Giving Meaning To The Phrase “GOOD HEALTH”


We hear the phrase, “Good Health” all the time. The medical doctor gives you good news by saying you’re in “Good Health.” The chiropractor gives you good news by saying you’re in “Good Health.” Heading into the New Year we wish each other continued “Good Health.”

The problem is:



  1. If a person’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal because they are on two different blood pressure medications as well as one cholesterol lowering medication, do we define this as “Good Health?”

  2. If a person has good blood pressure and good cholesterol levels but is classified as obese, do we define this as “Good Health?”

  3. If a person takes various diabetes medications and maintains adequate sugar levels, but requires these medications as a result of an ongoing lifestyle that has contributed to the development of this disease, do we define this as “Good Health?”

  4. If a person eats well, exercises regularly, has great blood lab values, but suffers from depression, do we define this as “Good Health?”

 “Health” does not require effort. It is achieved by simply existing.

Most of us take it for granted and contribute little conscious effort in affecting the quality of health we experience. “GOOD HEALTH,” however, requires effort and is achieved through a process of integration that requires the BALANCING of various aspects of life.


(after completing this article please read, “Achieving A New Life Through Integration” if you haven’t already done so by clicking the blue link above.)

Let’s return to the four examples above. Each example provides a short history of an individual defining a few health parameters, but to reach the conclusion that each of these individuals is in “Good Health” would directly contradict the integration model.  “Good Health” is NOT A PASSIVE EVENT.  Instead, it is a state of health in flux constantly challenged by physical, chemical, electrical and emotional forces where the body’s response successfully maintains homeostasis (a stable equilibrium between interdependent elements.) The body’s ability to maintain this state of health relies on the individual “FEEDING” it physically, chemically, electrically and emotionally. This “feeding” is accomplished through exercise, nutrition, spiritual/meditative techniques (for those without spiritual beliefs), social interactions, work/career, environmental interactions and family/spousal/significant other interactions. There are many sub-headings for each of these topics, but recognizing the significance of ACTIVELY BALANCING ALL OF THESE is essential to truly understanding and experiencing “GOOD HEALTH.”

I recently read a story about a woman named Katie who successfully transitioned her HEALTH from PASSIVE simple existence to ACTIVE “Good Health.” With the assistance of Kathy Maiorana, Certified Personal Trainer: ISSA and Certified & Licensed Nutritionist with Venice Nutrition, (Kathy Maiorana’s Website) Katie slowly began the process that most of us FEAR; the process of transformation.

Below are before and after pictures of Katie. You will notice that both pictures have Katie smiling, but as you read about her transformation you will begin to understand that the woman on the left displays an “outward” smile where the woman on the right displays a smile exuding “Good Health” and a new passion for life.

10401254_10205483488706908_2350971582957710844_n“Today I went to the doctor for my yearly physical. The doctor could not believe how healthy I was! He did not even recognize me. I was 93 lbs lighter and off all prescriptions and all of my numbers concerning my entire blood panel were perfect. My A1C was 4.5 and normal is 6! At age 36 I had a stroke and was 100 lbs over weight. Now I am sexy and healthy and feel AMAZING at age 41! Making the decision now to improve the quality of your health is an absolute must!!! You deserve it and yes baby, you are worth it!”

We must reinforce the message that Good Health is NOT achieved through medicating; it is achieved (as Katie proved) through lifestyle changes that REMOVE THE NEED FOR MEDICATION. This does NOT mean that medication is evil. It means that natural and pharmaceutical medication should ONLY be used when necessary and ONLY until the body strengthens to the point it is no longer needed. Naturally, there are instances where a deficiency is so great, that prolonged use (even lifelong) may be necessary.

I shared Katie’s story to show that REAL PEOPLE with REAL HEALTH PROBLEMS are capable of turning unhealthy lives into healthy ones. Many people believe it is too late for them. This is absolutely untrue! It requires a commitment and discipline that may require guidance and support, but is absolutely achievable for most people. With the new year so close, why not let this story be your source of inspiration to transform your life from where it currently is to a life of “GOOD HEALTH.” Now that you understand that passive lifestyles can never achieve this outcome, what is holding you back from taking the first step to living a better quality of life?  Don’t you deserve to feel as good about your health and life as Katie feels about hers?



  1. Love the quote. I’m checking out Kathy M’s site and your post, a new life through integration, as soon as I’m done typing these words. Thanks!

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    1. Glad to see your enthusiasm. Kathy Maiorana is a highly motivated individual with many gifts. Her strong genuine and compassionate character with high moral standards make her a very special person. I have a lot of confidence in her knowledge and ability to provide her clients with a clear plan of action to help them achieve their goals.


  2. Really well said, Doc! Logical and straightforward!

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    1. Thank you Dr. Sorick. Beating around the bush and worrying about political correctness and diplomacy often confuses the intent of the message. I want people to clearly understand they can determine their future if they are willing to accept responsibility and place all their energies in achieving their goals. Quality living is achievable!
      Always feel free to voice your professional and personal opinions. I know for certain I do not have all the answers.

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      1. That’s it exactly, sometimes you just have to speak plainly to drive the point home!

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  3. Doc, I just finished a conversation about passive and active writing. Exact same principle. We must always shoot for active. It wasn’t until I started following you that I began to realize being on medication should be a temporary remedy. The target should be achieving a healthy life style that removes the need for the medication. Nice post.

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    1. You just made my day. Your awareness about true health far exceeds the individual person. The impact of this is going to astound you. With all that you’ve been through, you will grow leaps and bounds and far surpass many people with the quality of life you have in front of you. I am excited with all the potential the future holds for you (in your writing as well as your health!)

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      1. Smiling. Thank my friend.

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  4. Reblogged this on Advocate for Mental Illness and commented:
    This so true. And it makes sense even to me the currently unhealthy one. Give it a read.

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    1. Thank you Tessa. I’m very glad the message was clear and worth sharing with your readers.

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      1. I have seen people fool themselves that they are healthy because their blood pressure is ok, but they are taking medications for it. Not ok. I take a lot of medications. I understand that means I am not healthy, just because a pill keeps me at a healthy level.

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        1. You are wiser than many people in recognizing this fact.


  5. This used to get me about my mom. She was obese, had diabetes, high blood pressure. The new drs (they changed constantly, they came here to the house, she had Parkinson’s Disease) and they would ask her how her heath was individually and she would say good. I would say, but mom you are on medications for all that. You are not truly healthy or good.

    I don’t fool myself. I know I am unhealthy. My blood pressure and cholesterol are fine, but I take meds for that. I am not FINE!

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    1. Recognizing that all is not “fine” is an important first step. The process is difficult and I know you face several challenges, but gradual small steps in the right direction add up quickly and can have significant effects on the improvement of one’s health. Hoping you find the solutions in life you’re looking for.

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      1. I am hoping if the pain starts to ease where I can walk, since I have comfortable diabetic shoes, that I can make myself start by walking down the street. Right now I can’t walk to the next house. Too much other pain, but if this ne med works on the Fibro pain, I might be able to start walking again. I love walking in the woods. Though I know longer have a partner for the parks.

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  6. […] Source: Giving Meaning To The Phrase “GOOD HEALTH” […]

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  7. billgasiamis · · Reply

    You capture the challenges about health so masterfully Dr Jonathan. I was in good health also before the first of three strokes which first occurred when I was 37. I smoked, stressed heaps, drank sometimes excessively, was carrying some excess weight, worked too many hours and slept without good routine. My lab tests although in the normal range were on the high side in some aspects and this version of good health led me to end up with memory problems energy loss, personality changes, I couldn’t drive or work the list of impacts the stroke had goes on. After 4 years of making small regular life style changes 4 years after my first brain bleed I am now in a different kind of good health place. This one supports recovery and long term health benefits which has no ceiling to how good my good health can be. Love this post thank you.

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    1. As difficult as suffering a stroke is, I am glad that this trauma helped you discover a better path to understanding the personal steps necessary to achieving good health. Sometimes adversities occur to enlighten us and give us a second chance to live the purposeful life intended. I am thankful you are doing so well and reaching out to help so many people. Your work touches the lives of so many that would be lost without your leadership. I wish you and your followers the best that life has to offer in good health and much happiness.

      Wishing you and your family all the peace and joy this holiday season as well. Merry Christmas.


  8. “Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit” (3 John 1:2). “My child, pay attention to my words; listen closely to what I say. Don’t ever forget my words; keep them always in mind. They are the key to life for those who find them; they bring health to the whole body” (Proverbs 4:22). At the center of it all, I truly believe that knowing Christ, and seeking His face, will bring you wisdom, and, as apart of that wisdom, will positively effect how one takes care of themselves. No one is perfect, but knowing Jesus, the care with which He made one’s body, and the fact that for believers, one’s body is Christ’s temple, changes the way one views their body. He is the key to “good health”– as well as everything else we would ever want (John 14:6). Thank you for this post. 🙂
    Merry Christmas!
    In Christ,

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to write a response from your heart. I appreciate the intent and know that many will follow its message. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  9. excellent post….thanks for always educating us…kat

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    1. Thank you Kat. Glad to see your renewed determination! 🙂


  10. Health is balance. And it starts within. We will always (and I say aLways) trace poor or good health to its counterpart in the spirit and mind. And we have to really want it. Sounds funny bc you’d think we all want to be healthy. But many (if not most) of us are comfortable being uncomfortable. Like not wanting to get up for the bathroom bc the bed is so warm. For 40 years.

    Merry Christmas. Keep inspiring.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your comment. Truly, elegantly stated. This is why my articles are written compassionately, yet honestly by clearly identifying the need for the reader to be willing to take responsibility for the issues as well as responsibility for complying with the recommended solutions. If a person is “willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” my efforts will likely be in vain. I can only offer assistance to those willing to make the necessary effort. Regardless, I will continue to offer guidance and remain hopeful for those willing to make the effort to improve the quality of their lives.

      Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  11. As you know, I am in the process of making lifestyle changes, but I want to answer your question anyway. The reasons that I didn’t change until now are laziness and complacency. I was happy eating whatever I wanted and I didn’t think it was “that bad” until I had my wake-up call. Now I’m doing everything I can to change (no more laziness or complacency for me!!).

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    1. Thank you for sharing your reason. More people need to see that conscious efforts need to be created to eat healthy. Most people do not realize the devastating effects of “typical eating.” People believe if it doesn’t cause pain AND tastes good, why not partake? The answer is simple; eating unhealthy (on a regular basis) will destroy health and ultimately an individual’s quality of life. For most people, the diagnosis of fatty liver, diabetes, heart disease or cancer needs to be experienced before people are willing to change behavior.

      Honesty, such as yours, may just make a difference by creating awareness of this typical behavior and dangerous outcome. It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some unhealthy foods; it means it can’t be a staple product regularly consumed especially in place of needed healthy nutrition.

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