeing additional alternative pathways that may better suit our needs to achieving successful outcomes. […]


When you take a look at the following pictures, does your mind associate these pictures with certain assumptions? Do you associate the pictures on the left with: success financial wealth happiness “living the dream” What adjectives would you use to describe the pictures on the right? ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ . Now, let’s assume these […]


When you look at this picture, are the vertical and horizon lines in the middle bowed or straight? ARE YOU SURE? . Does the next picture add perspective that reinforces your original assumption or makes you uncertain about your continued ability to defend your original “certainty.” Notice how the red lines are perfectly straight and […]


What Many See: fat ugly lazy What I See: unhappiness insecurity eventual unnecessary loss of quality and function in life systemic inflammation with resulting chronic diseases . What Many See: a musical icon enormous wealth an eccentric lifestyle What I  See: unhappiness insecurity eventual unnecessary loss of quality and function in life systemic inflammation with […]


Each new day provides an option to experience life from one of two perspectives” What obstacles WILL I FACE and what will it take to “SURVIVE?“ What opportunities WILL I CREATE to further advance down the path I CHOOSE TO LIVE? The personal decision to approach life from either of these perspectives comes down to […]


How many of us believe our voices and our written words encouraging healthier lifestyles go unheard and continue to be no more than an exercise in futility? People recognize the good intentions behind the efforts, but the response by the general population remains greatly unchanged. Do they believe the message lacks merit? Do they believe […]


YOU SHOULDN’T BE!! These are simply pictures without a story behind them. All they prove is I’ve successfully developed muscles. They don’t measure my HEALTH, they don’t measure my HAPPINESS, they don’t measure my commitment to ANYTHING other than muscle development. Aesthetics is a common GOAL of exercise. Clothes don’t fit…, mirrors become the enemy…, […]