The Overlooked and Under Recognized Missing Component Of Good Health

If I asked you to name the important attributes for healthy living, most people would mention: (1) Nutrition, (2) Exercise, (3) Sleep, (4) Hydration, (5) Stress reduction. As I write this article and describe all the potential problems associated with this missing component see if you can guess what it is. 

It starts relatively early in childhood. It can be caused by trauma, but more commonly it develops over a long time from repetitive behavior. Adults recognize the component in others, but rarely see it in themselves. This component can alter one’s ability to perform tasks in a standing, seated or lying position. Over time it will cause you difficulty in performing basic tasks. It will affect your muscle tone and create ligament problems. It will cause fatigue and typically limits deep breathing, however, most people will not associate these symptoms with this component. It causes “knots” in the muscles which can result in headaches. It causes back pain. It can lead to every organ in the body to function on a sub par level. Heart arrhythmia, constipation/diarrhea, immune weaknesses are just a few of the symptoms affected by this missing component.  Without correction, it makes most people look older and act older than they really are. People may seek the help from a dentist for jaw pain without realizing that the origin of the problem was NOT dental in nature. This component intensifies the speed at which arthritis is likely to occur. It can cause neurological complications requiring surgical intervention. It forces your body to expend significant amounts of energy performing simple activities of daily living.

Have you guessed what the missing component is?

What if I told you that better than 90 percent of the public are affected by this component? What if I told you that the same 90 percent continue to ignore it once they are made aware of it? Would you know the component if I told you it is completely avoidable in over 95 percent of the cases without the need of any medication or supplementation.


Simple.  In general, few people realize and believe how important this component is! They never associate the POSSIBLE ramifications listed above with this component until it is too late.

Now that I have your attention, as I reveal this missing component of good health, I want you to realize your choices.  You can follow the 90+ percent down the path leading to pain and suffering, OR, choose to address this component as you implement all the components you already know are needed for good health.

The answer is ……..









I encourage you to take this advice seriously. I have heard the following phrase quite often; “If I only knew then what I know now…” You now know that Posture is a contributing underlying cause that complicates many health issues. It is more complicated than just sitting or standing straight. A health care professional such as a chiropractic physician trained in spinal and joint function can dramatically help affect the quality of your life. Remember, poor posture doesn’t start with PAIN and ILLNESS; it ends with PAIN and ILLNESS! Why be part of the 90 percent that wish they had listened???

Will this information make a difference in your life? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. I see a chiropractor intensely at first and now every other week for about 3 years now. He stresses posture. I fix it when I think about it. It is definitely not in my consciousness most of the time I confess.


  2. Not hurting is something you are conscious about. You probably never associated posture with some of your symptoms. Start with easy things. When you sit down, put 2 or three throw pillows behind your low back. Lean forward while sitting and slide back into the pillows. Now lean back. The pillows should completely support the low back. This causes the muscles to relax allowing you to sit in a healthy postural position. Sitting up straight like this allows you to take deep breaths in. If you sit slumped forward, it forces shallow breathing. Start with this tip. As you notice the difference, talk to your chiropractor about other helpful tips. SLOWLY incorporate new habits. This leads to lifestyle changes. Here is to success!

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  3. Thank you for the suggestions.

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