Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Get-our-of-your-wayAfter working with thousands of patients over many years, recurring health patterns became evident among people with self limiting problems. These problems weren’t based on genetics. They were based on self imposed behaviors interfering with the body’s natural expression of good health. People complained about low energy, fatigue, lethargy, musculoskeletal pain, digestive issues, headaches and many other conditions. Most people had a primary chief complaint, however, during the consultation it was clear that many other symptoms and health concerns existed. These patients came from different backgrounds, different ages, different socioeconomic classes, different professions and different families. After compiling their information, I noticed they all shared a common trait. Every person stood in their own way preventing root cause correction and lasting improvement. It was interesting to see the patient’s reaction when I asked them what they thought the underlying problem was.

  • If they had low energy, they thought it was from long working hours.

  • If they had fatigue, they thought it was from too little sleep.

  • If they had lethargy, they thought it was from boredom

  • If they had musculoskeletal pain they thought it was from sedentary living and poor conditioning.

  • If they had digestive issues, they thought it was from dietary habits.

  • If they had headaches, they thought it was from stress.

During the consultation, I asked many questions attempting to guide the patient to finding answers to their problems. As I gained experience it became clear the answers to their health problems came from a similar place; it came from within the patients themselves. Their lack of ability to recognize this resulted in their lack of ability to “get out of their own way.” Their conditions were real; their frustrations, however, were based on searching for external causes when their conditions, were in fact, self induced.

When they came to my office, they thought I would provide the answers to their problems. They were looking for

  • a stimulant for low energy.

  • a medicinal remedy to improve their sleep.

  • ideas to overcome their boredom.

  • chiropractic adjustments to alleviate their musculoskeletal symptoms.

  • natural remedies to combat digestive disorders.

  • ergonomic suggestions to alleviate their headaches.


This was the type of care the average patient was prepared to receive. They presented with symptoms the doctor treated with therapeutic modalities designed to “fix” the problems.

If we step back and evaluate this approach, has our population demonstrated a better quality of health as a result of this type of care? I don’t think so. It’s just the only type of care we’ve known and have come to expect.

My patients were educated to understand (early in the process) that success would be based on ACTIVE participation by them as well as by me. This was not a traditional approach and it took time, patience and results to develop confidence and trust in the process. I knew a big part of success was based on getting the patient to realize they “NEEDED TO GET OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY” to heal.

If you go back to the list I placed in red, you will notice their symptoms were actually based on the lifestyle they were responsible for creating. This lifestyle did create physical problems over time, but these problems were the RESULT, not the CAUSE of their issues. As they began to identify and incorporate NEW solutions to old lifestyle patterns, CONDITIONS (not just symptoms) began to resolve. At this point, most of these patients began to see that the CAUSE of their problems, was in fact, an inability to recognize themselves as the ROOT CAUSE of their problems. “Getting out of their own way” provided the opportunity to find long term solutions to correcting health care problems.

I can’t begin to emphasize enough how important patient participation is in any healing process.ย  Doctors that are able to guide their patients to finding solutions have the highest patient compliance rates and successful results. I am not reducing the significance of the doctor’s role in providing various treatments that assist the healing process. I am simply emphasizing that doctors ALONE can not achieve outcomes nearly as beneficial.

If you are not satisfied with your health, why not see if “Getting Out Of Your Own Way” creates a new opportunity for new solutions to maximizing your results. Talk with family members, friends and co-workers that “love” their doctors and find one that can work WITH YOU to uncover the ROOT CAUSES undermining your good health. It doesn’t matter if it’s high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or any other NAMED CONDITION, removing yourself as a road block is critical in achieving success.

But then again why change your diet when you can just keep sending me to the Bahamas twice a year



  1. I was my own worst enemy for years, but gradually, one day at a time, I’m improving. Thankful for docs like you, who dedicate themselves to helping us sickies get there!

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    1. You are a sponge. You absorb knowledge and experience and use it to improve the quality of your life. This is a real gift. Your ongoing journal of success is inspiring and will likely motivate others to follow your lead.
      Thank you for all your support and kind words.

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  2. I’ve suffered from awful headaches since childhood. In my teens this led to my abusing OTC pain killers. My doctors at the time couldn’t figure out what was wrong and kept trying to put me on prescription drugs. My mum was having none of it. Her thought process, due to not knowing the extent of my pill popping, was if we didn’t figure out the cause increase my dosages was fixing a symptom and possibly hiding the root cause. Finally a specialist discovered damage in my neck. The prescription? Work on my posture, relax my shoulders, learn to identify my stress and find way to handle it. He offered that if these weren’t working and I needed help he could prescribe a short term dose of muscle relaxants.

    I was lucky because in spite of some feedback that I was probably a drama queen my mum knew that if I said I was in pain I was being honest. I still suffer from headaches but I don’t immediately reach for pills. I first do a check of my environment and work on any of those factors.

    To doctors like him and you I offer a heartfelt thank you! Your patience and willingness to help us see the error of our ways while suggesting reasonable adjustments help people like me live much happier lives.

    I’ll never be truly pain free but knowing that has helped me kick the pills!

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    1. More and more people are looking for ANSWERS to their problems rather than symptom relief ALONE. Recurring problems are typically the result of MULTIPLE unresolved issues. This is why these problems become chronic. Symptoms are typically the result of physical AND emotional imbalances. This is one reason why (for example headaches) may persist. Posture may address one physical problem; analgesics may reduce pain permitting musculature to relax, but emotional stress from work, relationships and other causes can be a factor that frequently is left unaddressed or only partially addressed. We must stop looking at “things” that affect symptoms and focus instead on structuring our lifestyles to meet the demands we place on ourselves. This approach removes the need to give each symptom a NAME (ex. cardiac disease, obesity, etc…) because healthy balanced lifestyles address the ROOT CAUSES preventing these dis-ease states from developing. Since we were not raised with this paradigm, it takes a conscious thought process to integrate this thinking and understanding into our lives. When weaknesses develop in our lives this approach restores homeostasis and optimal health. Naturally, if something disrupts our body’s ability to restore normal function, emergency medical treatments become an important component in stabilizing this imbalance. Once achieved, the body can be “fed” the various health essentials needed to keep it operating efficiently and effectively.

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    1. Thank you for reading Deborah. Glad to see we share a similar perspective.

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      1. I was my own worst enemy. Finally I cried out to God in defeat. My defeat led to victory – lost 92 pounds with Gods help.

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        1. No one better to have on your team. I believe God extends a hand to everyone, but seems to get the best results from those willing to participate in the process with unyielding determination.

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          1. Desperation helps too. LOL

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  3. Interesting post. First, it must have been a big adjustment for your new patients. We are so progammed to be prescribed medicine for our ailments, they must had some adjusting to do. Second, I agree we are our own worst enemies. Good for for thought.

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    1. I started as a traditional practitioner. I modified my approach as I saw the limitations a traditional approach offered. I wanted the best results possible and realized that good health required more than structural correction and education. Health care education is based greatly on science. This is certainly important, but leaves out the human aspect of health and well being. Once I incorporated this into my approach a whole new level of outcome was achieved. This is why I spend so much time sharing these experiences. People are typically unaware these options exist. As more people share their experiences and benefits, better health opportunities will go viral.

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      1. I hope so. Your thoughts and methods need to be taught to everyone.

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        1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

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  4. This is SO true Doc. As you know I suffered for many years and since I started to turn my life around last year, I have shed the symptoms that you speak of. Now when I am tired it is because I am tired, when I am worn out it is because I have been on the go for days at a time, only taking time to sleep and when I am bored…. well if I am honest, I never really have the opportunity to become bored as there is far too much to do in my day as it is….
    That is the beauty of turning your life around, you want to do more because you CAN do more and you ENJOY doing more.
    It is by far the greatest thing I have ever done.

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    1. I can’t offer any more to the reader’s of my blog site than you just stated in your comment. You are a walking testimony to the benefits of “Getting Out Of Your Own Way.” Keep sharing your message. I hope it becomes CONTAGIOUS!

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      1. So do I doc, so do I!!
        Thank you for saying such kind things as well, you never cease to amaze me with your positivity and your comments are always welcomed and trusted.

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  5. I guess it easy easier to find an excuse than to work on a solution. I suspect you are very skilled at getting people to realize this and take charge of their own health. Once again your blogs always make me think about how I am dealing with my health. Thank you

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    1. Truthfully, my goal is to provide information in a thought provoking manner to help people think about their own health. I hope the outcome helps people improve the quality of lives they live. I appreciate you and your positive feedback.

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    1. Thank you for taking your time to view my blog site. Glad you found the content interesting.

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  7. Love the cartoon, I dated a RN a long time ago and he always thanked anyone that was smoking around him for keeping him in patients…LOL another good post….hope your having a nice day…kat

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    1. It’s unfortunately true!


      1. so true….kat

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  8. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    I once knew a woman who complained about how expensive her high blood pressure medication was. Yet she would go EVERY DAY to a local fast food restaurant and order a large burger, fries, and a coke.

    One day I actually saw her walk in with a prescription medicine bag and one hand, and a fast food bag in the other. She started to whine about the price of her medication again so I told her that if she got rid of the bag she was holding in her right hand, then she could get rid of the bag she was holding in her left hand.

    Probably a bit inappropriate given my position in the company, but I just couldn’t resist. Sadly, I still don’t regret saying it…Lol!

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    1. Sounds like something I would have said (with a big smile on my face to reduce the tone.) Sometimes you have to wonder if people don’t know or don’t care.

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  9. Very, very true. I do think that most of the time people know deep down inside that they have the power to change, but are not willing to start doing the work. Hence, turning to quick “fixes” instead.

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  10. And like you know the quick “fixes” are temporary bandages that allow the underlying problems to intensify over time. If we can’t make commitments to ourselves, who can we truly commit to?


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