I Have Discovered THE PERFECT DIET


Food is the one constant tangible object thought about everyday by nearly everyone. For some, it elicits a joy beyond words; for others it creates anxiety and pain. Existence relies on its intake. As a result, doctors, nutritionists, health and wellness consultants have built businesses around this topic.

Most diet explanations begin the same way. The science of food is broken down into its biochemical components and the physiology of the body is discussed to explain the various diet plans and the benefits each offers. Since we have many brilliant minds in the field of nutrition working diligently researching solutions to diseases and weight management issues , why haven’t we been able to reach a common conclusion on healthy food choices and proper nutrition plans?

After many years I have discovered the missing piece. I have found THE PERFECT DIET that will successfully work on 95% of the population (this is as close as we can come to 100% perfection when dealing with nutrition.) Interestingly, the answer was not found in a scientific journal. It was found by observing and listening to people.

I have watched many people run to the latest and greatest programs that effectively reduced weight, improved energy and created better abilities to perform activities of daily living. Some of these included, The Atkins Diet, The Carbohydrates Addict Diet, South Beach Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Paleo Diet. All of these programs have science behind them and successful results. As I write this article, I assure you a “New Diet Plan” is in the making.

In discovering THE PERFECT DIET I found the one element all diet plans were missing.  It didn’t involve the pancreas and insulin resistance; it didn’t involve the balancing of the endocrine system; it didn’t involve hair sample analysis or blood chemistry analysis; it didn’t involve the brain-gut connection (sometimes called “Leaky Gut Syndrome”); and it didn’t involve organic vs non organic.

I have named it THE PERFECT DIET because it is based on the individual; not a category of disease or obesity. All the other diet plans mentioned require the individual to conform to a specific lifestyle that must be maintained FOREVER to work. Regardless of who the person is, they must follow the PROTOCOL the “diet” calls for. Human behavior has a tendency to rebel against this approach to lifestyle. In an attempt to distract the “dieter,” recipe books have been written to show the variety of choices available. CD’s, DVD’s, step by step instructions are all part of these programs to help the person achieve success. Testimonials are provided proving all the diet plans work to add credibility supporting the programs. Yet, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity continue to be prevalent.

What is the COMPONENT all these “diets” are missing?  It is one of the most important HUMAN components often under rated by society. It’s called:


THE PERFECT DIET can never be achieved let alone maintained without addressing the emotional component. Emotions are capable of vigilantly standing in the way of achieving life long success. They sabotage every attempt at better health and or weight loss if ignored. With each “failure” emotions strengthen and create stronger barriers creating greater distances between you and your goals. Whether it’s diabetes, heart disease, weight loss or cancer EMOTIONS play an integral role in the outcome. How do the current diet plans address this component? THEY DON’T!

THE PERFECT DIET works like this. It takes all your SYMPTOMS and packages them under the heading DIS-EASE. Dis-ease is a diminished state of health that has resulted in a MIND and BODY imbalance. Naming the disease is no longer important. Whether it’s diabetes, heart disease, obesity or cancer uncovering the ROOT CAUSE is the goal of THE PERFECT DIET. It addresses each person with an individual game plan to “fix” the WHOLE PERSON. THE PERFECT DIET only works for those wanting and willing to improve their state of dis-ease. This is why traditional “diets” don’t work. Everyone that begins a diet “wants” to see results, but many are not “willing” to make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You see, the state of good physical health does not automatically lead to the state of good mental health. This means that reversing or improving a state of dis-ease including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity does not necessarily result in HAPPINESS. Our society doesn’t understand this and condemns those that “succeed” only to fail again as they return to old patterns of behavior. Our culture does not recognize that our souls need as much nourishment as our physical bodies.

THE PERFECT DIET addresses each individual as an individual and determines what components of the WHOLE PERSON are functioning below par. As these components are restored to a healthy state, the WHOLE PERSON can begin to enjoy life. It is the ROOT CAUSES OF DIS-EASE, (emotional health, physical health and spiritual health) that interferes with and prevents each INDIVIDUAL from achieving this state of balance (homeostasis.)  As this level is achieved, the new POSITIVE ATTITUDE and sense of SELF WORTH acts as a catalyst to propel each person to their own individual state of HAPPINESS and GOOD HEALTH.

This becomes a state of health much easier to maintain. The tools learned in this process make it easier to deal with the various stresses everyone is forced to face. Old patterns are left behind resulting in further growth as we overcome new challenges.

Health, exercise, food choices, hydration, sleep, stress reduction, family and work, are viewed in a new light. They are simply sub components of life that feed our new and improved emotional state.   Our named “diseases” and “weight issues”  no longer occupy the center of our focus. THE PERFECT DIET provides each person


THE PERFECT DIET works because it is the ONLY nutrition plan that provides the emotional soul with the nutrients necessary to achieving MAXIMAL HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.  It is the one diet everyone will benefit from.

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  1. I have named it THE PERFECT DIET because it is based on the individual; not a category of disease or obesity. All the other diet plans mentioned require the individual to conform to a specific lifestyle that must be maintained FOREVER to work. Regardless of who the person is, they must follow the PROTOCOL the “diet” calls for. I have reached my target and now I feel great again.
    Check out my diet : http://bit.ly/2HQl2xj


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