We live in a world dominated by powerful people and large industries. We search for our roles within this behemoth structure to create a life that satisfies our everyday needs. Most people believe they are such small entities within these massive conglomerations, they are unable to influence or affect outcomes. This overwhelming attitude reduces many people’s vision of LIFE to mere SURVIVAL.


What would happen if we focused on our individual lives based on the ethics and morals we chose to live by? Would that provide a better perspective about ourselves including our wants and our needs. By reducing the focus to “ONE,” would it become more realistic to believe a better quality of life could be achievable? Would it become easier to establish new patterns of healthier living?

Does a healthy breakfast require significantly more time than a value meal at McDonald’s. Some may say, “I skip breakfast altogether.” If the FOCUS was on “ONE,” would you still skip it knowing the importance of this meal? Would it feel good making better choices knowing ONLY YOU (the “ONE”) would be the benefiting recipient?

Would you be willing to take 20-30 minutes of your life 4-5 times a week and commit to some form of MOVEMENT. It could be walking, running, lifting weights, swimming, actively playing with children, etc… If the focus was on “ONE,” do you think this commitment would improve your health and your attitude about life? Can you see the possibility in the perception of MOVEMENT becoming a “feel good” activity rather than a HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY requirement to “undo” personal health damage?

If the individual could find “ONE” thing each time to counter balance the challenges in life, it would reduce overwhelming feelings and prevent a growing imbalance that builds up over a lifetime.

It is simpler to be happy than unhappy in life. It requires LESS ENERGY and produces better physical and mental function. Some would argue stress interferes with achieving happiness. If the focus remains on “ONE” and the individual continues to counter balance these challenges in life, BALANCE supersedes STRESS.

Looking at life under these terms and conditions takes our giant world and reduces it to a simpler place to live. Thinking in these terms allows the MIND to rediscover a new REALITY; a reality that converts complicated problems into simpler solutions by reducing one’s vision to:




  1. I have even (finally) talked myself into starting a Silver Sneakers program today. Whoa, it’s harder than those young-uns make it look, that’s for sure!! 🙂

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    1. Glad to see you found the “ONE” decision today to move your life in a direction that offers greater opportunities ahead. Start slow and do not violate the rule that states, “only exercise at a frequency you can comfortably maintain for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.”
      NEW = NOVEL = (typically) TOO FREQUENT. 2-3 times/week is a great starting place. Keep the workouts at a COMFORTABLE time length. If you enjoy the experience, wait 1 month before increasing the frequency by 1 day (IF YOU CHOOSE to increase the frequency at all.) Be the tortoise; slow and steady produces the best LONG TERM outcomes.

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      1. I was wondering about that. Thank you. It’s a little embarrassing to ask the ‘kids’ running the place these questions and they hesitate to answer in case of liability.

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        1. No worries. Shout my way if you ever have any questions. I’m pretty sure I have come across most concerns over the last 39 years of exercising. Experience has provided the best and worst outcomes while guiding me to a place of real satisfaction. Each of us has different goals which means there is no ONE PLAN that gets us there!

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          1. I appreciate that. [besides, right now the abs that I thought were long gone – are aching!] 🙂

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            1. I believe the “kids” today phrase the ache you describe as “pain leaving the body!” Try not to laugh, cough or sneeze; these acts will only incite havoc with those ABS! 🙂
              Stick with it. The discomfort will subside. Slow and easy also produces less PAIN!

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  3. My newest One is 20 minutes of quiet reflection before my day starts. I can’t even call this meditation yet. I willnget there, though.

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    1. One must crawl before one walks. I’m certain you will get to the level you wish to achieve.

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  4. Such a great post and rings so true. It took me until I turned 40 to understand these principles of taking care of myself and making ME a priority. So I do what I can now to lead my 23 year daughter down a kinder path to herself and for herself.

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    1. Those who learn from experience have the option to help others avoid these same difficulties. Some people believe if they had to live through the “PAIN,” why not let the next person figure it out for themselves.

      Your daughter is fortunate that you share the thinking of the first example. I’ll bet you have a great relationship as a result!


  5. Great post… was so hard to think of yourself when raising kids, a family, they all including the pets came first…everyone must be happy, live in harmony and that leaves very little at the end of the day for oneself….as soon as my last child…I only had 2, couldn’t imagine having 4 or 5…oh my…makes me tired just thinking about it….but as soon as my son was out, I declared my life was my own again….I was single for over 13 years and let me tell you, I indulged in me….felt good and wished I would of done it years ago….as far as to many options that are out there…its a little over the top I feel….hummmm good post to ponder on…..kat

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    1. As you commented in the past, “SIMPLE” can be the perfect answer. Using the concept of “ONE” can help achieve this goal.


      1. yes, always to go back to basics and start from there has worked for me in all aspects of my life…..happy weekend…kat


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