Pain Free Blood Sugar Testing

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes are serious health conditions and risks respectively that may not be symptomatic early on. This does not reduce the serious life threatening conditions that result from this disease if not monitored and maintained properly. This tool reduces pain and makes testing simple. I encourage you to read the information and decide for yourself.

Low Carb RN (CDE)


Hey folks! It is rare that I’m ever promoting a product on here. In fact, the only products I’ve ever promoted on this page are books. This item deserves an exception. As you know, I am an avid proponent of frequent blood sugar testing, for all diabetics (including pre-diabetics) and other folks at risk. Frequent testing can be uncomfortable, and many avoid it for this reason. But you don’t have to anymore. You can improve your blood sugar control with frequent, nearly painless testing with this amazing product. I will be actively sharing info about this product all week, to make sure that I reach all of my readers. To find out more, and to receive special offers, click HERE

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