People Matter

This article clearly demonstrates the ongoing difficulties we face as our country moves away from its founding principles toward a focus on profit and personal success at the expense of anyone with alternative views.

Simple Living Over 50

dumpster-concept“They took my wife, they took my house and they took all my money” he told me while I was trying to help him out of the dumpster. This is an incident I went through on duty working as a Security Officer. It all started with a report from an employee that there was an old man stuck in our dumpster in the back of the building. I reported to the area to discover a man who appeared to be of the age of around 70 years old lying on top of a pile of soft trash in the dumpster. I asked him if was OK and he replied to me that he couldn’t get out of the dumpster. The first thought that came to me was that he was a vagrant who was sleeping off the effects of alcohol or drugs, but soon learned that he was an old…

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  1. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    This story is a great reminder of what we have become as a nation. It saddens me to know that we are now a nation driven by profits with no regard for human lives. In fact, not only am I saddened, but I am also very angry that we have allowed this to happen to a fellow human being. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that there are still many good people, like yourself, committed to making the world a better place.


    1. I agree with your feelings. It is sad. For me, it is about overcoming personal feelings and finding solutions. Change is difficult and people resist it adamantly. I hope that compassionate explanations as well as logical reasoning will reduce the friction and increase the trust. In general I truly believe in people and their kindness. Sometimes they simply need a gentle (yet caring) nudge.

      Thank you again for your compassion and kindness.

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