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ONLY until January 14th.

As we head into the weekend, why not save yourself the cost of going to a movie  and enjoy this amazing, inspiring movie from the comfort of your home. You will walk away with a better perspective on health and the simple things you can do to prevent common illnesses, restore health and avoid the typical future of living with chronic disease.

Finding 90 minutes somewhere over the next 6 days will be an investment of time you will be thankful for making.

Let me know your thoughts after watching this movie. ENJOY!

(Disclaimer: I DO NOT receive any form of compensation and am NOT affiliated with this movie in any way.)




  1. B and I just watched the trailer. We will watch the full version this weekend and let you know! It looks compelling.

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  2. I look forward to BOTH yours and B’s take on the video. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!


  3. I watched a few clips and I am definitely intrigued by this. Educating the public on the need to improve our health and strength by avoiding refined and processed foods, engaging in regular exercise and using quality supplementation has become my life’s work. I think that as a nation we do need to set some standards for the industry rather than allowing products of varying quality to be sold through so many channels. The average consumer makes no distinction between products sold online or through mass-retail chains that often contain potentially harmful ingredients. We shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water though. There are many highly reputable companies with top quality products. The key is knowing where to turn for credible information. Sites like yours are on the cutting edge of challenging the current mindset about healthcare in America. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Excellent points, Jason. As people begin to understand that GOOD HEALTH is achieved through MANY DIFFERENT COMPONENTS in life rather than attempting to address one issue (ex. food or exercise or stress reduction, etc…)and expecting everything to fall into place, the results will skyrocket. It requires effort, learning and patience. This is why it’s not easy, but IT IS ACHIEVABLE for those truly willing to work for it. Living a life without physical and emotional limitations creates a level of happiness I wish for everyone. To achieve this, however, each person has to be willing to put the effort in necessary to accomplish this goal.

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  4. This looks like some compelling watching Doc, thanks for the share. I shall take a look by the days end.

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  5. I watched this video yesterday and I cannot recommend it more highly. It’s very watchable and provides some really interesting personal stories on the benefits of nutrition, proper supplementation and how important it is to not rely on your doctor for this type of info. You must strike out on your own and do the research. I myself will be looking much more in to high dose vitamin C and will probably increase what I’m already taking. Although I don’t think I will go as high as what some in the video suggest.

    The only I guess complaint I have is it’s strong tendency to paint pharmaceutical companies as “evil” and in it just for the money at the expense of our lives. While I do think money and influence in the drug industry is somewhat of a problem, I don’t think it’s a result of a secret collusion between big pharma and traditional medicine doctors. Drug development in this country over the last 100 years has truly brought on miracles and tremendously reduced suffering while increasing life spans. For some folks, drug treatment is their only option and I fear videos like this may steer people away from that truth.

    As always though, whatever treatment plan you may be following, good nutrition plays a huge role and it’s imperative you get informed through videos and blogs like this

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    1. Although the pharmaceutical companies have been found guilty and fined for substantial misconduct, I agree with you that accolades need to be extended to this industry for some incredible benefits they provide. If we (in the health care industry) were less bias in our delivery, it would add greater credibility and give the consumer greater confidence when listening to recommendations. Opinions must be stated as such to clarify “fact” from “everything else.” There is nothing wrong with opinions as long as they are not imposed on the consumer as facts.

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      1. I hope it came through clear enough that I enjoyed the video and thought it was for the most part quite well done. Very interesting stuff!


        1. Please accept my apology for not commenting on that. You were very clear about enjoying the video. Thank you for adding that. I am also appreciative that you added your opinion about the bias in the video. I get so focused on the material, I don’t let any of the industries (natural or pharmaceutical) influence my willingness to be open minded. As health care providers, I believe it is our ethical responsibility to truly remain open minded to help offer our patients the best options available. We can voice our individual opinions, but that does not give us the right to exclude options because they are not our personal choice.

          I also want to make certain that all readers of my site feel they can offer their honest opinion. I learn a great deal by reading the comments and seeing the various perspectives. My views will likely be modified over time as new information invalidates “facts” from the past. A good example of this is FAT in the diet. At one time this was the “great evil” cause of heart disease. Today, proper types and quantities of fats have been shown to reduce heart disease.
          Please, feel free to voice your feelings and opinions. I have great respect for you and the quality your comments add to the value of my blog site. Thank you so much.

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          1. No apology necessary at all. I sometimes let my strong opinions override smart communications and want to make sure the main point of my comment, that I liked the video, came across. Thank you for clarifying.

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  6. Very interesting…love the intro, the lake, the sunrise….I will be adding some vitamin C to my regime what would your recommendation be for al vit C dose.? thanks for the great movie….kat

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    1. Vitamin C is one of the few vitamins each person can determine the appropriate dosage. If you take too much, it causes a loosening of the stool. I recommend 500mg tablets to start with. I take 3000mg/day. If my system is challenged, I will up it to 5000mg. It is water soluble so you don’t have to worry about toxifying the body. You can start with 1000mg and increase the dosage every 2 weeks by 500mg. My patients used to average about 2000mg/day (including food sources.) If stools become soft, back off 500mg and see if you re-regulate. This is the best way to determine proper dosing. Don’t exceed 5000mg without a professional to supervise.


      1. thanks,,, I really appreciate all your advise……kat

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