How Does The Pharmaceutical Industry Determine Their Next Drug?

Money-Pills-600x441Cholesterol lowering medications were first introduced to the market in 1987 by Merck. In July of 2015 a new cholesterol lowering medication called Praluent was introduced to the market. On August 27, 2015 another new cholesterol lowering medication called Rapatha was approved by the FDA and became available for use. Web-MD lists over 50 drugs that are used today to address high cholesterol.

I chose elevated cholesterol because most people are familiar with this condition.  Why do we need over 50 drugs to treat 1 condition? Some may argue that modern technology refines and improves these medications to make them more effective and less dangerous. If that were the case, why would this same argument not apply to the vaccines we provide to children and adults today? Why do we believe that 50-year-old vaccine production TECHNOLOGY remains the best method to prevent diseases in children today? If that question seems difficult to answer, how do we justify using 50-year-old technology when we remain #1 in the world for infant mortality? How can we profess the importance of vaccinations for the safety of our children and then focus our pharmaceutical research on another cholesterol lowering medication.

Autism is a condition that has gained significant prevalence. In 2007 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with this condition. Today, 1 in 68 are diagnosed. Where is all the research from our major pharmaceutical companies for the new drug to “cure” this condition? Obviously more people have elevated cholesterol than are autistic. Is pharmaceutical research, therefore, motivated by need or greed?

Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans take at least one prescription medication. As a treating physician I evaluated my patients to determine why this need existed. Sadly, it related more to lifestyle than an inherent weakness or anomaly in the body. Conditions including diabetes, cancer, obesity as well as systems in the body including respiratory, gastrointestinal, liver and gallbladder were prescribed medications in a large part due to chronic abuse our population has placed on itself. As I always write, there is certainly a place for pharmaceutical intervention and a benefit provided by these drugs when utilized properly. We have abused our medical profession by demanding they supply us with drugs to handle the imbalances we have created within our own bodies by living an unhealthy lifestyle. We don’t take responsibility for our own actions and demand they provide us with drugs so we can continue the same destructive behaviors. We justify our “spoiled rotten” actions with the knowingly false belief that these drugs are “fixing” our problems. The ONLY thing that fixes the body long-term is a change in attitude and a willingness to provide the body what it needs, physically, chemically and emotionally.

Based on newly developed drugs, the pharmaceutical industry has intelligently placed its efforts on profits. If the public doesn’t care enough about their own health, why should the pharmaceutical industry? We can’t point our fingers at them as the enemy when the real enemy can be seen most clearly in the mirror. The pharmaceutical industry should be recognized for who they are; the “legal drug manufactures.” The medical field should be recognized for who they are; the “legal drug distributors.” Are we not provided drugs by our doctors (which in many cases) we become DEPENDENT UPON for the rest of our lives? Doesn’t this sound more like a drug dealer than a medical doctor?

When people take illegal drugs we become indignant and judgemental and call these people stupid or foolish. How smart are we to waste our financial resources, damage our bodies, damage our minds, destroy our quality of life in the name of a LEGAL DRUG? We call people junkies who use illegal drugs. What do we call the millions of people taking medications as a result of their own negligence?

I’m not interested in badgering the pharmaceutical industry. I would rather see them take their place as leaders in developing natural or synthetic products that could help improve the health status of our nation. I believe there is plenty of profit in providing the public healthful tools and products. Until we are willing to admit as a nation that we are LEGAL DRUG JUNKIES, an intervention isn’t possible. I believe each of us independently needs to look at our list of pharmaceutical drugs and determine (with the assistance from all of our healthcare providers) what we need to do to return our bodies to a state of good health. Once this is achieved we are left with two options. We can continue down the path of self neglect and destruction or value our self-worth and the many contributions we can make to ourselves and the rest of the world. I believe each of us has a role and purpose to fulfill. Finding this purpose may just be the catalyst needed to start LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE without the need for unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs.

Your personal efforts will help the pharmaceutical industry re-evaluate the direction they need to pursue to maintain the health of their business. This becomes a win-win solution for all parties.

Are you ready to believe in yourself and begin to live the life you deserve? Look at your list of prescriptions and determine (with your doctors) which are life-sustaining and which are “compromises” for life choices. The fewer drugs you need to rely on the better off you are. ALL DOCTORS AGREE WITH THIS!



  1. always good posts…


  2. I don’t think all drs agree with this. My experience with my PCP especially that if a drug can make it so he doesn’t have to try and do something or try to make me do something he just prescribes more pills. He doesn’t do much about trying to explain or change things so that those meds aren’t needed. He just automatically prescribes them.

    Or maybe he agrees, but can’t be bothered working harder to help his patients not need them.

    Sorry I don’t agree with you on this part of your subject. I am not in the best of places right now. My mammogram showed a questionable area and I need more tests and I have been having pain there now for months, but never did anything about it because I would go to the PCP and he would not be very helpful. God I need a new doctor.


    1. [Disclosure: I have no medical training; I am just a medically aware layman.] Whatever U have may be benign but must be checked out. It sounds like U should consult an oncologist ASAP! If your insurance insists on a PCP referral B4 U can see a specialist, then nagging the PCP may be necessary.


      1. First they run a few more tests. Oncologist only necessary if biopsy is positive. Been through this before, but I never had pain before.

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  3. The economics are skewed. A vaccine that prevents an infection (or an antibiotic that cures one) is something I may not buy again for yrs. A drug I take daily to manage a chronic condition is a cash cow.


  4. Everybody and his uncle says that reformed diet and exercise habits should be tried B4 cholesterol-lowering drugs; I wonder how many people with hi LDL really try B4 asking for Rx.

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  5. Popping a pill is easy peasy. We like easy peasy. What we need is to take a walk!

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  6. This post deserves a Standing Ovation!

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  7. Thank you very much. I hope people take the message to heart.


  8. Great information, and we all have our part to play in making a difference in this area.

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    1. I agree completely. I have explained to some people that I am currently at hospice taking care of my mother’s final days. I will not be able to respond as usual to your postings and did not want you to feel I was ignoring your work. I should be back up after Sept. Your writing is beautiful and beneficial to so many. I look forward to reading as frequently as possible.


      1. Im sorry to hear this. It is a special and sad time to be there at the end, and I wish you and your family, strength and peace as your Mum passes. Thankyou for your continued support.

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  9. Thinking of you

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  10. you have been very quiet, everything okay??


    1. His mother passed away. He hopes to be back the beginning of October.


      1. Thank you tesa…I was concerned….

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        1. You are quite welcome.


    2. My mother was in hospice and recently passed. I am helping my father through the process. I will be back to writing and reading the beginning of October. Thank you for your concern.


      1. My heart goes out to you in your time of loss….glad your father has you…..kathy

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  11. Sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. May God be with you all!


    1. Thank you Tessa.

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