We are a society that likes to search for complicated answers to make our approaches to health unique. So many people are searching for that “unique” answer believing it’s the missing piece of the puzzle to good health and happiness. This makes us susceptible to deception as we desperately “buy in to” fallacies exposing our vulnerabilities and convincing ourselves the “magic bullet” exists.

In reality, the answers we seek will NEVER be found in the external environment. This means the next diet recommendation, the next chiropractic adjustment, the next pharmaceutical medication, the next piece of exercise equipment, the next, the next the next… will NEVER reveal the answers we seek.

The answer to good health never changes. The methods we use to achieve it may change from person to person, but the answer to good health will always remain the same.



This is NOT some mystical magical concept only discoverable by going on a pilgrimage. This is a TANGIBLE CONCEPT achieved by creating physical and mental BALANCE.Β  This is the MINIMUM requirement for achieving GOOD HEALTH.


It usually starts in most people’s minds. They create undetectable “mine fields” (in the form of skeptism, fear, anger, hostility, etc…) that distorts one’s vision when seeking LONG TERM benefits that alternative pathways provide. There is such great COMFORT in following a “known pathway” (even if its self destructive) accepting and embracing a new approach becomes paralyzing and perceptually impossible. The UNKNOWN PATHWAY causes greater FEAR than the KNOWN “LIFE THREATENING” ONE! Even though logically this makes no sense, it is REALITY. This is why good health requires MENTAL as well as PHYSICAL stability and BALANCE.

If an external environmental support works to strengthen the internal environment of the body, it becomes an asset to achieving GOOD HEALTH. Some examples of these might include:

  • exercise

  • REAL food

  • environmental interaction (camping and hiking)

If an external environmental toxicity is exposed to the internal environment of the body, it becomes a liability preventing the body from achieving GOOD HEALTH. Some examples of these might include:

  • pollution (indoor as well as outdoor)

  • manufactured PROCESSED food “stuff”

  • smoking

  • excessive alcohol consumption

  • long term pharmaceutical use (adverse effects on the internal body is an unfortunate consequence of long term pharmaceutical use. People may require these drugs to survive, however, it must be understood that their “consumption” will compete with normal physical and mental function REDUCING one’s status of health.


  • Adequate quality and quantity of sleep -this is necessary to repair and rebuild the internal body from a day of ATTACK. We may not experience symptoms, but our immune systems are under attack EVERY DAY as we expose ourselves to pathogens (germs.) Without proper sleep, our internal environment WEAKENS making our immune system susceptible to compromise.

  • Proper hydration – our body consists of 70-80% water. Dehydration causes electrolyte imbalances in the body that weaken organs and prevent HEALTHY function. Most people underestimate the quantity of water needed for GOOD HEALTH. (Refer to WATER NEEDS for details.)

  • Stress reduction– External environmental stress (families, work, friends, relationships) cause hormonal changes that weaken the internal environment. Uncontrolled, it leads to the destruction of ALL internal systems including gastrointestinal, cardiac, vascular, liver, etc… Stress is a NORMAL part of living; learning how to CHANNEL stress in a healthy productive manner to SUPPORT the internal function of the body is the key to restoring and maintaining GOOD HEALTH




Achieving GOOD HEALTH is not simply based on luck. It’s based on understanding the products we use and the activities and events we participate in affecting the outcome and the quality of health we achieve. The more we recognize and are willing to SUPPORT the internal environment of the body, the healthier the typical outcome. The more we recognize and are willing to interfere with the internal environment of the body, the more damage we induce.

GOOD HEALTH is NOT just about how we feel on the OUTSIDE!

It’s not about Paleo, Ketogenic or Atkins; it’s about HEALTHY CHOICES OF REAL FOOD.

It’s not about High Intensity Interval Training, Circuit training, or Pyramid training; it’s about providing EXERCISE in any format chosen to strengthen and support the internal environment.

It’s not about having the best insurance coverage; it’s about living a lifestyle that minimizes the need for healthcare professionals and the various services they provide (medical, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, etc…)

GOOD HEALTH is ONLY ACHIEVED through personal commitment and dedication to one’s LIFE.



  1. So true Jonathan that good health starts from within. So many people think that if they just follow the “right” fitness program or new fad diet they will magically lose weight and be in shape. It’s the personal commitment and dedication you mention to just getting up and doing it every day that matters most, regardless of the diet or exersize program you follow.

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    1. Sometimes people need to see it in WRITING so the message becomes an engram (memory in the brain.) If we spent as much time ACTIVELY pursuing a healthier lifestyle as we do PASSIVELY pursuing the “magic bullet,” our health status would significantly improve.

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  2. Good post, Doctor. So nice to see you including aspects like sleep, water and stress control. Those are key elements so often overlooked.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback, Tony. Always appreciated.


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    1. Thank you so much for sharing my message with your readers.

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  4. As the Bible says…CHOOSE LIFE—ABUNDANT LIFE! DEUTERONOMY 30: 15-20 (the actual context of the phrase–still fits in this context about health!)

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  5. I love how you really only post for me personally…LOL its like you must know what I need to hear…balance, more exercise…and love thyself…..thank you…..xxkat

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    1. Every one of us needs to hear these messages repeated over and over. “NOISE” creates interference which causes distractions from the paths we follow. I’m a pretty disciplined person, and I reinforce these same messages to be certain not to stray too far from the path I CHOOSE to follow!


      1. I wish I had your self discipline….

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  6. I totally agree 100% . πŸ™‚

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    1. Always nice to have a friendly face in my corner! Thank you so much. πŸ™‚

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  7. At 450 pounds, I hated myself so much. The problem was, though, the 450 pounds on my body were only a symptom of how much I hated myself. I hated myself for a whole bunch of other reasons; the weight just became another reason after I gained it.

    For me, I found that my self-esteem created doubt that I was able to be successful in such a huge endeavor (wait… is that a fat joke?). Advertising for weight loss products and information from people that live in gyms only served to increase that doubt as they preach how their product enables anyone (the losers like me) to lose the pounds. They thrived and profited on my desperation and handicapped view of self.

    It wasn’t until a trusted friend explained her success with changing her eating patterns that something clicked and I felt completely in control. 48 pounds later, I’m becoming the man I always should have been and the years of self-loathing are vanishing.

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    1. This is one of the best testimonies and comments I have read. It shows the complexity of obesity and demonstrates ONE ANSWER DOES NOT FIT ALL!

      Creating the mindset you have achieved is THE most difficult task to help people accomplish. Once a CLEAR focus is achieved along with an understanding that LONG TERM GOALS are based on a PROCESS that provides a PATH toward GOOD HEALTH and QUALITY LIVING rather than REDUCING an acquired symptom known as obesity, SUCCESSFUL LONG TERM weight loss becomes attainable.

      Your words are SO important for all those people living on the weight loss/weight gain roller coaster. Thank you for so succinctly expressing the emotional and physical limitations that you suffered in the past as well as your new found discovery of SELF WORTH and VALUE that has helped you move forward to becoming a healthier and happier person.

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      1. You have been a huge encouragement. Thank you so much.

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        1. Always a pleasure! πŸ™‚

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  8. […] via THE ANSWER TO GOOD HEALTH WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE SAME β€” All About Healthy Choices […]

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    1. Thank you for passing this message forward. It provides a perspective (I believe) many can benefit from.


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