How do you know if you have:

  1. high blood pressure

  2. high cholesterol

  3. diabetes

  4. cardiac disease (ex. enlarged heart)

  5. vascular diseases (ex. atherosclerosis {thickening of blood vessels decreasing blood flow})

  6. gastrointestinal malabsorption

  7. early cancer

without having a physical exam and blood lab panel to prove it?


In most cases you won’t know it! These are ALL conditions associated with CHRONIC INFLAMMATION that offer NO EARLY SYMPTOMS in most cases. This means that countless numbers of people are walking around TODAY experiencing REAL DISEASES without ANY AWARENESS! These are the same people reassuring friends and family members how healthy they are because they “feel great and have NO SYMPTOMS!”


“Feel Great, No Symptoms!”  “Feel Great, No Symptoms!”

How do you avoid becoming one of these DISEASED PEOPLE completely unaware that an underlying health problem ALREADY EXISTS?




This is a term that qualifies and quantifies a lifestyle that proactively addresses HEALTH rather than DISEASE. It views life from a BALANCED perspective and determines whether one’s approach is following a path reinforcing a healthy outcome or one likely to result in disease. It does NOT base one’s health on SYMPTOMS.

To simplify our definition of GOOD HEALTH and BALANCE, we can reduce all questions to just ONE.


If the answer is “YES,” a NON SYMPTOMATIC DISEASE will likely develop (IF IT DOESN’T ALREADY EXIST) without ANY warning. If it is discovered during a physical examination, a medical doctor will address this disease with prescription medication. It is essential to understand these medications DO NOT RESTORE HEALTH. They attempt to stabilize an ONGOING DISEASE. Remember, in many cases there are no symptoms to start with, yet doctors will mandate the refilling of prescription medications which will likely be required for most (if not all) your life.

Think about it; you feel fine, but are willing to purchase prescription medication for the rest of your life anyway. You know the medication has negative side effects (whether SYMPTOMS are produced or not!) You feel fine, but are willing to potentially begin  experiencing negative side effects because you’ve chosen:





How does one reverse the LIFESTYLE trend of INFLAMMATION?  It is accomplished by living a PRO RESOLUTION lifestyle favoring a NET BALANCE that



  1. It satisfies supportive nutritional needs of the body.

  2. It satisfies supportive physical needs of the body.

  3. It satisfies supportive emotional needs of the body.




It is important to understand the personal responsibilities each of us must accept to restore and/or attain GOOD HEALTH. Over my lifetime as a physician, too many people have commented they were unaware of these important FACTS.

If you care about the quality of your LIFE and HEALTH, become PRO-ACTIVE and seek a path that supports PRO RESOLUTION to avoid a NET BALANCE resulting in the body existing in a state of chronic INFLAMMATION.

Remember, this chronic inflammatory state often lacks ANY early SYMPTOMS.





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  2. Thanks for this important post! Could you please provide some details on how we should prevent inflammation? I appreciate your advice very much.

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    1. I’m glad you asked. You might want to take a look at another article I wrote on the subject.


  3. Love this. Honestly, it takes thought and some work to start a lifestyle change. Buy like any worthwhile activity, once you start you can find many small ways to help yourself. There are tons of exercises, even YouTube for yoga (my thing) as well as just walking outside. Plus so many recipes that actually have taste and nutrition. You do not have to be Julia Child to cook. I really support making ourselves healthy. That is very powerful and enabling.

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    1. I truly believe it all starts when a person decides THEY are WORTH the EFFORT. Then, small incremental achievable changes lead to LONG TERM results. Finally, as you say, it is “very powerful and enabling!”

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  4. Jonathan, thank you for this excellent post. This post speaks volumes !!!

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    1. Thank you Lynne. People need to SEE and HEAR the truth about SYMPTOMS and HEALTH. So many believe the absence of symptoms is the definition of good health. Then, the second myth that follows is the belief that prescription drugs “HEAL” chronic diseases. REALITY can be a traumatic thing to face.

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  5. Thank you, as always, for a great post!

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    1. Thank you, as always, for taking your valuable time to read my post. It’s always nice to know I am not the only one reading them! 🙂

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  6. maureenrose7 · · Reply

    Wow, I thought I was motived before! I think I need to kick it up a notch! I do not want that dirty belly! haha omg! Great visual to be honest! Every bite of goodness I take today is going to make me feel even better now I swear! I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I looked to be in perfect physical health my body was fit and slim but wow what a bunch of damage I was doing to the inside not realizing all those stops at the fast food drive-up windows I would be paying for more than once! For years and years to come! It’s been well over a year and I don’t miss any of that crap one bit! No slim Jims and soda with a side of chips for breakfast anymore that all has stopped completely for so many months now I have lost count! Over a year at least! I have never felt better! It’s amazing to me truly! weight loss is now past what my goal to lose even was just by changing one small habit each week or so and really just being true to myself! Each time I eat I can taste the food no more butter as a side dish! I would love so much to be able to hug some people just to let them know yes they can do this! If I did it no kidding anyone can! I wish they knew that they are so worth it! I was so gross with the junk food thinking of it makes me sick! I crave no sugary treats, no junk at all! My idea of a snack at 7pm is some pickled beets in vinegar hahaha! They are like candy to me! Thanks for the great post Jonathan you have a way of reminding me that what I am doing matters so much and it just brings me to want to do even more! 🙂

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    1. These kinds of comments share a reality the average person does not believe exists. Your words will be read by others and will be encouraging enough to get them over their own hurdles. This is how the meaning of QUALITY HEALTH AND LIVING spreads!
      Thank you as always for sharing your personal story. You are an amazing person.

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      1. maureenrose7 · · Reply

        What a lovely thing to say! Thank you for that truly! I hope so much that someone can really find help in my words here, how awesome would that be?! 🙂

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  7. Great and important post as usual 🙂

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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  8. inflammation is one of my biggest problems with arthritis…..something I work at everyday…some days better than others…….thank you for the information….xxxkat

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    1. As you probably know, many commonly eaten foods synergistically aggravate and increase inflammation. Chronic inflammation will dramatically affect quality living. This is an important reason to follow the 80-90% quality REAL foods and 10-20% comfort foods.


      1. So hard to do when your hurting….but I have been very mindful of what I am eating….I have to say that some of the inflammation is down…no bread….no white foods really, no sugars….I rarely eat processed foods so pretty safe there….thanks Jonathan….and yes the full moon was spectacular….xxkat

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