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How about a Christmas present for me? It won’t cost you more than a moment and very little effort. I’m asking all you FABULOUS people out there for a re-blog of this post (flatter them p 148 of How to Win Friends and Influence People). You see I have been trying to…
MEDICAL DOCTOR SPEWS FEAR OVER VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTATION -   The following 2:36 video is a perfect example of a well known licensed physician (Paul Offit) WITHOUT expertise in nutrition or vitamin supplementation selectively choosing unnamed references to promote FEAR about healthy lifestyle choices (ex vitamin and mineral supplementation.) It is entertaining to watch him maintain a serious expression as he voices the “SERIOUS […]
HOW GOOD IS MY DOCTOR? - This is the kind of question that makes many patients VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. It is often answered based on “LIKEABILITY“ rather than actual “PERFORMANCE.“ It is a question, none the less, we must begin to face with better honesty and objectivity if we want to see our country overcome these abysmal statistics! We’ve convinced ourselves we have […]
DIFFERENTIATING “PERCEIVED” ENJOYMENT FROM “REAL” ENJOYMENT - Enjoyment is defined as: “the state or process of taking pleasure in something.” . To what degree do we actually SACRIFICE enjoyment without awareness?   This is an important question because many people equate enjoyment with immediate gratification. This is one of the primary reasons our country has a growing health and debt crisis. The […]
GUEST POST: Before we blame our children’s choices, did our ACTIONS or INACTIONS influence them? - I have been given the honor to host a guest post from one of my recent followers and fellow bloggers, Marie Abanga. I appreciate Marie’s candor and the comments she leaves on my posts accompanied by some very personal examples, provoking positive reflections and reactions. Join me in welcoming Marie on my blog as she […]
HOMEWORK & HEALTH - If you go to your doctor for your annual physical, what do you expect? height and weight check blood pressure reading auscultate (listen to) heart sounds with a stethoscope maybe auscultate the lung fields review prescription medications blood and urine test SOUND ABOUT RIGHT? . Then we wait for the lab reports and the “thumbs […]
Facing Or Denying Reality in 2017 - “IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME!” These seven words are expressed and/or believed by a large percentage of the population. “Dangerous diseases” and “death” simply isn’t “REAL” to the average person whether young or middle age. SELF DENIAL is the typical approach used to “prevent” oneself from succumbing to these horrific outcomes. WHY ARE […]
FINDING ANSWERS TO HEALTH PROBLEMS BEYOND THE “PRESCRIPTION PILL” - The cost of health care has become unaffordable. We find MORE people suffering the SAME problems that have existed for decades regardless of ongoing development of newer drugs saturating TV, newspapers and magazine markets claiming to offer better options to “treat” chronic diseases. These newer drugs have produced BILLIONS in revenue, but have NOT “FIXED” […]
“WANT BETTER HEALTH; DISCOVER YOUR PERCENTAGES!” - WHAT ARE YOUR PERCENTAGES? . What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from FOOD? What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from POSSESSIONS? What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from PEOPLE/FAMILY/FRIENDS? What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from fulfilling a PURPOSE? What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from seeking SOLUTIONS? What percentage […]
ANTI-INFLAMMATION vs. PRO RESOLUTION - How do you know if you have: high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes cardiac disease (ex. enlarged heart) vascular diseases (ex. atherosclerosis {thickening of blood vessels decreasing blood flow}) gastrointestinal malabsorption early cancer without having a physical exam and blood lab panel to prove it? ANSWER: In most cases you won’t know it! These are […]
THE ANSWER TO GOOD HEALTH WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE SAME - We are a society that likes to search for complicated answers to make our approaches to health unique. So many people are searching for that “unique” answer believing it’s the missing piece of the puzzle to good health and happiness. This makes us susceptible to deception as we desperately “buy in to” fallacies exposing our […]
SEX AND HEART DISEASE - I’ll bet that title will arouse some attention! Well, after hearing for the umpteenth time, “if you suffer from heart disease, always check with your doctor to make sure it’s safe to have sex,” I thought I’d share my perspective. First, checking with your doctor IS NOT THE SAME THING AS HAVING SEX WITH YOUR […]
A COMPASSIONATE HUMAN HEALTH STORY WORTH WATCHING - The following 8:51 minute video shares a real life story that could simulate an experience ANY OF US could face. It has a HAPPY ENDING even though it will likely brings tears to your eyes. When a person gets sick, the last thing they need on their mind is the stress associated with where the […]
NEW MEDICAL STUDY ADDS ONE MORE REASON TO ADD ANOTHER PRESCRIPTION TO YOUR LIST - The latest National Institute of Health sponsored SPRINT STUDY (Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial) determined that heart disease could be reduced by lowering systolic blood pressure (the TOP BP number) from 140 mmHg to 120 mmHg. The study showed this reduction resulted in 30 percent decrease in heart failure, heart attacks, and strokes as well […]
DEATH AND DOCTORS: MEDIA TRUTH vs. REALITY - Death is a REALITY that may culminate WITH or WITHOUT doctor intervention. Whether a medical doctor prescribes or withholds a prescription, the end result may be DEATH. If a surgeon chooses to perform a surgical procedure or chooses to abstain, the patient may DIE either way. If a chiropractic physician chooses to perform a spinal […]
WHAT’S YOUR PREFERENCE: LIVER DAMAGE, GI BLEEDING OR KIDNEY DAMAGE? -   “It’s not that serious.” “I’m only taking ibuprofin (Advil) or, acetaminphen (Tylenol) or, naproxen (Aleve) or, aspirin (Anacin) or acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine (Excedrin.) It’s not like I’m taking prescription medications!” This is a very typical attitude. People have no idea the dangers that over the counter medications CAUSE. It is believed since a […]
IS THE GOAL TREATING OR CURING DISEASE? - As a patient, what is your intention when visiting your doctor? Do you want a diagnosis? √ Do you want to know what caused your condition? √ Do you want to know what measures you need to take to avoid the condition from returning or advancing? √ Finally, do you want a prescription? √√√ If […]
PRESCRIBING NUTRITION AND EXERCISE! -  “In the womb and in early infancy, several risk factors can influence susceptibility to the development of diet-related chronic diseases later in life.” During childhood and adolescence, the adoption of habits such as unhealthy diets and low-levels of exercise, has been shown to increase the risk of developing certain chronic diseases. An unhealthy diet contributes […]
WHY DOES THE TRUTH TAKE 30-40 YEARS TO DISCOVER? - PCB’s PCB history is not pretty. The manufacturers and major users of PCB’s knew by the 1930s and 1940s that PCB’s caused serious health problems in their workers, and doctors advised them that other effects could be occurring as well.  But this did not stop industries from producing and using PCBs, or from releasing PCBs into […]
IN SEARCH OF ANSWERS - What is the first thought or question that comes to mind as the day begins? Is it one that deals with potential conflict or one that deals with potential pleasure? Do these thoughts affect the way you approach the rest of the day or is the outcome all that counts? Life is NOT just about […]
“ITS SAFE, TRUST ME!” - It’s the role of the government regulatory agency to make certain our tap water is SAFE to drink. Notice, I didn’t say HEALTHY, I said SAFE. You can’t use the term HEALTHY while consuming all the contaminants found in our water. The list (provided by the Environmental Protection Agency) is so extensive, I had to […]
THE POWER OF “ONE” - We live in a world dominated by powerful people and large industries. We search for our roles within this behemoth structure to create a life that satisfies our everyday needs. Most people believe they are such small entities within these massive conglomerations, they are unable to influence or affect outcomes. This overwhelming attitude reduces many […]
GUEST POST BY ELAINE COLTER, (MY WIFE) - I CHOOSE THIS, NOT THAT… Recently, I have become aware of an interesting dichotomy. In a clothing store, a clerk told that a pair of pants I was about to purchase fit me well. The lady behind me said “of course they do, she’s so tiny anything would look good on her!” My reply was […]
HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH? - Question: What is the leading cause of death? Answer: Heart Disease The most commonly believed and accepted measure of heart health by the average consumer is CHOLESTEROL LEVELS. What the consumer is unaware of is: “80% of time, people who have had heart attacks have the EXACT SAME TOTAL CHOLESTEROL as people who have never […]
DEFINING YOURSELF - When a person decides to start a business they are encouraged to put a business plan together. This plan addresses: A description of the business Capital available for investment into the business Financing requirements and sources for obtaining these needs Customer analysis Marketing and advertising plans to generate customers Operation’s plan Overhead and other expenses […]
CHOOSING SIDES: United States. vs. Other Nations - When it comes to government regulatory agencies established to protect the consumer from harmful foods, chemicals and dyes/coloring how do U.S. standards compare with other nations? With so many factors used to evaluate”safety standards,” can we agree that the government should use scientific evidence supporting the HIGHEST STANDARDS (most stringent)  limiting the selection of POTENTIALLY […]
YOU’RE NOT ALONE - Although the purpose of my blog site is to help people achieve a better quality of HEALTH and LIFE, it is often comforting to know those of you falling short are not alone. It must be recognized this “comforting,” however, is simply an emotional state of mind; not physical state of being. Understanding that many […]
MEDICATION - Webster’s dictionary defines MEDICATION as, “a SUBSTANCE used for medical treatment, especially a medicine or drug.“ Webster’s dictionary defines FOOD as, “any nutritious SUBSTANCE that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to MAINTAIN LIFE AND GROWTH.“ We have a tendency to separate the two words MEDICINE and FOOD believing […]
PREVENTING DISEASE - There are so many explanations I hear regarding the causes of disease. They range from: direct contact with “germs” close proximity to sick people vaccinations or the lack of vaccinations genetics environment Disease is considered “normal” by many people with recurring episodes experienced throughout the year. When people are asked the best defense against disease […]
CHOOSING THE SAFE ROUTE - As I offer perspectives to people that live all over the world, it becomes difficult to find CONCEPTS that ALL OF US can accept and live by. There are very few universal “truths,” but the concept of CHOOSING THE SAFE ROUTE is one that can reduce the STRESS in decision making and result in a […]
AM I HEALTHY? - How do we know? What do we base our answers on? What are the signs we’re transitioning from healthy to unhealthy? Most people assume if they can go about their daily tasks without “feeling” sick, they are healthy. Is this a good way of determining our health status? What about symptoms? Do we base our […]
IT DOESN’T MATTER - I can teach a person the benefits of healthy eating. It doesn’t matter. I can teach a person the benefits of exercise. It doesn’t matter. I can teach a person the benefits of developing self esteem. It doesn’t matter. I can teach a person the benefits of purposeful living. It doesn’t matter. I can teach […]
Type II Diabetes: Stop Thinking Sugar and Start Thinking Insulin! - Type II Diabetes may be a health concern for the growing population, but it is a “cash cow” for the pharmaceutical industry. This industry continues to develop new and “improved” drugs to lower blood sugar and lower A1C blood values. ISN’T THIS A GOOD THING? . Although it sounds like a good thing, type II […]
80,000 Chemicals - This is an approximation of the number of approved chemicals authorized for use and distribution throughout the world. Can you guess how many of the tested chemicals were determined unsafe for human exposure by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA?) 9 . 5 of these chemicals were banned prior to the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) […]
THEY’RE PLAYING MY TUNE: Harvard Study Reveals New Theory On Alzheimer’s Disease - On May 25th, 2016 Researchers at Harvard offered a new theory of Alzheimer’s Disease in a research paper entitled: “Amyloid-β peptide protects against microbial infection in mouse and worm models of Alzheimer’s disease” Three major findings in this research revealed The IMMUNE SYSTEM might play a role in developing Alzheimer’s Disease INFLAMMATION is a mechanism […]
GMO’s: A Common Sense Perspective - GMO stands for genetically modified organism. To simplify this complicated biotechnological science, I will briefly discuss four conflicts associated with these food sources. GMO’s are engineered as: seeds with genetic coding capable of defending themselves from insects crops resistant to herbicides . CONFLICT #1 One of the major claims for development was the need to […]
The American Liver: The Next Delicacy? - French cuisine has retained a high ranking in the world of fine dining.  Rich taste and subtle nuances in each dish make it stand out among the finest. One of the specialties most of us are familiar with is Foie Gras (also known as pate or goose and duck liver.)  This delicacy is created by […]
THE GOLDEN YEARS - What are the golden years? These years have little meaning for most of us until we reach approximately 50 years of age. At this point (if not sooner) we begin to experience various changes in our physiology that begins to interfere with our ability to perform activities of daily living. These changes might include: a […]
How Do You Know If You’re Healthy? - Seems like a simple enough question, but the longer we think about the topic, the more we begin to question the state of our health. Good health IS NOT defined as: the absence of disease or the absence of pain To determine whether you are healthy or not, the following three questions should be addressed: […]
Can Quality Sleep Be A Factor In Preventing Diabetes? - When people hear the term, “Healthy Lifestyle” they often think about nutrition and exercise. Although these components are certainly important, they don’t complete the picture of healthy living. One of the most often overlooked components is QUALITY RESTFUL SLEEP. Reduced sleep affects the body more significantly than most people realize. In addition to loss of […]
Supporting The Health Of Our Children - There is an innate sense to provide our children with food to demonstrate our LOVE for them. The reality is, poor food choices jeopardize our children from developing into healthy adults. At the end of this post you will find a 1 minute video sampling 5 common food choices we feed our children. Take a […]
UNDERSTANDING THE “BASS ACKWARD” PERSPECTIVE IN FOOD & DRUG ADVERTISING - Let’s make this simple! Let’s reduce health to two categories; FOOD and DRUGS. The fast food industry spends approximately: 4.2 BILLION in advertising to generate approximately 199 billion in sales. The pharmaceutical industry spends approximately: 30.5 BILLION dollars in advertising to generate approximately 1 trillion in sales. The largest health food chain (Whole Foods) spends […]
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Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. Today I was going to be sharing a post that was going to lay out all of my requirements for the next stage of the walk and ask if you might all…
“FEEDING” Your Needs - It’s not always about food although many turn to it when they don’t know where else to turn. The quickest way to better weight management and better health is discovering our individual “deficiencies.” How is your relationship? How is your family relationship? How is your job? How is your social life? How is your spiritual […]
ARE THERE BETTER TREATMENTS FOR ALZHEIMERS PATIENTS? - The more physicians are willing to open their trained minds to new available information the closer we get to understanding the changing dynamics of diseases. We physicians experience the same defensive posturing as the lay person when it comes to acknowledging the need to change our beliefs and our behaviors. We have been taught to […]
EMPOWERING THE PATIENT IN CHOOSING TREATMENT OPTIONS - “I’m not a doctor!” “How can I be expected to decide the best treatment option available?” It’s less complicated than it may sound. All you need to do is ask two simple questions. What is my diagnosis? What is the CAUSE OF THIS PROBLEM? Most people walk out of a doctor’s office with only ONE […]
Correlation vs. Causation In Health And Disease - When we discuss various topics in health, we typically interchange the words correlation and causation. We look for common patterns and tend to conclude causation. This approach simplifies the process for discovery, but inadvertently reaches unfounded and inaccurate conclusions in many cases. When seeking “today’s truth,” we must pursue realities that reach beyond the boundaries […]
“UNDERSTANDING THE NEW PATIENT MODEL” - How often do people express feeling “stressed” to their doctors? This emotion can: Interfere with sleep Interfere with appetite Interfere with emotions Interfere with energy levels Interfere with blood pressure elevating it Interfere with metabolic function Interfere with immune function AND MANY OTHER HEALTH AND WELLNESS FACTORS IN LIFE! How would the traditional medical approach […]
TIME FOR AN OIL CHANGE? - Recently, I have written several articles discussing nutrition planning for healthier lifestyles. My meal planning recommendations have always applied the principles of common sense, balance and practicality. I equate this style of meal planning TO BORING financial investing; LOW RISK, GRADUAL POSITIVE CHANGE, SUCCESS OUTCOME. The research world is beginning to taut a new style […]
Getting Out Of Your Own Way - After working with thousands of patients over many years, recurring health patterns became evident among people with self limiting problems. These problems weren’t based on genetics. They were based on self imposed behaviors interfering with the body’s natural expression of good health. People complained about low energy, fatigue, lethargy, musculoskeletal pain, digestive issues, headaches and […]
The Doctor Within - . As most of my followers realize, the topic of health and well being is a passion of mine that takes up a lot of my “brain space”  on a daily basis. I like to create, “What if” scenarios to better understand the body and its ability to handle everyday life. So today’s scenario is, […]
FARMACY TO THE RESCUE - For those of you new to my blog site, my name is Jonathan Colter. I am a 56 year old retired doctor that performs tasks slowly, methodically plans life’s events and recognizes the importance of patience in achieving and maintaining good health. I frequently remind readers about the story, “The Tortoise and the Hare,” when […]
BETTER HEALTH THROUGH BETTER DOCTORING - Let’s pretend for a moment that health insurance (private or national) didn’t exist. Let’s pretend each of us was financially responsibility for “employing” doctors to help us monitor our health. Would we solely rely on the doctor(s) we use today? I ask this question because most of us have never been exposed to the latest […]
A VITAMIN STORY - The following video is available for FREE VIEWING ONLY until January 14th. As we head into the weekend, why not save yourself the cost of going to a movie  and enjoy this amazing, inspiring movie from the comfort of your home. You will walk away with a better perspective on health and the simple things you can […]
Health Options: Creating A Logical Order When Choosing A Doctor - You would think this topic would be simple, but the fact is, most people choose doctors without clearly thinking whether the doctor chosen is the best person to address the problem. If a person experiences tooth pain, they would likely schedule an appointment to see their dentist. This makes sense. If a person experienced productive […]
Treating Health Synergistically - High blood pressure, diabetes, emphysema, cardiac disease, obesity and cancer are all examples of conditions many people have been diagnosed with and treated for. The problem with using an approach that names individual diseases or conditions comes from the perspective that each diagnosis is considered a separate entity and is treated as a separate entity. […]
Giving Meaning To The Phrase “GOOD HEALTH” - . We hear the phrase, “Good Health” all the time. The medical doctor gives you good news by saying you’re in “Good Health.” The chiropractor gives you good news by saying you’re in “Good Health.” Heading into the New Year we wish each other continued “Good Health.” The problem is: . HOW DO WE DEFINE […]
The Answer to Combating Illness This Winter - Winter will be here soon (although tomorrow December 15, 2015,) is expected to reach 70° Fahrenheit. As the season’s change we begin to see the typical runny noses and scratchy throats. This time of year even has a nickname; Cold Season or Flu Season. We are provided instructions each year to reduce our chances of […]
THE LATEST DISEASE IN MEDIA REPORTING: CLEAN EATING (Orthorexia Nervosa) - Most people are familiar with recognizing cardiac conditions, thyroid conditions, cancer, stroke and obesity (recently included) as diseases. Orthorexia Nervosa (Clean Eating) is the latest “disease” making headline news throughout the world. First, diagnosed in 1997, Clean Eating has become identified as a psychological eating disorder capable of destroying lives. Should this “disease” raise any […]
CHOLESTEROL IS ESSENTIAL TO SURVIVE - For most people, the word cholesterol is synonymous with danger and bad health. This is NOT true. It has received so much attention in the media and our doctor’s offices, we have lost perspective understanding its relevance and necessity for HEALTHY LIVING. An article entitled, “Benefits of Cholesterol: What Is It Good For?” by Marc […]
MIRACLE - Anyone that reads my posts knows I write with optimism, a positive attitude, a willingness to “tell it like it is,” and a great deal of compassion for everyone. This writing style comes naturally, because my writing comes from within. I never pre-plan my posts because I enjoy the spontaneity and what it produces. Today’s […]
A DRUG FOR EVERY SYMPTOM - Even though I do not watch much television, I have recently noticed that advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs seem to be getting more air time than any other category of commercial (including beer and pizza!) Obviously the cost of airing these commercials are clearly offset by the profits generated as the consumer gains greater awareness of […]
DIABETES JUST ISN’T SCARY ENOUGH - When people hear the word CANCER or LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE it creates significant fear and emotional duress. These diagnoses create fear and the belief that death is imminent. They incite ACTION. When people hear the word DIABETES, they think of insulin. They shrug their shoulders at the serious dangers this disease produces. They believe that […]
STARTING OVER: Understanding The Role Of Emotions In Good Health - I have written many articles about health and its various components. I have read countless books, magazines, scientific research and viewed many videos. All of this information as well as my training as a physician has increased my knowledge of health and what it takes to be healthy. Although I believe knowledge is important it […]
SAFETY IN SMALL QUANTITIES - How often do we look at the size of prescription medication and mentally reduce the potential dangers based on its size? How often do we look at unhealthy processed foods and justify their consumption based on ingesting small amounts? We have created a false sense of security based on the QUANTITY and SIZE of “things.” […]
YOU ARE WHAT YOUR BACTERIA EAT - The latest and greatest research regarding overall health is focusing more on the intestines these days. The “gut” (more specifically,) the small intestines is where food is reabsorbed and utilized for feeding the cells of our bodies. This has lead to the discovery of just how important the bacteria in our digestive tract really is. […]
BUT DID YOU REALLY TRY? - For years patients told me they tried exercising and eating better but their: blood pressure cholesterol triglycerides blood sugar remained abnormally elevated which required prescription medication to control. I certainly wish their efforts didn’t wait until their lifestyle created most of these problems in the first place, however, I was always glad to hear an […]
TURNING A DEAF EAR TO THE WELFARE OF FUTURE GENERATIONS - I was so moved by this documentary, I needed to share it (FOR FREE) with my wordpress, facebook, twitter and linkedin community. Here you will see professionals in the field of healthcare and science discuss the realities of our future. This viewing will be available for ONLY ONE WEEK. It is a 90 minute presentation […]
WHAT HAPPENS IF…? - Whether you have recently moved to a new city or state or plan to live in your current location, how prepared are you for potential health complications. Most people seek out a general family physician or internist, a dentist …. and the list usually ends there. For discretionary spending, the list is not only substantially […]
SITTING: The Latest Cause Of Death - Don’t you hate it when the latest research published shows SITTING, an event many Americans have mastered over the decades, has become an INACTIVITY (as opposed to activity) we must now FEAR!! Yes, prolonged sitting has been added to the list of situations causing EARLY DEATH. I wonder if life insurance policies will need to be modified […]
How Does The Pharmaceutical Industry Determine Their Next Drug? - Cholesterol lowering medications were first introduced to the market in 1987 by Merck. In July of 2015 a new cholesterol lowering medication called Praluent was introduced to the market. On August 27, 2015 another new cholesterol lowering medication called Rapatha was approved by the FDA and became available for use. Web-MD lists over 50 drugs that […]
What Is A Doctor’s Role - The one question never asked of me through my education and years of clinical practice was, “What is a doctor’s role?” To some it means healer; to others it means unlimited potential for material wealth and possessions. I believe answering this one simple question can help patients defines the PERSON and and determine if their role as doctor fulfills […]
The Ticking Time Bomb - Lub Dub, Lub Dub, Lub Dub, Lub Dub is the normal sound the heart makes when auscultated (listened to with a stethoscope.) The number one cause of cardiovascular disease is known as C.A.D. (coronary artery disease.) This causes more than 600,000 deaths annually in the United States. Approximately 1 out of 4 people will develop […]
Are Drugs Designed To Cure - Although I was born in 1959, my memories of childhood began in 1964. During these years, the “establishment” was constantly under fire. The war in Vietnam had begun nine years earlier.  The “hippies” rebelled against traditional standards and values. A cultural revolution was underway attempting to change our thinking and our actions. During this time,the major health care problems […]
Chiropractic Physicians: Why Do They Want You Coming Back Over and Over? - It is interesting when people ask about my profession. After stating I am a physician, the question that always follows is, “what kind of physician?” I found out quickly that my answer (“a really good physician!!) was not the answer they were looking for. Once the word “Chiropractor” was mentioned I could see a mixed […]
Reliable Guidance To Improving Health - As the current trend toward worsening patterns of behavior continues, the eventual need for corrective guidance will evolve. The science that most people believe will provide definitive answers will not be found. Our health problems do not manifest from a single cause that requires a specific single action to remedy. There are overlapping causal relationships. There […]
Achieving Better Patient Health By Changing The Current Doctor/Patient Paradigm - I believe that everyone is aware that exercise and nutrition are vitally important in part of a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes I think the emphasis on these two points are overplayed because they seem to reduce the relevance of the other equally important components which receive significantly less attention. Doctors have a tendency to base health on lab values, […]
People Matter - Originally posted on Simple Living Over 50:
“They took my wife, they took my house and they took all my money” he told me while I was trying to help him out of the dumpster. This is an incident I went through on duty working as a Security Officer. It all started with a report from…
IS STRESS REALLY THAT DANGEROUS? - Stress is a two edge sword. In times of crisis, stress hormones are released creating a “fight or flight” response enabling people to perform super-human tasks. These hormones have made it possible for people to lift cars off babies and animals. However, when these hormones are continuously released they can destroy the human body. According […]
GOOD HEALTH: How Can You Fix Something You Can’t Define? - Today I decided to research the “healthiest” country in the world.  According to 24/7 Wall St.’s health rankings, Qatar (country located in the middle east) was ranked the healthiest country in the world. I found it interesting that the basic parameters used to determine the healthiest country came down to 4 subcategories: (1) Life Expectancy, (2) […]
DOCTOR IS NOT SPELLED GOD - We take it for granted when a doctor tells us anything, the words are written in “stone.” As a doctor with over 20 years of experience, the truth is we make mistakes. A good doctor uses every source available (when indicated) in diagnosing and recommending any treatment plan. They are open minded and good listeners to […]
DOES TYPE II DIABETES REALLY EXIST? - Don’t let the title fool you. Type 2 diabetes really exists, however, the question was posed because the ROOT CAUSE has never addressed (as if it doesn’t really exist!) This form of diabetes is a type that RESULTS in elevated blood sugar. The reason the word results is highlighted is because todays health care system attempts […]
HOW DO WE GET SICK? - When I was growing up, I remember being told “don’t go out in the cold air with wet hair; it will make you sick.” I was told to keep my hands to myself to prevent touching surfaces containing “germs.” Naturally, being a rebellious child, don’t meant do! Surprisingly, I was not a sickly child. If […]
IS YOUR PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION CAUSING YOUR HEALTH ISSUES? - What percentage of Americans take at least 1 prescription medication? Would you be surprised if I told you the number was 70%. Naturally, lifestyle (in many cases) leads to a diagnosis that is treated using pharmaceutical agents. It is important to emphasize the word “TREATED”, because most of the conditions are never cured. We have become […]
CAN DEPRESSION BE THE RESULT OF “STARVATION?” - According to the National Institute of Mental Health: In 2012, an estimated 16 million adults aged 18 or older in the U.S. had at least one major depressive episode in the past year.This represented 6.9 percent of all U.S. adults. This is a serious health problem that is commonly undiagnosed and untreated. Once a diagnosis […]
ARE YOU HAPPY? - As a doctor, my focus for years centered around poor health conditions (diabetes, cardiac disease, blood disorders, cancer, etc…, as well as musculoskeletal problems and pain. These are the primary reasons people go to doctors. I always questioned what lead up to these health maladies? It became my belief that our interaction with society was the underlying […]
HOW TO IMPROVE THE AGING PROCESS - Over many years our lifestyle slowly changes our abilities to handle basic tasks. As children, we don’t look to support our bodies when bending over to pick up objects from the floor; we don’t question the safety of running fast without warming up first; we don’t think about morning stiffness after sleeping all night and we don’t question […]
Low Fat, Very Low Carb, Low Glycemic… Which Diet Creates the Greatest Weight Loss? - Harvard published a study measuring weight loss in 3 dietary programs. They were: Low Fat- 20% protein, 60% carbohydrates, 20% fat Low Glycemic- 20% protein, 40% carbohydrates, 40% fat Very Low Carbohydrate- 30% protein, 10% carbohydrates, 60% fat The winner for weight loss was, “Very Low Carbohydrate.” This does NOT mean that everyone should throw their […]
Scared Straight: Surgery vs Lifestyle Modification - Finding the one approach that elicits the emotional response in everyone to change behavior is impossible. I understand and empathize with everyone that has attempted to create a better, healthier lifestyle only to fall back into destructive patterns that sabotage long term success. Many people need a gentle guiding approach to gradually adapt to change. […]
I Have Discovered THE PERFECT DIET - Food is the one constant tangible object thought about everyday by nearly everyone. For some, it elicits a joy beyond words; for others it creates anxiety and pain. Existence relies on its intake. As a result, doctors, nutritionists, health and wellness consultants have built businesses around this topic. Most diet explanations begin the same way. The […]
31,741 COINCIDENCES; REALLY? - As of November 2013 there have been 31,741 reported adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine, and the position of the Pharmaceutical companies which make the vaccine, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services which holds patents and profits on the vaccine, is that they are all a coincidence. The video at the […]
WEIGHT LOSS without focusing on weight loss - “I just need to find the latest diet to jumpstart my path to successful weight loss.” “Eating a plant based organic diet will reduce body weight.” “High protein diets have helped me lose weight in the past.” “The Mediterranean diet is a healthy plan for weight loss.” Yes, yes, yes and yes. Many have spoken these […]
Are You Prolonging Your Own Illness - Does this sound familiar? “I thought it was allergies.” After a few days the runny nose is accompanied with head and sinus congestion. The mucus changes from clear to colored (greenish, yellowish, brownish.) This is followed by a fever, chills, lethargy and sometimes stomach pain. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist at this point to […]
Snacks. (Unsexy, not-very-cool, but my favorite new lifestyle habit…) - Originally posted on all bets are off...:
I don’t really go anywhere without having a snack handy these days.  It’s one of the habits that keeps my new lifestyle habits cemented and in focus. I can be relied upon to dig up at least 200 calories from the bottom of my purse, a pocket in…
The Overlooked and Under Recognized Missing Component Of Good Health - If I asked you to name the important attributes for healthy living, most people would mention: (1) Nutrition, (2) Exercise, (3) Sleep, (4) Hydration, (5) Stress reduction. As I write this article and describe all the potential problems associated with this missing component see if you can guess what it is.  It starts relatively early in childhood. […]
Pain Free Blood Sugar Testing - Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes are serious health conditions and risks respectively that may not be symptomatic early on. This does not reduce the serious life threatening conditions that result from this disease if not monitored and maintained properly. This tool reduces pain and makes testing simple. I encourage you to read the information and decide for yourself.
A New Approach To Treating Type II Diabetes - 29 million people have type 2 diabetes in the United States. This accounts for 9.3% of the population according to the Centers for Disease Control. There appears to be reams of information on the disease, yet it is anticipated that by 2034 over 44 million Americans will be diagnosed as type 2 diabetics. (reference: American Diabetes Association: […]
Gate A-4 - Originally posted on Live & Learn:
Gate A-4 By Naomi Shihab Nye: Wandering around the Albuquerque Airport Terminal, after learning my flight had been delayed four hours, I heard an announcement: “If anyone in the vicinity of Gate A-4 understands any Arabic, please come to the gate immediately.” Well— one pauses these days. Gate A-4 was…
Just Because It’s Over The Counter Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe - I have read many stories about injuries and deaths caused by over the counter products. Many believe that over the counter is synonymous with the word SAFE. Everyone needs a better education on the facts, but it is essential that our youth are shown the reality before they learn the true meaning of mortality. On April 12, […]

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