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You probably don’t know Bill Diehl. Prior to retiring from the law firm of James, McElroy & Dielhl in 2016 he was one of the best known divorce attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was known for charging up to $1000.00 per hour for legal services and collected retainers up to $100,000.00 from wealthy clients. […]

Understanding Our Naive Fear Of Disease

Why shaking hands is out at the Olympics? “Olympians are told to fist-bump, not shake hands, to prevent the spread of norovirus.” Let’s begin this post by excluding the obvious…when skiers are wearing mittens, how does “fist bumping” offer greater protection from bacterial or viral infections than shaking hands? Clearly it doesn’t, but consumers would […]


What do you believe plays a more important role in the development of healthy children? Eating healthy, exercising, playing in a social environment with other children, getting adequate sleep, drinking adequate amounts of water, family love, spiritual guidance OR Receiving up to 72 Vaccinations from the age of 0-18? . If we stopped vaccinating children […]


Ask your doctor if he or she believe the basis of good health is achieved by: eating healthy exercising attaining restful sleep of adequate duration balancing stress consuming adequate hydration Now ask them, “if these components are crucial in obtaining good health, why are these topics not covered in detail during the office visit?” Do […]


Simply put, all it takes is understanding the difference between: THINKING ABOUT THE ACTION vs. THINKING ONE STEP BEYOND THE ACTION! . THINKING ABOUT THE ACTION: Tastes so good Takes the mind off stress Satisfies the “want” THINKING ONE STEP BEYOND THE ACTION: Is a major cause of disease (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer) Causes […]

One Man’s Tale To Weight Loss, Weight Gain And The Barrier Determining Long Term Success

How many times have you read stories where people stated, “until I saw myself in that picture, I never realized how serious my weight problem was”? How many times have you heard doctors say, “you’re in remarkably good health” even though you know in reality you’re overweight, sedentary, depressed and likely taking multiple prescription medications? […]


In this picture we see a typical house. There is nothing unusual about it. It appears capable of providing safe shelter to a typical family. What if I told you the following picture was taken the next day? It clearly demonstrates that structural issues existed prior to the resulting damage to this house. Do you […]