1. What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from FOOD?

    2. What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from POSSESSIONS?

    3. What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from PEOPLE/FAMILY/FRIENDS?

    4. What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from fulfilling a PURPOSE?

    5. What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from seeking SOLUTIONS?

    6. What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from GIVING TO OTHERS?

    7.  What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from WORK/CAREER?

    8. What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from LEISURE?

    9. What percentage of life’s pleasures are derived from NEW EXPERIENCES?

The question is NOT, “how much time do you spend doing these things, but rather WHAT PERCENTAGE OF LIFE’S PLEASURES ARE DERIVED FROM THEM!

img1Those of us seeking better health typically find greater success when our PERCENTAGES center on personal growth and development rather than tangible OBJECTS that produce temporary “feel good” moments in time. Temporary “feel good” moments are typically distractions from emotional discomfort rather than actual moments that produce LONG TERM positive enjoyment. This is why:


FOOD followed by the purchasing of ongoing new POSSESSIONS


have become the TOP 2 PERCENTAGES in so many lives. How can one become healthier when consumed by habitual destructive patterns (poor eating and the need for new “toys”) that make up the highest percentages of what people assume are “joyful” experiences?

Discovering and exploring the other 7 PERCENTAGE QUESTIONS will create more meaning in one’s life and help create clearer FOCUS when pursuing BETTER HEALTH. People with weight and other health issues commonly attempt to resolve them by dealing with their SYMPTOMS rather than addressing their underlying causes. Using this PERCENTAGE method to RE-BALANCE one’s priorities in LIFE helps FIX the “broken” components. This provides the body the tools necessary to RESTORE GOOD HEALTH. The PERCENTAGE METHOD addresses the “BIG PICTURE” in a logical framework that people can generally relate to. It simply makes sense that purposeful, happier and more fulfilled lives would ACTIVELY seek to avoid activities that result in SELF HARM. Increasing one’s PERCENTAGES of activities that POSITIVELY “feeds” the body and mind will reduce the available percentage of time one can turn to for destructive habits used in the past. This new understanding creates greater clarity while reducing (percentage wise) the importance of FOOD and POSSESSIONS and their role (and reduced relevancy) in achieving REAL HAPPINESS and BETTER HEALTH.

If you’ve been struggling with LIFE and/or HEALTH ISSUES, the PERCENTAGE METHOD may offer an approach to overcoming obstacles interfering with past attempts. You will likely find as you RE-BALANCE more percentage of time to quality, meaningful pursuits, your quality of LIFE and HEALTH will improve. How nice would it be to use this method to gain back CONTROL over your life and more easily say “NO” to damaging lifestyle behaviors that continue to consume the lives of so many others?


  1. what an insightful post! this is an effective way to see what value we are creating in our lives and rebalancing the numbers

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    1. Sometimes people need to re-evaluate their lives to make certain they are on the right path to achieving their goals. This Percentage Method will help them professionally AND personally.

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  2. This is very powerful Jonathan, and really needs to be implemented !

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  3. It will be interesting to see how many people take the task to pen and paper and determine if their percentages need adjusting. Comments will reflect this IF people do more than think, “good idea.” Ideas without implementation remain just ideas.

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  4. Great post to make us think–and hopefully take positive action(s)!

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    1. The ACTION part is truly the key!! 🙂

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  5. Lovely post!👍

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    1. So glad you enjoyed it.


  6. thank you for your post. it was very eye opening. i am in the process of writing a post much like this. this life has tol many distractions and people need to scale down on what they focus and prioritize on!


    1. Looking forward to reading your post.


  7. So after reading a lot of your blogs Nd feeling very motivated I have for the last (almost two months ) put myself on a better eating plan. I love my change I have made. I don’t get so tired anymore and my fitness levels have quadrupled. Would you mind having a look at my blogs that I am going to be posting in the next four months and tell me what you think honestly about my change? You will understand it more when you read my blogs. I will be posting a blog tonight.


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