sad-eyes-tears-background-desktop-wallpapers-in-widescreen-free-500The following 8:51 minute video shares a real life story that could simulate an experience ANY OF US could face. It has a HAPPY ENDING even though it will likely brings tears to your eyes.

When a person gets sick, the last thing they need on their mind is the stress associated with where the money will come from to pay for essential life saving care. Health insurance companies commonly add to the stress by circumventing direct answers to questions regarding coverage for procedures and therapies. They typically add the disclaimer, “this does not guarantee we will cover these services or therapies.”

Healthcare in the United States is truly out of control. This is NOT an emotional tirade. If an employer does not offer health insurance as a company benefit, the individual is REQUIRED BY LAW to purchase their own. Let me show you JUST HOW OUT OF CONTROL THESE COSTS ARE (USING ME as an example:)

In upcoming 2017, if I chose traditional healthcare coverage, the following picture shows what my monthly premium would be:

This means I would pay (out of pocket) $925.01/month non smoker rate {$1,017.52 is the smoker rate} equaling $11,100.12 for 1 YEAR.


my deductible would be $6,075.00. (DEDUCTIBLE is the amount I would have to pay IN ADDITION TO MY MONTHLY PREMIUM before I would qualify for ANY INSURANCE COVERAGE.) This means I would be responsible to pay:

$17,175.12 for 1 year

before I would QUALIFY for insurance assistance.




People with lower household incomes do pay lower rates, however, proportionately they still can’t afford the care in the majority of cases.

I have switched from conventional coverage to a “HEALTHSHARE PLAN.” It is a plan where contributors pay a premium into a plan that other participants can use if needed. It is based on an ethical and moral responsibility for each participant to maintain a healthier lifestyle while agreeing to help each other pay for healthcare expenditures. The plan has a 20 year track record. Management is responsible for distribution of these premiums to the different participants as the needs arise. This helps to reduce unnecessary stress caused by our current unaffordable healthcare system.


  1. There are pre-existing limitations, but they are reasonable

  2. They do require a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t initially qualify, they even offer assistance to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle to qualify.

I now pay a MONTHLY premium of $149 (instead of $925.01) and have an annual  deductible of $1000.00 (instead of $6,075.) This means my TOTAL ANNUAL RESPONSIBILITY amounts no higher than:

$2,788.00 instead of $17,175.12

I am sharing this story so people can see there’s an ethical and moral program guided by strong convictions that offers a legitimate option to traditional health coverage in the United States. My reader’s know I research my topics before sharing my articles. I spent several months making certain this healthshare option was a legitimate program offering assistance with required healthcare needs.

If you don’t know where to turn, this might be an option for you. I encourage anyone interested to DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH BEFORE SIGNING UP. For complete transparency, I am NOT AFFILIATED with this organization in any way other than being a participating member. I DO NOT receive any benefits or compensation from them. They do offer a “referral incentive,” but as far as I’m concerned, you don’t even have to mention me. I simply want to share an alternative option to help people who are lost and don’t know where to turn. The link below is their website:

Liberty HealthShare




  1. Reblogged this on disue.

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    1. Your help is very much appreciated.

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  2. […] via A COMPASSIONATE HUMAN HEALTH STORY WORTH WATCHING — All About Healthy Choices […]

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    1. Thank you for sharing this. Many people need access to this type of information.


  3. I have been starting to see a lot on these sorts of plans – they do seem like a good option!

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    1. I like the fact that the participant is held accountable for responsible behavior while the plan pays for services (NOT REQUIRING specific network doctors) with significantly fewer denials of claims.

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  4. There are different kind of health care services around in our world. Where I come from, we paid by taxes for all health care excl. dentist care, which people need to pay separately.
    In Spain, where I live now, employers are paying social security to secure peoples care.

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    1. The U.S. healthcare system is one of (if not THE MOST) expensive systems in the world offering reduced quality of services to its patients (ranked somewhere around 37th in the developed nations.) The alternative approach I discuss in this article is more compassionate and responsible than traditional insurance coverage. As the cost continues to rise, people will be unable to maintain their coverage unless employers are willing to pay larger portions of the premiums.

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      1. I have read some stories about unlucky people and the healthcare in US or rather the lack of same. It sounds like a good system, as you found and I like the idea about supporting each other, so more can get the needed help.

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  5. maureenrose7 · · Reply

    The time and energy you put into all of your posts I’m always impressed by it, truly…but this is just amazing…you are amazing! So much of your time so that you can bring such helpful information to all of us! You are just so good Jonathan! 🙂 Thank you for all that you do!

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    1. I became a physician because people matter to me. Sharing research, stories, humor and anything else I can discover to use to help people improve the quality of their lives improves the quality of my life as well. I believe this is my purpose in life; a mission I have been blessed with.
      I appreciate all your kind words, ALWAYS! 🙂

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      1. maureenrose7 · · Reply

        You are a wonderful person to get to know Jonathan I hope you know that! You have been blessed with your mission and we all have been blessed with you! 🙂

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  6. great story…so happy it had a nice ending…..I am looking at changing my insurance this year…I will look into Liberty HealthShare…thanks Jonathan…

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    1. Just remember, it is “health sharing,” NOT health insurance. It works like health insurance and qualifies under the Affordable Care Act like insurance but is technically NOT INSURANCE. Make sure you speak with the people at Liberty and get ALL your questions answered. They are very nice people and willing to give you the time needed. Their website also has videos that provide good information.


      1. Health sharing is a great idea…just not sure if it will be for me
        …I need to check into it a little more….see if it will cover me in any state as we travel around, and other issues that I face….thanks though….its something to look into….kat

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  7. Oh, my gosh….even though you said there was a happy ending, my heart was so tight, and also raced at certain points during the video…and, you were right, it is tear-inducing….so painful to see his remembered pain….I can only imagine what it was like for his wife and all who love her. But, I was so grateful to know that God was given His due…so grateful to know that prayer and faith featured so prominently in his message…that is the best help/support anyone can ever be offered, for it allows for everything else to fall into place…including ethical, affordable insurance….and, skilled medical staff..miracles that happen when we need them most….oh, the beauty of compassion and generosity of spirit…thank you, Dr. Jonathan….you are an ongoing blessing (on so many levels) that I thank God for…never to be taken for granted….you have such a beautiful, beautiful heart….thank you for all you do! 🙂

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    1. …after stuttering in my written response, overwhelmed by the kindness of your words, I can’t express enough how I appreciate YOU, your talents and the generosity you share with all the people you connect with….

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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      1. You are such a treasure, and endearingly humble…it humbles me to know that I elicit such gratitude in someone so very kind and accomplished. I am over the moon that God brought about our blessed connection. It increases my confidence that I am on the right track 🙂 Thank you!

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        1. Always a pleasure corresponding with you. 🙂

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  8. Anything medical story like that is always so close to my heart and emotional for me. Thank you for sharing. I am so pleased it had a happy ending. I haven’t heard of health sharing here in South Africa, but certainly it is worth researching.

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    1. With the costs, limitations on providers and inferior level of care, healthsharing offers an option that can potentially improve choices and outcomes while making healthcare affordable. I do not know if this service extends outside the U.S.

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  9. Heart warming video and very interesting medical plan. It is so hard to worry about what will happen and what you will do. Until very recently we did not have insurance and it was a huge worry each day!

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    1. Although this is health sharing rather than health insurance, it offers an ethical and financial means when dealing with health issues and care. I am very thankful to have found this opportunity for myself.

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